Biden Approves Release of $3 Billion of Iran’s Funds in Iraq, Oman, South Korea

This is just one more bit of proof of what a disaster Joe Biden has been, is, and will be for this country.

He just paid off Iran to the tune of $3 billion dollars in funds he unfroze from Iraq, Oman, and South Korea. Just another pallet of cash in an effort to appease the biggest terrorist nation on the planet.

It’s like we are paying them to build nuclear weapons.

Joe Biden is a traitor not only to us but to the world.

He now wants to rejoin the deal that Iran has violated many times. His mental condition might be contributing to his insanity in dealing with Iran. That deal will not bring peace. No one denies that war is a terrible thing but it took a war to stop Hitler and war might be necessary to keep nukes out of the hands of terrorists. Peace happens not through negotiations with the bad guys. Only defeat will bring them to the table in honesty. But I hope it won’t be necessary.

Iran can play Democrats like a fiddle. They get everything they want in the deals they made with Obama and the one they will sign with Biden. But, in the end, they will violate that agreement too. Biden will make excuses for them and Republicans will be called racist warmongers.

There will be tragedy either against us or Israel. The consequences are frightening.

From The Gateway Pundit

Al-Arabiya reported:

The United States has agreed to the release of $3 billion in Iranian funds that have been frozen in Iraq, Oman and South Korea due to Washington’s sanctions, Iranian trade official Hamid Hosseini told the semi-official Fars news agency on Sunday.

Hosseini, board member of the Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce, had tweeted on Friday that Washington approved the release of frozen Iranian assets at the Trade Bank of Iraq, without mentioning the value of the assets.

Hosseini on Sunday confirmed that the US agreed to the release of $3 billion in Iranian frozen assets in the three countries.

US sanctions imposed by former President Donald Trump have prevented Iran from accessing tens of billions of its assets in foreign banks.

Iranian frozen assets in Iraq amount to more than $6 billion, according to Iranian officials.

The head of the Iran-South Korea Chamber of Commerce said in October Iranian frozen funds in South Korea are worth $8.5 billion and added that their release depended on the outcome of the US presidential election.

The election was in November and the real losers are all Americans and the future of this country.

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Bonnie Kociuruba

Way to go Joe! Bring on the terrorists! You certainly aren’t the sharpest tool in the box!



Ruven Golan

traitor Joe


Whose side is he on? Is this how Hunter Biden’s efforts are put to use?


Biden doesn’t care about America and it is past time to show Joe and the DumboRATS that we don’t care about them and need them gone NOW!!


I hope everyone that voted for this un-American President regrets their actions. They to will have blood on their hands and probably in the near future.


Millions of Joe’s dead voters are rolling over in their graves!


Obama’s butt boy.


Democrats at their very BEST ….Aiding and supporting Terrorists local and abroad. They are our local terrorists. Wake up American Voters


Oh, isn’t this just GRAND. We are PAYING the executioner to kill us. How nice and thoughtful !!!!

william g munson

Obama is at it again period he is behind calling the Shots Not Joe Biden and remember 1 billion $ is a thousand Million and they getting 3 Billion $ boy oh Boy does these Corrupt People not only Steal the Election from We the People but do this again and did it before too


Joe Biden is a traitor!

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