Biden Is Getting Lots Of People Killed Now

A group known as Release International is now warning of a probable increase of attacks on Christians throughout Afghanistan and the entire region now that the Taliban have quickly taken over the country after a disastrous decision by President Joe Biden to remove all US troops.

On July 8, President Joe Biden promised that America would not witness another Saigon embarrassment:

“The Taliban is not the south— the North Vietnamese army. They’re not remotely comparable in terms of capability. There’s going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of a Embassy of the United States from Afghanistan,” Biden promised. “It is not at all comparable.”

And then just over a month later, America witnessed another Saigon embarrassment because of an incredibly bad decision made by Joe Biden.

The short time it took for the Taliban to take control of the country stunned the international community.

While the Taliban demanded an unconditional surrender under the promise of not retaliating against politicians or military that sided against them, Release International is warning that the dramatically fast turn of events will spur extremist activity.

The charity organization was told by a church leader in Afghanistan that Christians are now living in fear. They included Christians who worked for the government and now fear reprisals. I don’t think the Taliban’s deal includes Christians.

The organization warned that Christians could be killed because of their faith. They also risked betrayal or falling victim to an honor killing by their own families. One of Release’s contacts said the situation there is “dire.”

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“Our brothers and sisters in Christ are telling us how afraid they are,” they said.

“In the areas that the Taliban now control girls are not allowed to go to school and women are not allowed to leave their homes without a male companion.”

And like the US, just after the big steal back in November, life changed very quickly for Afghan people who, prior to this event, were living in relative peace.

Release reported that persecution of Christians had already started rising even before the Taliban took over the country. The church was forced to go underground thanks to severe apostasy laws punishable by imprisonment or even death.

Before the Taliban were kicked out, they killed foreign Christian workers and others were forced to leave the country.

Release said sadly, many Christians who are poor can’t afford to flee like they were able to in the past to avoid persecution.

“They will be left behind,” they said.

Paul Robinson, Release CEO, asks for prayers for Christians in Afghanistan.

“The Taliban’s swift advance can only embolden extremists,” he said.

As thousands of Christian and non-Christian Afghans flee the country by pouring into Pakistan next door, Release mentioned there are dangers there as well since the Taliban has been growing in influence in the Islamic nation.

Malala Yousafzai, 24, now a human rights activist, was shot by the Taliban when she was 15-years-old says she is “deeply worried about women and minorities” in Afghanistan with the Taliban taking control of the country.

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The organization is working with people in the region to create Christian radio broadcasts in the Pashtun and Dari languages. They are also working to produce Christian literature and discipleship in digital format.

“Into this darkness, our ministry is bringing a daily message of hope, life and comfort,” they said.

Robinson related the radio ministry as the “one real ray of hope”.

“Radio can be picked up everywhere, including in Pakistan, where many of the Christians are seeking refuge. The same is true of social media,” he said. That is until the tech tyrants side with the Marxists and censor them because they’re Christian.

The organization is banking on being able to spread the Gospel via the Internet and to utilize women who, in recent years, were able to be educated. That means they can pass along their faith to their children and others.

“In places like Afghanistan, the church has had to learn to operate much as the early Church in the Book of Acts – under continual threat of persecution. But today the church is better resourced and equipped to handle that challenge than ever before,” he said.

In the middle of all this turmoil, the big question now is where’s Joe Biden?


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This evil being needs to be REMOVED…WHERE IS OUR MILTIARY???


Good question, where is our Military, if they are totally taken orders from a illegitimate so-called Communist president with a mental sickness then the country is done, compromised by the CCP and after they turn the keys to our country over to the Chinese then what do these traitors think is going to happen to them, ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after, I for some reason don’t think that that is going to be the case for all of the traitors, at least I hope not because I feel that some beheading are in order because treason is punishable by death.

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Bruce Porter Porter

Cashing in on the death and destruction of the US
You must be so proud

Jane Ferguson

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Mike G

Lyin Sleepy Creepy Biden should be IMPEACHED Now He is a Clear and Present Danger to us all. Be careful what we wish for Biden is pushed out then we have the Troglodyte HARRIS — God Forbid we are screwed blue and tattooed America just cannot win with these horrible Communist Marxist Socialist Dictators Hiding under the name: Democratic Party – Ugly Errrrr


It will never be removed until we the people apply Second Chronicles Seven Fourteen.


