Biden to Renew Nuke Deal with Iranian Regime 3 Days After They Bombed US Base

Here is a perfect example of the difference between President Trump and Puppet Joe Biden.

When Iranians were leading attacks on Americans, Trump did not kiss the Ayatollah’s butt. Instead, he killed their Quds commander Qasem Soleimani. Soleimani was a top official in the Iranian government and Democrats said we would be attacked.

The Iranians lobbed some missiles in the direction of our troops but not close enough to do any damage.

But just three days after Iran bombed a base killing a contractor, Joe Biden is at the bargaining table with the world’s largest exporter of terrorism begging their forgiveness. That is the difference between a leader and a pretender.

The United States is making believe the attack never happened in order to sign an agreement that Iran will break anyway. The US and a few of our allies did send a “strongly worded” condemnation of the bombing.

That will show them.

He wants to renew the nuclear deal with Iran which they constantly broke and which cost the United States billions of dollars that were shipped in on pallets.

Iran made few concessions but even though it favored them immensely, Iran broke almost every one of them. Why negotiate with terrorists? Obama even admitted that Iran would use the money he sent them for terrorism.

Biden has already eased sanctions on the terrorist country. This will allow them a little breathing room but to reach a treaty with Iran, he will have to lift all sanctions against Iran. It will also take all of the leverage we have and flush it down the drain. And he will not be able to get them to agree that Israel has the right to exist.

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From The Gateway Pundit

The Iranian regime fired off missiles at a US-led military base in northern Iraq on Monday night. One civilian contractor was killed in the Iranian missile attack.


Facebook Finally Loses

On Tuesday the US along with Western allies released a strongly worded condemnation of the Iranian attack on a US base.

Then on Thursday, two days after the attack that killed one contractor, the Biden Administration announced it was willing to start negotiating with Iran again on a second nuclear treaty.

The first Obama nuclear treaty with Iran cost the US billions of dollars and a pallet of cash on the tarmac in the middle of the night.
Iran used the money to spread terror in the region.


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John H.Montgomery

Slowly he is showing what maroon he is.


Morons are simply ignored. Traitors are tried and shot for Treason!

Redo your math!


Biden is just the messenger.Obama(the Muslim Brotherhood member) and Susan Rice are calling the shots for Obama’s 3rd term.Obama said so himself,called Biden his 3rd term.Think about it.Biden is too Mentally unfit to think and speak well these day and this for one smells Barack Hussein Obama


Quoting ‘Capt. Kirk’, Biden is a double dumbass.


Aiding and Abetting is TREASON.


Add this to the Biden impeachment list.

Elizabeth Davis

Some times you want to feel sorry for him I don’t believe he has a clue where he is.. Someone is pulling his strings and scripting what he is saying He will end up being the scapegoat for dismantling President Trump. Then, he will be removed by one way or another and Harris will step in. A vote for Biden was a vote for Harris


If you think Beijing Biden is a poor excuse for a national leader, just wait until Willy Brown’s hure is in the saddle.

Mike Miles

Appeasement and negotiation never works with small children or bullies.


This is just a small example of things to come. Treasonous Commie Beijing China Biden may be the most incompetent individual EVER to disgrace the WH.

Art Bunker

This thing (biden) and camel toe harris needs to behind bars for the rest of there life


Joe Biden sure looks like he is the best NWO front man money can buy!

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