Biden At Swanky Dinner With PM Modi Asks: “Where Are We?”

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It was an extraordinary sight, to say the least, on Thursday evening as Joe and Jill Biden hosted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a State Dinner held on the White House South Lawn.

The event was attended by many of the Bidens’ closest family members, including Hunter and Melissa Biden, James Biden, and Naomi Biden with her husband.

But what made this dinner particularly remarkable is that it occurred mere hours after Republican lawmakers released depositions from whistleblowers relating to alleged corruption involving members of the Biden family.

The optics here are unmistakable. While GOP politicians seek to bring down the Bidens through allegations of unethical behavior and financial misconduct, Hunter continues to rub elbows with some of America’s most wealthy and powerful individuals.

The party atmosphere seemed to further drive home how little regard these elites have for the very laws they expect everyone else to abide by. As one guest described it; “It felt like we were all in on a joke – but none of us knew exactly who or what was being laughed at.”

Then there was Joe himself – seemingly out-of-place amidst a sea of wealth and power – who during his toast inquired “Enjoy your meal…where are we?”

It seems clear that even if he isn’t personally implicated in any wrongdoing, his brother’s alleged shady dealings may be taking their toll on him nonetheless.

Indeed, questions about his mental acuity remain unanswered as he enters into negotiations with foreign leaders while in office.

This entire episode serves as a reminder that privileged elites often operate under different sets of rules than those afforded to everyday citizens.




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