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Bruce Porter Porter

Cashing in on the death and destruction of the US
You must be so proud

Gerald S Ladd

I guess you don’t know how government works.

Bruce Porter Porter

The generals are part of it.
The Pentagon will do whatever Xi Jinping tells them to do


Our military is being stifled because of these two idiots! Biden/ Harris must be thrown out of OUR White House!

Anthony (Tony) Whitehead

Military coup would be great but don’t stop with Biden/Harris, clean out both houses of congress and the federal court system as well, especially the supreme court!

Nicolas P Cignetti

If you couldn’t see this from his past record in concrete you are Deaf, Dumb and Blind. May GOD have mercy on your soul that is if you have one.


I always thought Catholics were Christians… and Christians are suppose to be protective and supportive of other Christians… no matter where they may reside. If Sleepy Joe is a true Christian.. I am the Flying Nun. The dirty rat has no qualms with the murder of the un-born, either. While, I say that Biden needs to be carried out on a rail, post-haste… he may be a far cry better than, Kamala “The Skank” Harris.. which, she’s not a natural-born citizen therefore, not even qualified to be VP much less, POTUS… as her parents were not American citizens at the time of her hatching.. which, makes her an ‘anchor baby.’ But, hey…. Barry Soetoro was born in Kenya and was placed into the Oval Office. If Biden leaves and Harris gets in.. we are surely done-for. If Harris didn’t get in.. Nancy Pelosi falls next in line. Lord have mercy. Seems we must be batting ZERO. No good choices in sight. Arsenic, Cyanide or Harakiri.. is about what it amounts to. CALGON!!!!

Bruce Porter Porter

Catholics are Christians, mostly. I am not RC
But like any institution it is a target for satan, and right now evil is having a field day in the Roman Catholic church. Not to mention many allegedly Christian churches.
As Soros says, overthrowing the US will be the peak of his career. He owns many people in “our” government and all churches.

Ellie Lawrence

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Donald Buckingham

Who is really calling the shots in Washington? I don’t think its Joe Biden. How can any competent person stand in front of the American people in the midst of whats happening in Afghanistan and say ” I stand by my decision”? I saw a poll that says 80% of Americans disapprove of his decision.

Bruce Porter Porter

Xi Jinping is calling the shots, with his friends in DC and the Pentagon


JOE BIDEN is in hiding again! He is such a chi**en s**t POS!!

Bruce Porter Porter

No, he is doing the right thing. See, it will all blow over. Always does. And by the time anyone wakes up patriots will all be in the gulag (concentration camps)

Christina Robleto

They need to send the entire democratic party to Afghanistan. They can try their marxist bullshit politics there since that place no longer has a functioning government. They can bring their transgender, #metoo, crt, & greendeal all at once. We are done with their crap & we don’t want them here anymore spending our money on garbage programs & lining their pockets & doing insider trading like Nasty Nancy has been doing for decades.

Al Forster

Joe Biden is not the least concerned about Christians be slaughtered by the Taliban. To Joe, it’s just “cultural norm” like the minorities being enslaved and killed in China.


It’s no big deal. Now the demented fool can concentrate much more on America’s greatest threat. White Americans. He needs more resources and money to strike us white supremists as terrorists flood into our country unchecked. Maybe he can rid this country of us whites or at least get help from the Taliban when they get here.

Harvey Schneider

The ultimate goal is not communism or socialism. As papa Bush said it’s the new World Order. One international government, under Lucifer. Mussolini’s fascism style with one head of government who makes every decision. That head of the one world fascist government will be Lucifer, aka Satan.




Demented pervert communist Biden and his communist democRATs are not fit to run this country. Lives mean nothing to these people. The generals over seeing this are not fit to wear the uniform. Why when we have thousands of troops in Europe that could have been there in hours did we send troops from America that took days to get there? Was it so those people have more time to take back that country?

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