Biden Ends Trump Deals With Central American Governments, Tells Border Patrol Agents to Stand Down

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President Donald Trump had negotiated deals with El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala that slowed down the number of migrants seeking asylum at our southern border.   And it was working.  When you cut down the number of illegals that are coming into the country things get much better for American workers.  What happens then is illegals don’t take the American’s jobs for lower wages and the wages for American workers who do those jobs must rise in order to keep up the competition among American workers seeking jobs.  It’s called the free market.  Trump also cut the corporate tax rate which helped companies to be able to hire American workers at normal rates that were of the value of the market.  It was a great thing that Trump did for the working men and women, the forgotten men and women of America.

It only took the Biden administration two weeks to destroy those deals and like clockwork, the surge across the border by illegal aliens began all over again and so did the harm that it brings to American citizens.  You have to ask yourself why would an American president do this to the American people?

The deals that the Trump administration made concerning asylum requests required the overwhelming majority of migrants to first ask for asylum in the Central American countries before they would gain access to seeking asylum in the United States.  The first thing to remember about this is that if you are claiming that you are a refugee in you need asylum you first have to prove that your government is persecuting you or that there is a massive bloody war going on in your country of origin.   For about 99 percent of the illegal aliens that came over the border from Central America, this was not the case.  So Trump’s deals made sense because people lie all the time.  In fact, there are leftist groups like CARA that help migrants from Central America get around immigration laws by teaching them what to say when they get here.  In fact, the overwhelming number of migrants who asked for asylum did not get approved because they lied.

Now that the Biden administration has taken us back to the Obama days migrants are thinking if they can get here fast enough, they will be made legal residents with the ability to get federal services and welfare, and that belief has started the stampede for our southern border all over again.  I ask again what kind of president would do this to the American people?  What reason do the progressives have for bringing in millions of migrants who can’t take care of themselves, who believe that the American taxpayer owes them a living, and they have no skills?  The answer is simple, the Democrats think of these paupers as “unregistered Democrats” that they will legalize with the ability to vote. They’re just doing it for the votes and they don’t care how much harm they are causing for American citizens.

According to Headlines USA:

“The Biden regime is withdrawing the U.S. from agreements with three Central American countries that restricted the ability of people to seek asylum at the southwest border.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Saturday the administration had notified El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras that it had started the formal process of terminating agreements that had been part of Trump’s effort to restrict asylum.

The agreements, which had been on hold since early in the coronavirus pandemic, required many people seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border to go instead to one of the three Central American countries and pursue their claims there.”

In what we now realize was a terrible lie to the American people, the Biden campaign kept saying to the American people that Biden did not embrace the open borders approach that the more radical progressives supported, instead he told the public that he was for a milder form of policy that would “keep families together and not in cages.”   So far Biden has signed executive orders that have all but gotten rid of the work that the Trump administration did to bring some sanity back to our immigration policies and he did this in only two weeks’ time, and without going through Congress.  Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution gives sole power of immigration law to the Congress, and even though we know that Pelosi and Schumer’s Democrats in Congress would probably do the same harmful things that Biden is doing unlawfully with executive orders, at least the American people would hear the debate that goes on between Democrats and Republicans over our immigration policies.

In only two weeks the phony asylum seekers are back pouring over our border and every American who loses their job to an illegal alien or a lying asylum seeker who by law should have asked for asylum at the first country they came to which would be Mexico.




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