Biden Shoves Through Another $40B To Ukraine While Americans Run Out Of Baby Formula

Biden hits a whole new low in my book! The ditsy Dem pushed through another $40 billion in aid for Ukraine while stores all across America have empty shelves in the baby formula section. What a terrible time to be a new parent.

What the Ukrainian people now face is horrific but Americans are also in trouble and need Biden to learn how to multitask. The hyperfocused groomer-in-chief won’t even address the shortage until later this month!

The House Energy and Commerce Committee would hold hearings on the baby formula shortage beginning on May 25. Keep in mind these are hearings and there is no telling when families will get some relief.

“Baby formula supplies have dipped below 50% in a handful of states so naturally, as the crisis worsens without an immediate solution in sight, Democrats will take a look at it…in two weeks,” Managing Editor Spencer Brown tweeted, adding, “E&C Chair Frank Pallone (D-NJ) said the ‘nationwide infant formula shortages are increasingly alarming and demand Congress’ immediate attention,’ and then scheduled a hearing — not actual action — for May 25th.”

So there is a plan to ‘address’ formula shortages but it’s not until May 25th! This shortage has been growing since January why the hell are they pushing it back farther? How bad do these people hate babies?

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I’m not the only one enraged. Take a look at how Twitter responded to the news:

“These hearings should’ve happened two months ago… Where’s @ChrisPappasNH and the rest of the Pelosi Congress?” New Hampshire Congressional candidate Matt Mowers asked.

“Government can pass a $40 Billion spending package for Ukraine in under 6 hours, but have to wait two weeks before addressing baby formula shortage in America. Are you paying attention yet??” Nat Shupe asked.

Tag Strategies VP Erin Perrine added, “It would have been good to have this hearing a couple of months ago and not in two weeks. Families are struggling RIGHT NOW to get baby formula. Democrats are failing to meet another crisis facing Americans. Classic.”

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Carole Hite

If mothers are looking for baby formula they need to check the border…Biden is sending pallets of baby formula to the border for the illegals.


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Last edited 8 days ago by MarenHelen

Now up to $54 Billion vs $11 Billion for our infrastructure and no baby formula.
Yet more reasons to remove as many Democrats as possible from public office.


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Roger Houston

Just part of the “America Last” approach. Your kid can have formula when all the world’s babies have eaten. That kid had it too good for too long.


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the old marine

This administration is the sickest people I have ever seen. They, each one of them needs to be accountable for every thing that has happened since they have been in control. We need to take care of our own, no one else will thats for sure. Wake up America it is time to do some thing.

Robert E McCormick

So who do we blame for this; covid Putin or Trump
Pick one, pick all three, can’t be the brandon maladministration

Michelle Robinson

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