Biden Gets Jumpy, Ready To Shut Down Audits

You didn’t think that the Biden regime was going to install itself through dubious means, just to let some rogue red states expose what they did to gain power, did you?  I don’ think so….

The Conservative Treehouse Reported:

‘The next war will not come from foreign soil, it is about to happen based on a great awakening in the heavily corrupt and manipulated voting system in the United States.  The battle is about to happen right here on our soil.

BIG PICTURE – United States Attorney General Merrick Garland is pre-positioning assets from the DOJ and FBI [LINK].  Simultaneous to this, the U.S. military leadership is purging patriots and putting all service members under surveillance [LINK].  These two factual events are directly related.

In the background of these maneuvers Big Tech and Corporate Media have been instructed to push the “domestic extremist” narrative; and any truth-tellers are considered subversive and against the interests of the U.S. government.  The January 6th DC protest is being used as evidence for that narrative.  Deplatforming, censorship and ultimately control of voices who would warn of the larger issues continues daily.

Let me be very clear… stop and hear the drums… Something is about to happen.

POINT ONE – Even before the November 2020 election there were groups of patriots who knew mail-in ballots were a tool toward an objective, the 2020 Presidential election.  Anyone with a lick of common sense, and the vast majority of readers right here on this website, knew that deployment of mail-in ballots was going to be the largest unknown variable in the 2020 election.  The DC-based apparatus was all-in.  This was the big one.

POINT TWO – There is data, massive publicly available geolocation data, available for purchase.  As you know data is the currency of the Deep State (U.S. Intel Community); however, insofar as the intel community uses federal authority to control data (at taxpayer expense), there is also a massive amount of data in the hands of private groups and individuals that can be legally purchased.

As a consumer you know your cell phone data is used by private industry commercially to sell you stuff and provide services. That is one type of data that is available for commercial purchase.  The feds have access to that type of data at their fingertips, and indeed they use it often illegally to circumvent fourth amendment protections.  But that type of data is also available for purchase; the issue is the cost.  Big Data requires a lot of money to purchase and then even more money to create the technological systems to use the data effectively.

♦ Put the two points above together and citizen led patriot groups have purchased big data to analyze the 2020 election.  These projects, and there are several, have been ongoing for quite a while.   As you know from our own crowdsourcing research in the past, you can easily tear apart large stories by focusing on the granular evidence that is available in the public sphere.

The results of that crowdsourcing research is incredibly accurate because it is not based on supposition, it is based on empirical data points.  Photographs, maps, camera shots, CCTV images, spatial and time patterns, geolocation, flight patterns, airline tracking and even star patterns at night have been used by hobbyist puzzle-solvers and citizen researchers to crowdsource information of interest.  CTH has taken apart several falsely framed investigative narratives (Trayvon, Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, RNC roadmap etc) with focused crowdsourcing research.  Heck, even 4Chan folks were having fun finding Shia LaBeouf’s “he will not divide us’ flag despite him hiding it in the middle of no-where.

The major point is with the internet at our fingers, and enough data available for review, just about anything can be deeply researched and then subject matter experts can guide the analysis and result…. With stunning accuracy.

Bear with me….  You have likely seen the same type of crowdsourcing research being taken with the 2020 election data. The same type of statistical and analytical methodology on voting patterns at a macro and micro level.  Additionally, some groups, some very smart groups that have been in the business of voter integrity for a long time, have also been reviewing massive data purchased in the wake of the 2020 election.

I have recently been made aware that federal law enforcement agencies have been informed about some of the results from geo-location of cell phone data surrounding “drop boxes” used to collect voter ballots.  Essentially a mapping of specific cell phones which identifies their group association and outlines their activity in multiple states.  The data is the data and cannot be refuted.

Soon these types of very specific data-maps will be cross referenced in key precincts and added to any resulting audit outcomes.  The cell phone travel of these organized groups creates a map of their activity.  Keep in mind many of ballot collection sites have CCTV systems; some CCTV operations were actually mandated by legislation that authorized the collection drop-off locations.  It is not coincidental that public records requests for those CCTV recordings are being met with hostile denials and efforts to stall production.

The bottom line is this….  AG Merrick Garland knows a powder keg is very likely to explode as soon as the majority of American people discover just how manipulated the election of 2020 was.  His announcement to double the staff of the DOJ Civil Rights Division voter unit is not to protect election integrity, but rather to position his resources for a war against a looming storm of election review outcomes…. and the White House is so far exposed, they are positioning to use the military to protect their position.’

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Conservative Treehouse is right. We will no doubt see a civil war in the USA! We cannot continue on the current path.

Sid S

We are already in a Civil War and the sides are well defined. Let’s pray that it doesn’t become a HOT war

Gerald S Ladd

That falls under states rights, I’ll bet. Drooling Joe the buffoon can’t do that.


he can declare marshall law and shut down the country


You cannot even spell MARTIAL law, much less define it.


Problem with that is, biden only… thinks… he has control of the Military.


Quid Pro Joe Xiden is a Usurper and Traitor!


In a nutshell. HE CAN’T! PERIOD!

Gary Cook

He doesn’t have authority to shut down state audits.


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Judith Becker

The military doesn’t work for the white house. They know Biden/Harris is a sham presidency.


I’m not so sure; everything that came out about Russiagate and Jan. 6, and now the election show obvious proof of rigging, staging, conspiracies and yet the Dems just carry on with their plan to destroy America. Evidence doesn’t seem to matter as no one is taking action to remedy the situation.

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