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Biden’s CDC Caught Actively Grooming Young Kids… This Must Stop!!!

Some people do not understand why the CDC (Center for Disease Control) is handling the grooming of young kids for deviant sexual behavior.

Not me. Pedophilia is a sickness and instead of fighting it, the CDC is actively promoting this. I don’t know about you, but I consider this to be over-the-top behavior.

What should warn you right away is that the program is being run by Planned Parenthood.

The program includes an online chat space that discusses sex, polyamorous relationships, the occult, sex change operations, and activism.

It is set up so that it can be hidden at a moment’s notice. They claim it’s only for kids 13 to 19 but there is no way to block young children from joining in. I don’t think that was accidental. If you have children and you vote for a single Democrat in November, don’t be surprised if your kids have problems later in life.

And don’t blame the Democrats, blame yourself, because you reap what you sow.

Q Chat hosts conversations on a number of different mature and sexual topics, including “Drag Culture 101,” “Sex and Relationships,” and “Having Multiple Genders,” intended for ‘Bi/Pan Youth.” :



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From Breitbart News

One meme posted on Q Chat’s Instagram page displays a Trojan horse, explaining that children may realize they’re queer after “learning about queerness” from their friends.

The chat seems specifically designed to be concealed from parents and family members. Each section of the website has a large button on the bottom of the screen that says “Click/Tap here for a quick escape …” and shows a stick figure running towards an exit. When clicked, the button takes users to the Google homepage, hiding the site. 

The site also notes that users can get reminders that obscure the name of the chat, explaining, “There are 2 text message reminder options: Discreet or Detailed,” going on to explain that “Discreet text reminders are private, they do not include ‘Q Chat Space’ or the name of the chat.”

One of the rules of Q Chat is to “Keep confidentiality” and agree that “what’s shared here, stays here.” 

An academic article about Q Chat, published on the National Library of Medicine website, praised the service for its ability to be hidden from parents, saying that “The platform’s chat-based nature likely helps youth avoid concerns about family members accidentally overhearing their conversations.”

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