Biden’s Gun Grab Plan Begins With 18 Year Old’s

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On Thursday, the lawless Biden White House supported the idea of raising the legal age for Americans to buy rifles to 21, using President Joe Biden’s remarks, but not the part where he said, “Obuffa metma doe, scuse me. Beedyite.”

During the White House daily press briefing, White House mouthpiece, Karine Jean-Pierre, was asked by a CBS reporter if President Biden would support raising the age required to legally purchase a gun.

“The president was very clear about this just recently when he said in his remarks just on Tuesday that it doesn’t make sense for an 18-year-old to legally buy an assault weapon,” Jean-Pierre replied.

What doesn’t make sense is the White House talking about any of this at all. The Second Amendment says that the federal government can’t even have a conversation about gun laws. What do they think “shall not be infringed” means?

It is unbearable to listen to anti gun rights people every time there is a shooting. They can’t do anything in the way they choose to, but there are things they can do that would make a difference, but they just refuse to do them. The states are another matter, unless you want to use the Democrats’ own logic against them and claim that the Fourteenth Amendment, that “magical” amendment that gives so much and asks for so little, applies the Second Amendment to the states. They love to claim it does for all of their pet projects that work in favor of their narratives.

She emphasized that Biden was “very clear” about his opinion about whether 18-year-olds should be able to purchase a gun, again citing his remarks on Tuesday.

“The idea that an 18-year-old kid can walk into a gun store and buy two assault weapons is just wrong,” he said.

And yet, Biden can send 18-year-old “kids” off to war and he knows an 18-year-old kid can vote. For the love of Pete, will someone please tell the President of the United States that 18-year-olds are considered adults in every state in the union?

This administration supports abortion in a radical sense, meaning up to the moment of birth, and things like judicial bypass where a child under 18 can meet with a judge who can give permission to have an abortion without telling the child’s parents. That’s actually being done in Pennsylvania and I’m sure other states.

On Wednesday, Biden gave a speech at the White House on police reform when he went off topic and said, “The idea that an 18-year-old can walk into a store and buy weapons of war, designed and marketed to kill, is, I think, just wrong,” he said. “It just violates common sense.”

No rifle you can purchase at a store is a “weapon of war.” If you handed a soldier an AR-15, he would be insulted because he would then be outgunned by every military in the world, including the ones where the people live in those little mud huts.

It is insufferable having to listen to Democrats talk about wanting to punish whole groups of people who broke no laws and did nothing wrong because someone else did do something wrong.

It’s become a theme of mine that I talk about whenever I give a talk about how we can drastically cut down on mass school shootings. Besides hiring police officers who have a pair of testicles and will actually go into a school when there is an active shooter and chase him down, we can cut down the probability of a shooting event at a school by getting rid of the Democrat-created Gun-Free School Zone laws that turn our children into sitting ducks.

Gun-Free School Zone laws say that there is zero tolerance for anyone to bring a gun into a school. That includes responsible adults like teachers and administrators who could carry on school grounds. Democrats created the law that tells would-be shooters that there will be no one in the school that can shoot back at them. I bet they would never put a sign outside their home alerting everyone that they have no guns inside.

Why do shooters not pick a gun shop or a gun show to go on a shooting spree? Because though they might be crazy, they’re not stupid.

Getting rid of Gun-Free School Zone laws doesn’t mean everyone inside a school carries a gun. Or it could mean that. The point is, you don’t let the criminals of the world know who will be carrying or how many will be carrying inside the school. Just the belief that there may be one or more responsible adults inside the school who will be able to shoot back would make a shooter think twice. Democrats have always rejected this idea.

You could put a sign outside a school to let the potential shooter know what he’s up against. Something like this:

SOURCE: Twitter screenshot @YALiberty

I guarantee that a sign like that outside every entrance of a school will make the shooter think twice before entering with a firearm and he would probably go seek a school that has a sign that says “THIS IS A GUN-FREE SCHOOL ZONE” instead. And shame on them.




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