Biden Reverses Trump’s Actions and Sends Hundreds of Millions to the Palestinians Because It Will Support “Israeli-Palestinian Stability”

Joe Biden has decided to send at least $235 million to the Palestinians with no strings attached.

Much of the money will be spent through the United Nations group UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). That is the same group that runs schools where they teach young children jihad.

The two countries that provide the most money for these schools are the United States and Great Britain.

From The Jerusalem Post

According to the report, children in the Gaza Strip are called upon to “defend the motherland with blood.”

It can take the form of a math problem asking students to identify the correct number of martyrs from the First Intifada, to the complete eradication of Israel, a UN member state, from any maps featured in UNRWA-created books, with the entire territory being labelled as a modern-day Palestine with no demarcation lines.

One of the major reasons that President Trump cut funding to the Palestinians is because of their practice of paying terrorists and the families of suicide bombers and martyrs who have killed Israelis and Americans.

That practice still continues even until today and no doubt the money we send them will never reach the Palestinian people but will be used for terrorism.

Joe Biden is no fan of Israel and it is unlikely he cares.

From The Washington Free Beacon

The Palestinian Authority spends roughly 10 percent of its annual budget paying terrorists who attack Israelis and supporting their families, according to expert testimony to congressional lawmakers.

Yigal Carmon, the president and founder of the Middle East Media Research Institute, told the House Foreign Affairs Committee Wednesday that the Palestinian Authority is investing $137.8 million this year in salaries to terrorists jailed in Israel and payments to the families of imprisoned terrorists or suicide bombers, in violated of the Oslo peace accords with Israel.

The Hindustan Times reports:


Idiots Twerk On Ambulance After Shooting In Oakland, CA

The United States is resuming financial assistance to Palestine with at least $235 million, reversing a 2018 decision by then president Donald Trump to discontinue it.

“US foreign assistance for the Palestinian people serves important US interests and values,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Wednesday. “It provides critical relief to those in great need, fosters economic development, and supports Israeli-Palestinian understanding, security coordination and stability.”

The revival of assistance to Palestine is yet another reversal of a Trump-era foreign policy decision, joining a growing list that includes efforts currently under way for the US to rejoin (the Iran deal (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). The US has also rejoined the Paris Agreement on climate and World Health Organization.

The bulk of the US assistance for Palestine – $150 million – will go through the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which was set up 72 years ago to help displaced Palestinian people. Another $75 million will go towards economic and development assistance in the West Bank and Gaza and $10 million for peace-building programmes, Blinken said.

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A buildup to WWIII


WWIII started in 1950 in Korea. It has been simmering for 71 years.


This is a SLAP IN THE FACE of our Ally and Friend Israel and also to the LEGAL AMERICAN PEOPLE who consider the PALESTINIANS a bunch of TERRORISTS! Who’s next on his list of THE ENEMIES OF AMERICA that he will SUPPORT, could it be ISIS?


Anyone mind if Israel nukes DC to solve a mutual problem?


Yep, just another backdoor attempt to BDS Israel, so when Israel has to defend themselves from terrorist everyone can blame them instead of the Jihadis


This proves that biden is a complete fool and idiot!


Fools and idiots are ignored.
Traitors are hung.

Redo your math!

mike dar

THAT’s exactly what Iran claims!!!! A Stable’… Palestine!
Horsepucky… money is 90% going to the armed forces… they will not sponsor picnics.


Biden OR HIS HANDLERS are fools — or are deliberately trying to sink the United States. He seems to be following the Obama formula — help the Arabs DEFEAT us!!!


The Demo☭rats made a sweet deal with the muslims.
The muslims promised NOT to kill them …till last!

Lorraine E Blazich

God gave the land called “Palestine” to Israel and the Israelis did not have the right to give any of that land to displaced Saudis and Jordanians. The land called Palestine belongs to Israel. It is common knowledge that the muslim countries want Israel eliminated and to gain control of God’s favorite place in the entire universe. No part of the land that God gave to Israel should ever again be given to muslims. The United States of America has no right or authority to intervene or try to change the will of God Almighty!


Joe Biden is now funding anti-Israel terrorism. Israel is in big trouble. It is self-destructive to the point of insanity that any Jewish person support Democrats.


Biden, and the demoncrats are controlled by the forces of Satan. GOD is watching!


$235 million to the Palestinians with no strings attached fully funds the ‘PAY TO SLAY’ program to murder Jews.


Xiden funds ‘PAY TO SLAY’ against Israelis and Christians.

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