On Thursday, the lawless Biden White House supported the idea of raising the legal age for Americans to buy rifles to 21, using President Joe Biden’s remarks, but not the part where he said, “Obuffa metma doe, scuse me. Beedyite.”

During the White House daily press briefing, White House mouthpiece, Karine Jean-Pierre, was asked by a CBS reporter if President Biden would support raising the age required to legally purchase a gun.

“The president was very clear about this just recently when he said in his remarks just on Tuesday that it doesn’t make sense for an 18-year-old to legally buy an assault weapon,” Jean-Pierre replied.

What doesn’t make sense is the White House talking about any of this at all. The Second Amendment says that the federal government can’t even have a conversation about gun laws. What do they think “shall not be infringed” means?

It is unbearable to listen to anti gun rights people every time there is a shooting. They can’t do anything in the way they choose to, but there are things they can do that would make a difference, but they just refuse to do them. The states are another matter, unless you want to use the Democrats’ own logic against them and claim that the Fourteenth Amendment, that “magical” amendment that gives so much and asks for so little, applies the Second Amendment to the states. They love to claim it does for all of their pet projects that work in favor of their narratives.

She emphasized that Biden was “very clear” about his opinion about whether 18-year-olds should be able to purchase a gun, again citing his remarks on Tuesday.

“The idea that an 18-year-old kid can walk into a gun store and buy two assault weapons is just wrong,” he said.

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And yet, Biden can send 18-year-old “kids” off to war and he knows an 18-year-old kid can vote. For the love of Pete, will someone please tell the President of the United States that 18-year-olds are considered adults in every state in the union?

This administration supports abortion in a radical sense, meaning up to the moment of birth, and things like judicial bypass where a child under 18 can meet with a judge who can give permission to have an abortion without telling the child’s parents. That’s actually being done in Pennsylvania and I’m sure other states.

On Wednesday, Biden gave a speech at the White House on police reform when he went off topic and said, “The idea that an 18-year-old can walk into a store and buy weapons of war, designed and marketed to kill, is, I think, just wrong,” he said. “It just violates common sense.”

No rifle you can purchase at a store is a “weapon of war.” If you handed a soldier an AR-15, he would be insulted because he would then be outgunned by every military in the world, including the ones where the people live in those little mud huts.

It is insufferable having to listen to Democrats talk about wanting to punish whole groups of people who broke no laws and did nothing wrong because someone else did do something wrong.

It’s become a theme of mine that I talk about whenever I give a talk about how we can drastically cut down on mass school shootings. Besides hiring police officers who have a pair of testicles and will actually go into a school when there is an active shooter and chase him down, we can cut down the probability of a shooting event at a school by getting rid of the Democrat-created Gun-Free School Zone laws that turn our children into sitting ducks.

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Gun-Free School Zone laws say that there is zero tolerance for anyone to bring a gun into a school. That includes responsible adults like teachers and administrators who could carry on school grounds. Democrats created the law that tells would-be shooters that there will be no one in the school that can shoot back at them. I bet they would never put a sign outside their home alerting everyone that they have no guns inside.

Why do shooters not pick a gun shop or a gun show to go on a shooting spree? Because though they might be crazy, they’re not stupid.

Getting rid of Gun-Free School Zone laws doesn’t mean everyone inside a school carries a gun. Or it could mean that. The point is, you don’t let the criminals of the world know who will be carrying or how many will be carrying inside the school. Just the belief that there may be one or more responsible adults inside the school who will be able to shoot back would make a shooter think twice. Democrats have always rejected this idea.

You could put a sign outside a school to let the potential shooter know what he’s up against. Something like this:

SOURCE: Twitter screenshot @YALiberty

I guarantee that a sign like that outside every entrance of a school will make the shooter think twice before entering with a firearm and he would probably go seek a school that has a sign that says “THIS IS A GUN-FREE SCHOOL ZONE” instead. And shame on them.


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gun free zone means safe zone to kill as many possible because no one can shoot back.! a sign that reads faculty may be armed does not say they are it just implies they might be difference is you don’t know are you going to take the chance they are not or you going to go to where the sign reads GUN FREE ZONE.?


