Biden’s First Press Conference, Reports Show Viewers Saw An Embarrassing Disaster

It has been 65 days since Democrat Joe Biden overtook the White House, and he will have his first press conference addressing the White House Press Corps on Thursday, just one day after handing off the humanitarian crisis on the southern border to his Vice President, helping the press avoid talking about that topic.

“I am running for three reasons,” Joe Biden said at the press conference. “We have to come together.  This is about getting out there one foot in front of the other, and we can make things better.”

“10 minutes in… this is already a ridiculous “press conference.” Biden took a victory for a few short minutes. Then @potus goes to pre-screened(?) reporter questions. And no pushback or follow-ups by the pre-selected, home field reporters!” Eric Bolling reported.

Some background:

“Today, President Biden comes out of hiding and will give his first press conference. He has set a 100-year record in delaying this until just now,” Kaleigh McEnany, the former Press Secretary for President Donald J. Trump, and the focus of vicious attacks by the left leading news corp, posted on Twitter.

Many Americans expected to see much kinder and gentler media on Thursday while addressing Biden.

There will be a big difference in how President Biden’s press conference is conducted compared to how Trump’s press conferences were handled – the White House press corps wanted to harm Donald Trump. It will be 180 degrees opposite tomorrow,” Bill O’Reilly posted, in expectation, on Wednesday. 

The difference in how the media treated Trump and Biden is obvious, as Benny Johnson reported.

Vaccinations were Biden’s top concern, doubling his original goal for vaccinations. “We will invest 10 Billion (Million?) dollars in reaching more people,” he said. He addressed some schools that are opening.  “100 Million payments have gone into people’s bank account,” he said, taking credit for economic growth.

The first question was on Immigration rights, gun control: “Look when, ah, I took office, I decided it was a fairly basic proposition, and the most urgent conern was COVID 19 and the dislocation of Americans.  I put all my focus on those problems.  So Immigration and guns are long-term problems, and god willing, we will be able to focus on other problems now, but the fundamental problem is whether they will lose health insurance or lose their home. That is why I have focused as I have.  And my Republican colleagues will have to decide if they want to work together or if they want to divide the country, and I will work on them one and one.

On problems dealing with the environment, guns, and immigrants.

How the right sees it:

How Biden answered:

“I plan on making progress on things; I got things passed without Republicans.  I have been hired to solve problems, not cause division,” Biden said.

On what a nobleman Biden is, immigrants are coming with their children- CNN asked what he thinks about the border.

How the right sees it:

How Biden answered:

“I should be flattered that they people think Biden is a great guy and trust me with their children, this is the time they can travel without the heat in the desert, and not die,” Biden said, apparently forgetting the worldwide pandemic that he says is his focus. We are going to rebuild the system to accommodate what is happening today,” Biden said.

Biden claimed, “most people” are being sent back- and he added “people who are coming here as single” are being sent back.  Which independent reporters say is creating a humanitarian crisis by recycling children, so people can use children as cover to get over the border.

The press corp sat quietly and was well behaved, setting up questions for him, which he obviously knew ahead of time, unlike anything we saw when President Trump was in office. The Press Corp showed their bias toward Democrats.  Biden called on the members from an orderly prepared list and obviously spoke, referring back to his memory of what he was supposed to say.

The press conference was a giant PR campaign.  Biden said when asked if he had to work quickly to roll back Trump’s work on the border, they “weren’t helping to hold people back.”

Biden both rattled off a list of things he was focused on, on the border attempting to look strong on the border issues, and said he wasn’t focusing on the border until after Vaccinations.

On Voting Rights

How the right sees it:

How Joe answered:

“The division is sick, “It is sick, sick, and you can’t take water to people who are standing in line to vote, voting places are closed at 5:30 after people just got off work? We need to educate the public and the Republican voters. This makes me look like Jim Crowe looks like Jim Eagle, and this is gigantic.  We need to stop this from becoming law,” he said in a strange rant, seemingly attacking Republican voters.

Biden was caught off guard and seemed lost when asked a bunny question about Voter Rights.  At one moment, he stopped, paused, and stared into the camera.

On running for Re-election:

How the right sees it:

How Biden answered:

“Yes, I will run for re-election,” when asked if he would run in 2024. When asked again, he said it was his “expectation” that he would run.

When pushed a bit to answer, he said angrily, “I don’t know where you people come from. Don’t even think about running in 2024; there might even be a Republican party then.  I set a goal to get things done, and I want to change the paradigm of rewarding work, not wealth, ” he said.


Biden also claims to have the support of 50% of Republican voters for his policies.


On China using forced slave labor: 

How the right sees it:

How Biden answered:

“I am going to invite a coalition of democracies here to hold China accountable and follow the files,  the North or the South China Sea or Taiwan, and no leader can be sustained unless they represent the values of their country.  We are founded on freedom.  No American President, but one did, but no President can back down from speaking out, as the last one did, we will lose our legitimacy.  We have stiff competition because their goal is to be the most powerful, and we are going to keep growing and expanding,” Biden said. “This is the battle between Democracies and autocracies,” Biden said, attempting to frame Trump as soft on China.

On Guns- no, I mean Infrastructure:

How the right sees it:

“We will provide great jobs; we can’t build back to where we were because the environment has already done damage, and we have to build differently.  How many schools can children not drink out of the fountain and don’t have adequate ventilation?  How many of them are wasting oil because they can’t hold it in because of the windows.  We will make people healthier and give people new jobs,” Biden said.

On Unity: 

As the President of a Republic, he said, “we have to make this Democracy work.”




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Just a disgrace. He needs to go back to basement and let the real president ( trump) go back to making America great again. What a loser


It was a very sad spectacle .He needed cue cards .Sad


An ill-gotten Presidency. America rest in peace.


Given that Pedo Joe and every Democrap in the world lack a brain they do not feel embarrassed by his IGNORANCE or theirs. See that MASSIVE NEVER ENDING supply of WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER that flows into Democraps otherwise empty skulls allows them to spew a Constant NEVER ENDING string of LIES and other UTTERLY IGNORANT S**T. It does not however give them the ability to know SHAME, HONESTY, TRUTH or the meaning of any other word.


Bring our real president back before we have no more country


Sickening…. and you liberals voted for THAT?!

Donna Neilands

Sadly even senile biden is better than maniac harris.


There is No better Person to be back in the WH than DULY ELECTED POTUS Donald J. Trump. TRAMP2024.

Anthony Whitehead

What we really need in what remains of America is an open hunting season on democrats with no bag limit!

Dean Peek

There are no words to describe the disaster that is Joe Biden. This is what the libs and their communist pals conjured up to take over our country by stealing the election from Trump. This man is pathetic. The MSM is even worse. Instead of sounding the alarm to the American people that “our President” is a fraud with a mental defect, they are calmly playing along with the phony charade.


we are so screwed, I can not be around any one who voted for this shiet show. Bye bye Miss American pie. Get ready to bend over and take it Amerika.


When you must cheat to win, you get the worst, know-nothing imbecile in office. Anyone who voted for Biden just to vote ‘against’ Trump, should be ashamed.
Biden and his handlers are RUINING our country.. What they are causing is the failure of American society. Biden-Harris-Obama decisions are meant to cause us to be TAKEN OVER by China, Russia, and Iran.


Pedo Joe has been messing up for years and years so his messing up at the is press conference is not shocking or news. Pedo Joe NEVER spoke anything but PURE NONSENSE like all Democraps since they lack brains but have MASSIVE NEVER ENDING supplies of WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER pouring constantly into their otherwise empty skulls.

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