Biden Prioritizes Illegal Aliens Over Black Americans After They Propelled Him to WH

Joe Biden is putting all of his muscle behind giving jobs that would normally go to the black community and he is working on giving them to illegal aliens.

Black voters must be wondering why they voted for Biden rather than Donald Trump, who did more for the Black community in just four short years than Democrats have in total since the 1960s.

Biden is currently working on amnesty for between 11 and 22 million illegals living in this country.

And who gets the short end of the stick when that happens? Teenagers and unskilled Black and Hispanic Americans.

As I wrote in a previous article, the Democrats will not press for the $15 minimum wage for the reason that they couldn’t grant amnesty and raise the minimum wage because their huge donors want cheap labor, not amnesty.

And I was correct, the Democrats have abandoned the $15 minimum wage completely.

From Breitbart News

“Because most illegal immigrants overwhelmingly seek work in the low skilled labor market and because the black American labor force is so disproportionately concentrated in this same low wage sector, there is little doubt that there is significant overlap in competition for jobs in this sector of the labor market,” Vernon M. Briggs, Jr., Emeritus Professor of Labor Economics, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University, told the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in 2008:

Given the inordinately high unemployment rates for low skilled black workers (the highest for all racial and ethnic groups for whom data is collected), it is obvious that the major loser in this competition are low skilled black workers. This is not surprising, since if employers have an opportunity to hire illegal immigrant workers, they will always give them preference over legal workers of any race or ethnic background. [Emphasis added]

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So, tell me, aren’t you glad you voted in huge numbers for the Democrats?

President Trump lowered the Black unemployment rate to the lowest level in history.

But cheer up, Joe Biden is now planning to fix that for you.


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Al Barrs

Biden claiming he Prioritized Illegal Aliens Over Black Americans After They Propelled Him to the White House is another Biden LIE and dream! The China Communist Party and the Communist/Democrat Party USA “propelled” Biden to the WH by their criminal and unconstitutonal activities of corrupt criminal Democrat domestic terrorists when they stole the election with illegal ballots…

Wild Bill24

Are you guys all that stupid that you don’t know it’s the “Democratic Party”? You don’t get to pick their name, even if Hannity thinks so.


Maybe the FEMA Camps will not be to harsh on the democrats black and hispanic “campers”…… LMAO!


They would be the first ones they will go after. They were the party of slavery you know. The blacks better think twice next election.


You people just do not understand why they are doing this. They let the illegals stay here, then they let them become citizens, then they say this is their home and they have the right to vote. Then they remind them who let them stay here and who let them become citizens so they will vote democrat. Then they think they will win every election with the illegals that are here, voting for them. 11,000,000 of them. It’s all a plan to build their voter base and to hell with Americans. One of the reasons why they wanted President Trump out of office. He was screwing up their plans by building a wall and deporting them for committing their crimes of entering America illegally..

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