Biden’s Gestapo Raids Trump Insider’s Private Residence

The Biden Administration’s DOJ raided the apartment of Rudy Giuliani, seizing all of his electronic devices. The leaking will begin at dawn. Not just leaking on Giuliani but also on his most famous client, Donald Trump.

The Democrats are going scorched earth and are trying to destroy every conservative alive today and a few that are no longer alive like Reagan and Limbaugh. But they only win if we think they win. remember that.

Giuliani became the main target after he exposed Hunter Biden’s laptop computer. Biden or at least those in positions above him in our government is going after all those who oppose their two-fisted grab for power.

But Giuliani took on the five families in New York despite them putting out contracts against his life and the Democrats are no match for him.

It is a question of how much of his work as the private lawyer to Trump he had on his computer and the fact that it is privileged information and illegal to divulge there is little doubt it will be leaked, although they will have to edit it to make it look illegal.

Giuliani was the previous lead attorney for the SDNY before becoming mayor and cleaning up the city both crime-wise and economically.

Who can forget how he led New York during and after the bombing of the World Trade Center by terrorists. For that, he earned the nickname of America’s Mayor.

From The Gateway Pundit


Facebook Finally Loses

New York Times excerpt:

Federal investigators in Manhattan executed a search warrant on Wednesday at the Upper East Side apartment of Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former New York City mayor who became President Donald J. Trump’s personal lawyer, stepping up a criminal investigation into Mr. Giuliani’s dealings in Ukraine, three people with knowledge of the matter said.

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One of the people said the investigators had seized Mr. Giuliani’s electronic devices.

The federal authorities have been largely focused on whether Mr. Giuliani illegally lobbied the Trump administration in 2019 on behalf of Ukrainian officials and oligarchs, who at the same time were helping Mr. Giuliani search for dirt on Mr. Trump’s political rivals, including President Biden, who was then a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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Demoncrates your time is almost up. Time to go to jail


This is Nazi tactics, What they did was Illegal. I would be suing.


You crazy bastards demonrats your time is up and you know it that’s why your trying all this shit against conservatives.

Mark Gravitte

Why in the hell would they do that? Because they know Giuliani has the goods on them. Crooked bunch of bastards. I cannot wait for the rapture to arrive. Then and only then will God’s children be free from those tyrannist.


You just know all his information is backed up on a couple of private servers and will be released if the democrats pull some underhanded stuff.


“Leading candidate” Biden was bidin’ his time in bed.


A Bridge Too Far. They will eventually regret this in a huge way.

Mark Gravitte

When the bottom falls out these spineless DemonRATS will crawl back under their rock. They believe ink and paper can change a nation into the Socialist, Communist nation that they are trying desperately to achieve. Now you know why they want the American Patriots firearms. Good luck with that!


Hopefully, after the raid on Roger Stone, Rudy knew enough to not have any real information stored on his devices at home; and that everything should be encrypted anyways; and ideally there should be some ‘disinformation’ seeded amongst his hard drives that will send the federal thugs on a wild goose chase. Simultaneously, elsewhere there should be a simultaneous public dump of Hunter’s hard drive onto thousands of servers around the world.

Mark Gravitte

What a fu**ing surprise! We call them the First Bunch of Idiots. Aka: the corrupt FBI. The DemonRATS are going to try and ram their bullshit down our throats until 2024. Good luck with that. It’s ink and paper

Melody Vaudrey

I hope you sue !!!

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