So, let me get this straight, we can send our 18, 19 and 20 year olds to war in The Middle East, but they cannot own a gun to go hunting or shoot trap with yheir father! Bull!!!!


I feel the same way Bruce. In addition to what you said 100% of these cases involve certified Nut Jobs and I hardly think that mental illness is confined to 18, 19, and 20 year old people. Mental illness does not discriminate just like all illnesses. After all we have a President that is obviously dealing with serious mental problems.


But sadly almost all school shootings have been by baby libs.
WHEN will Dems get control of their kids?

Sandra Lee Smith

1st & foremost, ZERO assault weapons were purchased ,or used, in that attack. “Assault” weapons are full automatic ( machine guns, ie multiple bullets per trigger pull). The weapons used were SEMI aitomatic ( 1 trigger pull fires 1 bullet), a significan difference. The weapons used are also used for hunting , & competition shooting, or personal home defense. 2nd, we sign up 18 yr olds for military service, & put full auto weapons, tanks, bazookas, missiles , etc, into their hands, so rethink your hypocrisy here. 3rd, it was the HUMAN, with significant known mental derangement issues, which a proper background check should’ve revealed, preventing him purchasing any firearm, who did purchase them, & who did the killing, NOT the guns! If you ban guns, then LOGICALLY, you must also ban knives, household furnishings, automotive vehicles, trains, planes, sticks, stones, hands, feet, & any other item used to murder other humans… unless your intent is NOT to stop murders, but to prevent citizens from defending themselves against their rogue gov’ts!


Liberty One News site monitors! It is disgusting to see your comment section turned into a bulletin board for publishing link to scam websites. At the moment, there are 14 posts. 12 of them are phony scripted income claims with links to scam websites. It is not worth trying to sort through scam posts.

Fred G Sanford

I don’t think so shit for brains. Old Meth head obiden needs to cut back on the meth he’s smoking with his rapist son. It disgust me just to look at the little weasel. Then you have the Whore of Babylon VP that’s wiping up all the shit that seeps out from his depends. We all know the Kenyan Nigger obummer is calling the shots. Excuse me, I apologize, obummer is not a Nigger. He is a thousand times worse than that. Old Racist obummer is High Yellow. He doesn’t even reach the level of a parasite. He was hatched of a coal burning momma (white woman) and a porch monkey 🐒 knuckle dragging daddy. Still five generations from standing up straight. Any human being that would walk over the backs of dead children to praise a piece of shit like gorge floyd needs to be shot by one of our Marine Sniper Teams. Do any of you remember when the high yellow sub-parasite ordered our Navy vessel to stand down as those sorry ass Iranian mooslims forced their way onto our vessel. I remember! obummer is a mooslim. mooslims are Paganists who were created by the catholic church to destroy Christianity. It won’t work obummer. Their savior, mohammod, was married to a catholic nun. Those ingrates worship the Sun and the Moon. That’s called the creation you dumbass mooslims. Anyway, yall have a great day.

Sandra Lee Smith

There are so many inaccuracies in this, it’s almost laughable. Whatever Biden may or may not have done with Hunter is immaterial; the man presented as “Biden”, since a yr ago March, when Biden fell up the boarding ramp, is NOT Joseph R Biden; we have been “Dave’d”. O was NEVER in charge even when he was squatting in our WH; he certainly isn’t now. The racist & denigrating slurs were uncalled for, & childish.
Islam was created by the SAME agent who created Roman Catholicism, BOTH to keep people away from the Biblical Yhwh God, & to destroy Biblical believers.
The PTB who are pulling ALL the strings have been doing so for at least the past century, most likely more, & are not in this nation. They are all servants of the Father of Lies, & will be dealt with, as prophesied, over 2 K yrs ago. It really helps no one when leftist tactics are adopted to “refute” them. When those who profess to be on the “right” adopt the same behaviors as those on the “left” the message is lost.

