Biden’s HHS Pick Advocates Sex Changes For Kids

Joe Biden’s pick for Health and Human Services, Dr Rachel Levine, a transgender woman has expressed her support for performing sex change operations on kids.

To the elitists, having a child that is transgender is a status symbol and can you imagine how many little kids lives could be ruined by their parents because they want to act woke? It can lead to mental problems later in life if they regret having the operation.

Levine worked with Gov Tom Wolf on his draconian lockdowns in Pennsylvania. They threatened counties that were in opposition to the lockdowns that were destroying businesses.

Anyone who tried to open their business to keep it from going under met the full wrath of Wolf, who used the government as a bludgeon against the people of his state.

Levine copied Andrew Cuomo and sent Covid positive patients into nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

Levine tried to excuse her actions saying that endangering the elderly was an important part of her plan to fight the pandemic.

Besides, she said, there was already Covid-19 in those facilities but offed no proof of that. But Levine is a hypocrite because before she started sending Covid into the nursing homes, she mover a parent out of a nursing home. She knew the danger she was putting your parents in but she refused to do that with her own parent.

As bad as the other things she has done that should disqualify her for the HHS, something she advocates for is much more troubli9ng. She supports sex change operations for children.

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She once said that 5 and 6 old children know what sex they want to be. This is just downright scary. Five-year-olds can’t even decide what they want for lunch and you are supposed to let them make this decision for themselves? Are you nuts?

From The National Pulse


“For prepubertal children,” Levine said in a 2017 speech at Franklin & Marshall College, “they might present in different ways. They might present at school in the gender they were identified at birth, or they might present as the other gender, or they might be more gender-fluid.” Levine has described children as young as five or six as “knowing” which gender they wanted to be.

Once, however, the child reaches the “young adolescent” stage, Dr. Levine recommends puberty blockers, a practice which Dr. Levine apparently followed at Penn State Hershey Medical Center as Chief of the Division of Adolescent Medicine and Eating Disorders. In speeches, Levine describes prescribing puberty blockers and cross-gender hormone injections to children who expressed anxiety about the natural process of puberty.

Additionally, Levine has expressed doubts about the “controversial” requirement in some standards of medical ethics that patients receive psychological evaluations before undergoing such drastic medical regimens.


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Betty Watson

This will not go over well with God

Sandra Lee Smith

Nope; America is already under judgment for tolerating sins here; that will only exacerbate His anger against our nation.


Another nut job.

Marlene deRonde

Transgenderism is a product of big pharma as those people MUST be on hormone therapy for the remainder of one’s life. A male body will still produce male hormones; female, the same. I really don’t would like to see a female with a beard. Although genitals can be altered, skeletal size cannot. The male bone structure is larger than the female. Hence, they are still separate. For teens, actually too young to transgender, but that’s their decision, should not compete in sports unless they compete in transgender sports teams with those who have had the same gender surgery. But, I still feel it’s a money making, mind altering, process to benefit the usually democrat policy and big pharma.


Absolutely agree


This one of the ways to brainwash a society is to tear down morality.


Yes, they are nuts. Also delusional and deceived. May God help us all.

Sandra Lee Smith

This is 1 instance in which God WILL NOT act to aid us. We each have free will to choose, which HE will never cross. Ergo, before He will act, ALL those participating freely in what He has labeled sin will need to repent (make an 180° about face, and walk away from those thought and behavior patterns, as well as ask forgiveness for them), else we, as a nation, have no right to ask God’s help or blessing on us. Individually, those who are repentant may freely do so, at any time, of course.


Mentally ill freak


It’s time to get these “freaks of nature” out of positions of authority over other peoples’ lives.


It seems that PinnochiJoe China Biden thinks that Dr. Rachel Levine is CUT OUT for the job.

Sandra Lee Smith

I disagree strongly! He is the last person qualified for that job.

Michael Hayes

This jackass better crawl back into the hole he came out of.

Walter Goddard


You think a child, who has no idea who and what they are yet, should be allowed to decide for themselves a life changing procedure.. not understanding anything they’re even doing!

Why don’t we let Joe Biden, decide which way to exit the podium, the next time he makes an effort to read the teleprompter, with out Jill trying to convince him, she’s his wife???

Who thinks Joe will take a wrong turn?

Sandra Lee Smith

More than likely.


This person should not be allowed anywhere near children. Children should be allowed to grow up without some perverted adult trying to make them into something they are not to suit some disgusting need of “woke” perverts. And pedophile Biden needs to go back to his basement and not be allowed near children, and his transgender law should go to the basement with him.

Sandra Lee Smith

Amen to that!


There is an article I read a few years ago that anyone who claims to transgender or “gay” has a mental issue. Gee wonder which it is with this idiot—

Sandra Lee Smith

All of them are suffering a mental issue, but more to the point, they are suffering a SIN issue! Our Creator, Yhwh God, (whether you choose to believe Him or not; another SIN issue), plainly stated in the Bible (basic instructions before leaving Earth) that such thought and behavior patterns are SINS, which He considers an abomination. All sins, of any sort, are 2 things: a free will choice, and an act of rebellion against God. These sins are included in that. AlthoughHis word doesn’t specifically tell us why these are also labeled abominations, I suspect it has to do with the physical, psychological, and spiritual harm each does the practitioner, as well as others around that person, whereas other sins tend to only cause psychological and spiritual harm. As a nurse, I have seen the harm to bodies, as well as souls, among the homosexual, and transsexual populations, which is the root of my suspicion.


That crazy person is NOT a transgender woman. That is a biological male in drag. Stop playing into the communist party way of thinking. Biden put a mental defective dressed in drag who believes he can become a woman because he says so at the head of a federal department.

Last edited 2 months ago by JDW

So, do you think that mess of a doc has monthly visits, menstrual cramps, mood swings and other assorted problems due to being a woman? Or, maybe not now as he/she/it looks like an old hag. So, maybe went through menopause?….hot flashes, mass bleedings, night sweats, etc. Don’t think so….maybe just wet dreams. I know, I’m so mean and have not soul. O well.

Sandra Lee Smith

NO ONE under 25 yrs of age (at which age the human brain is fully developed) should be permitted to make any kind of life altering decision; none are truly capable prior to that age! Until that age, it should be in the hands of the child’s PARENTS or legal Guardians. Any such effort, prior to age 25, should also be considered abuse, especially of a person under 18! The drugs are more than dangerous enough, never mind the mutilation!


The damn dems; first it was slavery, then came the great society to rip families apart, next came let’s kill the babies before or shortly after they pop out of mom, and now we are going to let the kids who survived the slaughter of abortion decide between drags/hits on legal drugs whether they want to be a he/she/it or whatever. Wonder how long before we see clinics offering cash for penises (do know how the other option would work)? Damn, I’m glad I’m coming up 80 and live deep in the woods!

Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

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