Biden Kills Pipelines at Home But Promotes Them for the Taliban

Liberals hate America. they don’t want a border wall with Mexico that would stem the flow of illegals into this country. But, they are more than willing to fund fences around the world.

Now, Biden has killed 52,000 jobs over his edict that killed the Keystone Pipeline, but now they are pushing for a pipeline that will benefit the Taliban.

Killing the Keystone Pipeline forces Canada to ship their oil through existing pipelines that will be grabbed by China.

Commission to The Big Guy?

But Biden does want the Taliban to get a pipeline. Remember, the Taliban is responsible for killing thousands of Americans. If you think this is typical liberal hypocrisy then you are absolutely right.

Biden not only wants it but he has brokered a meeting between the Taliban and the Turkmenistan government for a Trans-Afghanistan pipeline to bring Turkmen gas across Afghanistan and Pakistan to India.

If this sounds familiar, it is.

Before the 9/11 attack, now-Special Envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad, sought to make it with the Taliban. At the time he was a consultant for the Unocal Corporation.

It was a bad idea at the time, and now it’s even worse. Turkmenistan is ruled by a despot and its citizens are more restricted than North Koreans are.

The pipeline would enrich the elite but the people will get scraps…..if they’re lucky.

From The Washington Examiner

To promote the export of Turkmen gas is to entrench its regime even further. Part of the deal is then paying the Taliban protection money or transit fees for the pipeline transiting Afghan territory. Not only would this undermine the elected Afghanistan government even further, but it would also reward the Taliban for insurgency to the tune of tens of millions of dollars each month. Who needs Russian bounties on U.S. soldiers when the State Department has crafted a scheme to reward the Taliban beyond their wildest dreams?

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One issue here is Khalilzad’s penchant for using diplomacy as a stepping stone to cut side deals. But the other issue is U.S. strategic interests. Perhaps a misunderstanding of the Taliban agenda was an excuse 20 years ago. It should not be one now.

If the Biden administration says no to pipeline jobs in the Midwest, it should not then turn around and help enrich the Taliban to ship Turkmen gas to the Indian Ocean. It is time for Secretary of State Antony Blinken to call his envoy, end this hypocrisy, and stop coddling some of the world’s most anti-American movements.

When are the Democrats going to do something for Americans?

So far Biden has enriched Russia, China, the Taliban, and illegal aliens.


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Come on Americans how long are we and you going to stand for the slezzy Democrats kill our jobs at home and giveing our money to other countries at our expense, THIS HAS TO STOP, if you don’t think they will stop at this point, think again. Where in the hell is the Repubs? setting on their hands like a bunch of school kids. Damn it get with the program, and stop their dangerous agenda.


The Republican Party is dead. They’ve been dead for years, they just didn’t know it. It was put on life-support after Regan, when “read my lips” Bush(whacker) took over. It was in a coma through Obama. Then it awoke! But the poison in the “Party” festered for four years. Now that poison is showing up in all its regalia.
But, fear not. The “Party” will resurrect itself in time to take back majorities in bot Houses. Then it will morph into the New American Freedom Party while excluding the RINOs.
They will be happier anyway serving their Communists Masters.

Al Barrs

Well, this proves Biden, among his many faults, is also a hyprocrit of the first magnitude!

sron myers



Not until one of two things take place, he is art. 25’d or he pisses hillary cliton off.

david Hewitt

At least we’ll have targets (sarc)


Is this something the Xiden/harris/pelosi/schumer
can be charged with treason over?


Absolutely!! Any honest government would but …


It is past time for the Republicans to get a backbone and take over this administration. If nothing is done then we are not going to have a country and it needs to be done none. This administration should have never happened and the longer that this brain-dead senile old man continues to do what he has done in not even a month we will never get our liveliness back. Are we going to let the DumboRATS destroy us and for what we live for?


Special Forces should take Biden (& the ones in his ear pieces) out like they did the Taliban as they are one in the same. Evil! Evil! Evil!

me me

Yeah, he can’t make any money off of it at home but can get major kick backs in other countries!


Doesn’t surprise me at all…he is an idiot.. he will run this country in the ground… he will not stop at anything.. The republicans need to grow back bones and take this country back!! We are going to be in a world of hurt the next 4 years

Barbara Liska

The Republicans have no control. The Democraps run everything. The Biden, Harris group needs to impeached. Someone needs to start doing things for the American People



Donald H Allen

This man needs to go by what ever means possible


the only reason for him stopping the pipe line from Canada is one of the democrats biggest contributors owns a trucking company that has transported oil and gas across the border to the United States for years so they stopped it so he would not loose his business of transporting it across the border


ChiComJoe is a puppet to the globalist elites. He has no loyalty to our Constitutional Republic principles. There is no room for Judean/Christian values in his agenda. We, must rise up and dispose of this illegitimate monster by declaring the election an attack by China. Watch M. Lindell’s documentary, The Absolute Truth .

Tim Kuehl

Reminds me of Snake Obama. One of his first executive orders was to ban new offshore drilling contracts then gave $2Billion to Brazil’s Petrobras oil company for their offshore drilling projects. Oh, I almost forgot, I believe George Soros was an investor in Petrobras. Surprised?


Just goes to show that the Democrats are wired differently. Definitely out to destroy the country. Biden has no forward thinking on protecting our country or the American tax payer.
Biden is putting things back the way they were for 8 years with Obama, this is All he knows


Surely there must be one person among the many that helped rig the Nov 3rd election that recognizes the damage they caused to our country. And, is willing to disclose what was done so the election can be overturned and we can be rid of the notoriously corrupt liar now occupying the White House. Illegitimate biden is on a rampage to overturn every thing good that President Trump accomplished for our Country no matter the severe damage his reversals are doing to the country. Come forwarded with the truth and let us get rid of the biden scum.

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