Biden’s Days Are Numbered, Dems Just Threw Him Under The Bus

It’s every man (and woman) for themselves on the sinking ship known as Joe Biden. He’s gutted the liberal base and almost completely sealed Democrats’ fate in the midterm elections. In a last-ditch effort to win back some approval, Democrats authored a letter to Biden, criticizing his handling of COVID-19:

While we fully recognize the productive steps this Administration has taken to encourage vaccination, ensure ready access to vaccines, and increase options to treat the virus, far too many measures – such as increasing access to home-based testing – have been reactive, rather than proactive,” wrote the Senators. “This Administration either knew or should have known that testing shortages were occurring across the country over the past several months, and with the full expectation that the virus would likely mutate into a new variant, steps to increase testing access should have happened before the current wave hit, not several weeks into the surge, with resources still not available until later this month or beyond.”

Given our current public health crisis, we ask that you address the steps you have taken to prepare the country for the increase in cases, why the Administration failed to take more significant steps earlier to increase access to at-home tests, and how you plan to mitigate the impact of the current and future variants moving forward,” the Senators continued. “We must improve preparedness, catch up with current testing and mitigation needs expeditiously, and take additional measures to ensure we are not caught off guard again. We stand ready to work hand in hand with you to ensure all of our communities get what they need as soon as possible, and are prepared for what comes next.”

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Among all of his failures, Biden failed to deliver on his promise of at-home rapid test kits. For many liberals that were the final straw with the gaffe king as reports are showing more Americans now identify as Conservative.

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To sum up Joe Biden’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad and pathetic first year in the White House:

Let’s start with Biden’s 5 separate but related border crises (humanitarian, public health, trafficking…both for sex and labor, plus drugs), the Biden energy screw-up, the Biden debacle in Afghanistan, and the trifecta of Biden’s supply chain, ‘Bidenomics’ and ‘Bidenflation’ disasters, plus Russia and China and record crime rates, just to name a few. And even worse, the implementation of every one of these foreign and domestic policies has been deliberate…a total fiasco for the American people and for America itself. Yeah, Joe, you did all that…even though you seemed detached and a bit delusional throughout the year.

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Complete Failure at playing a President


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Gary Wise

This is nothing more than CONTOL and POWER to silence anyone who apposes Biden policy. If he wants to save himself he would repeal Section 230 of the Communication Act to allow those who oppose him the right to descent and freedom of speech for ALL Americans not just Damnorats!. .

Liberty One News