Biden Defends Budget Proposal: It’s NOT ‘Radical’, ‘More Popular Than I Am’

Joe Biden recently took to the stage at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas to defend his administration’s proposed budget for 2024. While talking about his plan to lower prescription drug costs, the President claimed that his proposal is “overwhelmingly popular,” and that it’s “a hell of a lot more popular than I am.”

Unfortunately, the reality is far from what the President claimed. According to a Reuters-Ipsos poll published March 8, Biden’s approval rating is only at 42%, with 81% of Democrats approving of him and only 10% of Republicans saying the same.

What’s worse is that the President is proposing a budget that is completely irresponsible and reckless. The White House budget, released March 9, calls for an end to oil and gas subsidies, and announces new taxes in an attempt to lower the deficit. This is despite the fact that inflation is already on the rise, and the last thing we need is more taxes and regulations.

It is also concerning that the budget funds sex change operations for veterans, as well as other questionable items. The proposed budget also mentions the word “equity” 63 times, which is a clear indication that the President is attempting to push his radical agenda.

The truth is, Joe Biden’s proposed budget is nothing but a radical and irresponsible attempt to expand the government’s power over citizens’ lives. The budget will lead to higher taxes, more regulations, and increased inflation, making it harder for Americans to make ends meet.

It’s time for Joe Biden to stop trying to be “more popular than he is” and instead focus on creating a budget that is responsible and beneficial for all Americans. The President should be looking for ways to reduce regulations, taxes, and inflation, not increase them. Until Biden takes these steps, his budget will remain a radical attempt to control the lives of Americans and increase the government’s power.

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