Biden Used Private Gmail Account to Send Government Information to Hunter

Over the past dozen years or so, Democrats have used private emails to hide what they are doing. So it was with Joe Biden when he was vice president.

He needed some way to pass on information from the State Department to his son Hunter. That sounds pretty corrupt to me if it is true.

Allegedly, some of Obama’s people were aware of that email.

The email address was  “[email protected]”.

Just the News reported:

Messages, sometimes signed “Dad,” from the email account [email protected] were found on a Hunter Biden laptop seized by the FBI in December 2019 from a Delaware computer shop owner.

Some of the messages from the vice president to his son obtained by Just the News were deeply personal, others were political in nature, and still others clearly addressed business matters, often forwarding information coming from senior officials in the White House, the State Department and other government agencies.

For instance, in late November 2014 the U.S. embassy in Istanbul sent an email to the State Department that was then forwarded to senior advisers to Joe Biden, including national security expert Michael Carpenter, providing an early alert that an American named Martin O’Connor was about to be released from detention in Turkey.


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State Department officials forwarded the information to the vice president’s office, where Biden aide Colin Kahl (now President Biden’s Undersecretrary of Defense for Policy) sent it to Joe Biden’s private email. The vice president then sent it to his son Hunter Biden with the subject line “Fwd: Mr. O’Connor Being Released from Detention today.”

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Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch said:

“The Presidential Records Act required Joe Biden to make sure that any of his gmail account emails, including these emails to Hunter Biden, were forwarded to a government account so they could properly be handled by the National Archives. No wonder the Obama White House wanted to protect Hillary Clinton from the consequences of [her] email shell game!”

Some of the messages from the vice president to his son obtained by Just the News were of a personal nature while others dealt with government issues. Joe would forward emails from senior officials in the White House, the State Department, and other government agencies.

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Candy Martin

Troll alert!

Christina Robleto

The hypocrisy of the left just astounds me, we need to make as big a stink of what they are doing as they did to Trump. It makes me sick that they think they can get away with this behavior.

S. Rhoades

there won’t be a stink made while the democrats have the power they do now. Time to pray people. Only God can change things around for the democrats and the republicans. They both need to change and both need to work for our America and not their lobbyists!

Last edited 6 days ago by S. Rhoades

They have gotten away with every behavior they want since Clinton. And I’m not talking about Bitch Clinton. I’m talking about Son of a Bitch Clinton.


I prefer “Globalist UN-SuckA$$ Son of a Bitch Clinton” for putting U.S. Troops under U.N. Command in 1995 Macedonia (see for the story of what GUNSASOB clinton did to him in 1995)

Mark Gravitte

I can’t stand the sight of those devious bastards. Trump 2024 or before.


Impeach him!!!

Candy Martin

And just like Killary’s emails, nothing will happen to Biden or his crackhead son.


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