Biden Gets Creepy Again, Wanders Away From Podium Towards 2 Little Girls

Video footage shows President Joe Biden wandering away from the podium while giving a speech so he could bend down and talk to two small girls sitting by the stage.

After conversing with the children for a few moments, Biden returned to the dais to reveal that he promised they would receive “ice cream” after the event was over.

In the footage, Biden announces “And I gotta make one check-in” before shuffling away from the lectern and down to the spectators below, where he engages in lively conversation with two small children seated next to their mother.

Though the majority of the conversation is unintelligible, Biden can be heard telling one of the girls “Mommy owes you some ice cream,” eliciting raucous laughter from the crowd. The President then turns and marches back up to the podium, where he announces, “I just had to make sure the two girls got ice cream when this is over.”

During a speech last week, Biden halted his monologue to look at a young female audience member, and compliment her appearance and remark on her age:

President Joe Biden told the child daughter of a veteran that he loved the barrettes in her hair and that she “looks like she’s 19 years old sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed” during a speech in Virginia on Friday, maintaining eye contact with the girl throughout the stream of compliments.

“I’m especially honored to share the stage with Britney, and Jared [unintelligible] Nathan and Margaret Catherine,” Biden said, turning to stare at a girl off-camera. “I love those barrettes in your hair, man. I’ll tell you what, look at her she looks like she’s 19 years old sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.” Biden then trailed off into a chuckle.

Biden’s penchant for associating children with ice cream also surfaced last week, when he explained how George Floyd’s 7-year-old daughter sat on his lap while he offered her ice cream:

Joe Biden revealed that George Floyd’s 7-year-old daughter, Gianna, threw her arms around him, hugged him, and asked to sit in his lap. Biden then provided her snacks, including ice cream, and said Jill Biden “would kill” him if she knew.

While discussing his interactions with the family of George Floyd, the deceased fentanyl user who died in police custody after attempting to pass a fake bill one year ago today, he revealed that Floyd’s 7-year-old daughter, Gianna, “threw her arms around me, gave me a big hug — and wanted to sit in my lap.” He added that she then announced she was hungry and asked Biden for snacks. “My wife would kill me — we gave her some ice cream, she had some Cheetos, and I think she had some chocolate milk,” before revealing he could not remember the another snacks provided to the 7-year-old.

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What a sick man, he should be arrested for pedophilia


I agree. The man is making an ass of himself.


bidens family is allowing their father to do this, because as president, hunter biden wont be put in prison or charged with anything, and his wife) all she wants is the millions he and hunter will be paid in BRIBES.or CAN STEAL.

ekim roberts

The dems are making asses of him and themselves ! This gets more ridiculous everyday it continues ! There is no possible way the election was on the up and up ! WHERE IS THE INVESTIGATION of our election ? Why have the republicans not demanded an investigation ?


you have to remember,,the democrats are ABOVE THE LAW,,,, and joe has been doing this to little girls all his life. but his prosition keeps him out of jail.

ekim roberts

Only if ” We the People ” allow them to get away with the stupid stuff we see everyday ! WHEN will Patriotic Americans get a belly full and stand up for TRUTH and Justice ?


age There was a story a while back about ol’ Joe taking showers with his then teen-aged daughter.


This man is a sick perverted creep and belongs behind bars–I wouldn’t trust him around any children including his grandchildren–


THESE people who ALLOW creapy joe to get close their little girls,,are in trouble, and should push sleepy joe away from their kids. he has been creapy joe with little children all his life, his wife, family and democrats know it,,but need him to their bidding,,that is to destroy america


I always wanted to visit the White House but after Obama and a pervert like Joe Biden have been in there..I don’t think I could stand the smell


if anyone visits DC,,,and creapy joe is around,,,RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN…he will proposition even little girls….

ekim roberts

Wow ! You hit the nail on the head ! UNTIL this BS STOPS there is nothing about DC I care about !



Mark Gravitte

That’s exactly what the child molesting perverted clown does to lure children in. Balloons and ice cream. Pervert!


and hairy legs.


Senility takes a lot of strange turns.

Mike White

Its not just Senility.. His daughter said she was subject to incest 30 or more years ago


sleepy joe it can´t be proven but he has molested even his daughter,,,and what did his WIFE?do,,,NOTHING….


“Sleepy Joe” my eye! He’s Creepy Joe

Gary Lee

a pedophile offering ice cream to little ones! In their eyes the grooming is almost as good as the lost puppy ploy or a puppy on a string!

Mike White

Its no wonder why pedophiles are roaming the streets. If a Pedophile President can touch little girls and sniff their hair on live TV and video, its an invitation for pedophiles to run free.. This needs to be stopped and Stopped now. Biden needs to be locked up. Even his daughter said she was subject to incest.


THE DEMOCRATS need him, that is why they are protecting him

Mark Gravitte

Father in heaven. How long must we endure these demonic creatures known as DemonRATS? They have destroyed everything worthwhile in America. May your justice be swift and exact! Amen!

Gail Davis

Senile old pervert Biden is nothing but a pedophile! Unseal his University of Delaware records while he was a politician. Women have come forward during the election to tell their
stories and they all have been swept under the carpet. A diary of his daughter
recently surfaced that she had to keep while she was in rehab in Florida that her
father had sex in the shower with her when she was younger, if this is true, this pedophile needs to have his balls removed and put in an institution asap! Also, Jill should be dealt with too! She knew he was doing it all along!


she will do Anything to stay in the White House.

Col. Al Schweitzer, IV

Our Pedo. Prez. is one Sick Puppy!


Not my president!


If I was one of those parents and he approached my daughter like that…I would punch the old perv right in the face and knock his lights out.

Lindsay Paolillo

Thank God someone is willing to do that to protect their children.


…and no one realizes how disturbing this kind of behavior is? If DT did it, what would they say about him??? This non-president is a disgrace.


howmany little girls has creapy joe mulested?, HE is still trying to get creapy with them and doing it in daylite. i will buy you icecream if i can do this to you….the democrats and his family know he is a petifieal and senial, but don´t care and only concerned with power and keeping hunter biden out of prison…


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