Dr. Reverend BigBoa

Can’t own a gun, but you can change your sex at 12. These people are as crazy as the shooters they provoke. It’s amazing how these things always happen in the middle of a gun grab and right before the NRA conventions. They’re sick.


Fine. Then also re-instate the age for voting to 21.

Sandra Lee Smith

Should’ ve been raised, ecxept for active duty military, not lowered when it was last changed. There are far too many “adult-children” in their 30s & 40s voting as it is.

Fred G Sanford

Well, shit for brains. You can crap in one hand and wish in the other and see which gets filled first. That son-of-a-bitch is talking out of his gaping asshole. There are more than enough active/retired law enforcement and military to blow those fuckers off the planet. Keep talking shit for brains your worshippers love it. We, on the other hand have no use for you and your Meth head Cronies. Loser!!!!!!!


If someone wants to go out and kill someone, a gun law isn’t going to stop them.

We need adequate security at each and every school in the country and a Police presence that doesn’t wait the better part of an hour to take action to take down a shooter.

Sandra Lee Smith

That’s a short term solution. What we NEED is the Godly morals that founded & built this nation! You get those by teaching & living Yhwh God’s way, by keeping Him in our schools, gov’ts & agencies, especially our legislatures & courts.


So I’m to assume if we raise the age you can buy a gun ,buy beer ,or buy cigarettes then we also will raise the age to 21 for the draft when Biden gets us involved in WE3. No need to draft and get 18 yr olds killed if there not adults till 21. Another law we can enact is that all politicians kids 21 to 40 will be drafted first. Wether in college or working send them first.

Sandra Lee Smith

That would be a mistaken assumption; war is a young males’ occupation; by 25 they’re already getting wise enough to resist “just following orders”, & that wanton slaughters solve nothing. No one has ever won a war; 1 side just capitulates, or loses less badly.


Every teacher and administrator should be able to carry. Whether they choose to is their decision.

Micky, the Mouse

Many of our young people join our military at or before the age of 18. They are trained in the use of forearms and other weapons. They are trained to put the lives of our citizens before their own. Now, the government is going to tell them, thank you for your service, but since you aren’t 21, you can’t purchase a firearm or drink alcohol, but you are willing to die to defend the country, thank you very much for your service. Now, we have a Commander-In-Chief who is willing to toss all the veterans and members of our armed forces under the age of 21 under the bus, and for what reason? To make some chicken coward liberal, who is unwilling or chicken to serve in our military and defense, under 21. But remember, he has stated so many different reasons why he didn’t get into the military, all except for one, that he’s a coward and this country doesn’t rate very high. the closest that he ever came to be in the military, was through his first son, who died of cancer, not the stupid sex driven dope using son. Why should our young people join the service and then get kicked in the head by some coward politician who is willing to kiss the ass of some liberal, then be denied the honor to purchase a gun until they turn to the ripe old age of 21.


For now, the losers are winning. No matter how you slice and dice the human population, it all comes down to trust. We trust our military to defend us but lately it seems they have been infiltrated by untrustworthy losers who have reached the military’s highest levels. We trust the police here at home to enforce the rules we the people established to ensure domestic tranquility. And we have instituted background checks to ensure that we the people are trustworthy enough to possess a weapon for defensive and sport purposes. Still, evil will always find a way to get around our best filters to terrorize us. By doing the “something” the anti-American politicians want to do, we would be as defenseless as those poor children in a classroom, but not staring down the barrel of an AR-15 but rather staring down a true weapon of war (remember the civian casualties in Ukraine at the hands of the Russians???). Anyway, the bottom line to all of this that anyone who advocates restricting weapons from the qualified population reveals either one or both things about themselves: 1) they don’t trust their fellow citizens to possess a weapon or 2) their end game is to have a defenseless population over which they can control to say who lives, who dies, and how good your quality of life should be.

Sandra Lee Smith

Absolutely correct. Sadly. It would not be those pols pushing this garbage facing the very real weapons of war, disarmed, but the children, seniors, & mothers; the men would be conscripted to defend those pols’ butts!


what a commie donkey hole the commie democrat party is!



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