Biden Defiant, Sends Letter to Congressional Dems Saying He Won’t Leave Race

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Despite mounting pressure from donors and congressional Democrats to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race, 81-year-old Democratic incumbent Joe Biden remains resolute.

On Monday, a scheduled meeting between Biden and congressional Democrats led by Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) was unexpectedly canceled.

Instead, Democrats on Capitol Hill received an extensive letter from the 2024 nominee asserting his determination to stay in the race.

Resistance within the Democratic Party to a second Biden presidential run has increased in the week-and-a-half since his disastrous debate against former President Donald J. Trump.

Party leaders have highlighted Biden’s declining poll numbers and growing concerns among voters regarding his physical and cognitive health.

Despite these setbacks and efforts by his own party to persuade him to withdraw from the race, Biden has repeatedly affirmed over the last week that he has no intention of leaving and is committed to seeing his campaign through to November’s election.

The pressure on Biden intensified after his performance in recent debates raised doubts about his ability to mount a strong challenge against Trump.

Concerns about his age and health have been compounded by public gaffes and instances of forgetfulness during public appearances.

However, despite these challenges, Biden remains steadfast in his conviction that he is best positioned to represent the Democratic Party in its bid for presidency.

He has emphasized his track record as Vice President under Barack Obama and has sought to reassure supporters that he is well-equipped for leading the country.

While many within his party continue to express skepticism about his candidacy’s viability, with some even openly questioning whether he should step aside for a younger candidate with more energy and vigor, Biden appears undeterred.

In response to calls for him to step down due to concerns about his age and mental sharpness, Biden has sought support from loyal allies within both Congress and grassroots organizations across key battleground states.

He has also leaned on endorsements from influential figures within various minority communities as evidence of broad support for his candidacy.

The coming months will undoubtedly test not only Biden’s resolve but also how effectively he can navigate internal party dynamics while simultaneously fending off attacks from Republican opponents who are eager to capitalize on any perceived weakness within Democratic ranks.

As both sides gear up for what promises to be a fiercely contested election cycle characterized by intense scrutiny of each candidate’s fitness for office, it remains uncertain whether Biden can weather this storm or if internal pressures will ultimately force him out of contention.

Here is the letter:

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