Biden Approval Ratings Near Lowest For First 100 Days In Modern History

It’s official. According to a new poll, President Joe Biden has one of the lowest approval ratings among presidents in modern times during his first 100 days in office.

A poll run on April 18 through April 21 found that Biden’s approval rating is at 52 percent, which is much lower than what Democrats expected. Remember, Democrats told us that Biden would be a unifying president. Instead, he has been very divisive.

According to the ABC News/Washington Post poll, Biden’s approval rating is “lower than any president at 100 days in office since 1945.” Only President Gerald Ford for pardoning Richard Nixon, and Donald Trump for being Donald Trump had lower ratings within their first 100 days, but that’s about it.

Biden has been president for about 96 days and it feels like it’s been so much longer.

In only three months time with Biden in the White House with the Democrats in Congress have threatened to get rid of the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, get rid of the Electoral College, have the federal government unconstitutionally take over state voting laws, unconstitutionally make Washington, DC a state, they destroyed a fixed immigration system and thus creating a serious crisis at our southern border, created a labor bill that illegally throws out right-to-work laws in 27 states, are working on unconstitutional gun control measures, and the list just goes on and on.

Going back to President Harry S Truman, the fourteen presidents up to Biden for their first 100 days experienced an average of 66 percent approval rating which shows that Biden is 14 percent below that average.

Americans are split on how Biden is handling the economy with only 52 percent approving, but wait until his economic policies take effect next year, that’s when Biden voters will realize what a horrible mistake they made.

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The border crisis which Biden created is his biggest downfall, with only 37 percent saying they approve of his immigration policies. They must be high because Biden’s immigration policies have created a humanitarian and security crisis the likes of which we have never seen.

On racial issues, Biden has worsened things in our society by constantly stating the American is “systemically racist” when it most certainly is not. And when he said Georgia’s new election integrity law looks like “Jim Crow on steroids” he sealed his fate as a fool in the White House.

The poll also shows that 53 percent of Americans do not like Biden’s push to increase the government’s size and its role in their lives, and 40 percent now think Biden is too liberal. That’s probably because they don’t know he is suffering greatly from cognitive decline, and the progressive Marxists who surround him are allegedly running the show.

And despite the fact that ABC News tried to blame Biden’s low approval rating on partisanship, the data from their poll shows only 42 percent think Biden is handling the economy well, while 59 percent think he sucks at it.

And things will get much worse for the new president once people stop listening to CNN and MSNBC and learn of the damage his policies are and will continue to do to this country. As an example, McLaughlin & Associates polling shows 67 percent of voters in Arizona were unaware that HR 1, Democrats’ effort to federalize voting laws, would overturn their state’s popular voter ID and signature verification requirements even though the US Constitution says in Article I, Section 4 that only state legislatures have the power to create and change election laws.

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The Fake News media can only cover these issues up for so long. People are going to find out what a terrible mistake they made by allowing the shenanigans that went on in the 2020 election to be brushed over.

Poll data like this is not good for a president’s re-election hopes, though I think we all know that Biden will no longer be with us by that point, even if he is still alive.

“Biden’s rating for handling the economy is essentially the same as Trump’s in January, marking this as a clear challenge,” ABC News reported. “Presidential fortunes often are closely linked to economic conditions.”

Mark my words, these numbers will get worse when Biden’s policies begin to make people’s lives worse. The Trump administration got our country back on track after decades of backroom deals made by the Washington elites, Biden most certainly being one of them. All Biden had to do was sit back and take the credit for everything the previous administration did. But he couldn’t do that because the progressives who are pulling his strings wanted to hit hard from right out of the gate so that they could get the things they had on their radical wishlist completed before anyone had the chance to blink. That’s the usual M.O. for progressives; they barge in, rudely force their changes in place, and they rely on lies and sympathetic left-wing news media coverage to survive the damage they inflicted.

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There is no way that Biden’s approval is above 20%. He is destroying the United States….


Rasmussen gives him a negative 11 in their daily presidential poll.

Mark Gravitte

Old idiot biden is a useless scabby piece of shit. He has been sucking off the government his whole life. One thing is a fact, he’s not my president. To think that the SS would take a bullet for him is unfathomable. God help us.

Gideon Rockwell

First off if you tinted the Demented Old Sock Puppet in Chief green in that picture, you could caption it “THE Grinch that stole an election.” Next I imagine a minimum 80% of the people in this country believe in all honesty this is an illegitimate administration.

Lance Charles Sr

I believe the World know and do not accept Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the Legitimate Elected President & Vice President. They sure act like the J V team!

Lance Charles Sr

Always look at the sample size and political party of those people in any survey


something is wrong.. Biden’s ratings are to high.. If you are watching mainstream media you are not getting the truth and or the full story.


His approval rating was always low. The democrats just rigged it.

RockyMtn 1776

Why not ? They rig everything else and get away with it.


What they are doing in AZ is criminal. Changing Judges to a demoncrat. They will do anything to cheat. Even use corrupt Justices to do it. I hope the audit is being watched closely. Every American should be concerned about this. Our votes should count and we must insist on voter reform. What is your state doing?
IMPEACH BIDEN text 55444


My state of Oklahoma is doing good against Biden. My governor signed a Bill that allows us to ignore and disobey is “executive orders”

Bob K

I believe that Slow Joe is being used as a trojan horse just to get Camel Harris into the white house, and he won’t serve even half of his term before he’s declared incompetent and Harris takes over. That is unless he gets US into a war with Russia before then, dumb-ass that he is.


What could be further embarrassing than Joe Biden in office? Kamala Harris in office.

Carolyn S Weatherly

Biden/Harris have done nothing but create chaos. I’m so angry about the whole border problem and the traumatized children – despicable neglect of those children and Americans

James Harrison

Obama’s was NOT That high and Biden’s is definitely a LOT lower than 51. More like 10. He’s an idiot!!!


How can people approve of a Dementia ridden crook?Are Americans that stupid or maybe evil?

James Harrison

No, we are not that stupid. They rig numbers to suit them. He was not elected, they stole the election. Apparently your not American pie you would know this!!!!


Biden will go down as the most hated president in history. The press is afraid to ask that question. They know what the answer will be.


If ANYONE says Joe Biden’s approval is more than 20% they are just lying!

Sharon Arrington

I thought Obama was a farce, not even close. Biden has proven to be the biggest deterrent of our wonderful nation to heal. How does anyone with a grain of common sense, not believe this administration has done all it can do to turn us into a socialist country. God bless America.

Dick Simmons

Where was the poll done cnn?

Mark Gravitte

What a crooked demented bastard! I received more votes for president than that asshole did.

sam deen

he is so bad .this old guy


His a liar and snake that is why his rates are down and they are going to keep dropping, He is just like is mentor Obummer .

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