Biden Administration to Spend $86 Million US Taxpayer Dollars to Pay For Hotels For Migrants For Up to 6 Months

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As with everything else in his too-long political career Joe Biden overdid it with calling all migrants to rally at our southern border.  Sending the message out that there is such a thing as a free lunch our borders are flooded with multiple surges of southern American migrants whose only skills are taking freebies paid for by American taxpayer dollars and voting for Democrats in the future.

As the migrant facilities at our southern border are being thoroughly overwhelmed by the insane amount of migrants arriving, the Biden administration’s solution to the border crisis Biden created is to put the migrants up in hotels, and this of course will come at a colossal price tag to the American taxpayer.  It always does and you’re not allowed to complain about it.

The Biden administration is planning to spend $86 million to rent hotel rooms to shelter 1,200 migrant family members who crossed the US-Mexico border, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials informed the uber leftist website Axios.  The hotels in the border states of Texas and Arizona, for now, will lodge migrants for about six months, but “could be extended and expanded.”

Can you imagine the conversations going on between the migrants and their friends and families back home through their iPhones?  “Yeah, these stupid Americans put us up in a hotel and they’re paying for it!”

A non-profit group called Endeavors of San Antonio are organizing the hotel arrangements claiming they connect ” vulnerable populations across the United States to a wide range of helpful services.”  The non-profit’s website declares they offer: “Direct care, migrant wellness support, case management, home study and post-release services, staffing, and holistic programming for unaccompanied migrant children and families.”

The number of migrant families that attempted to cross the border skyrocketed in 2021 – thanks Uncle Joe! – climbing from 7,000 in January to over 19,000 in February according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  Apparently word got out that the USA is open for their business.  Other than voting for Democrats we don’t really yet know what other business the clowns in DC have for them.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas conceded this week that the US government is “on pace to encounter more individuals on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years,” and they feel really good about that.  A senior official with Immigrant and Customs Enforcement (ICE) echoed the sentiment.

Folks, what are we doing to our society?  It’s not racist against “brown people” to worry about so many people from other societies being brought into our society in one felled swoop like this.  The Biden administration is not only not testing these tens of thousands of paupers coming into our country for COVID-19 but they aren’t testing them for anything, because they don’t have the capacity to do so.  Poll after poll shows the American people are not in favor of what’s going on and yet they are still being charged for the costs of it all.

On Saturday, DHS said it’s going to open yet another facility in Pecos, Texas that will house another 500 unaccompanied migrant children, and that they will expand the capacity to 2,000 kids whose parents sent them on the dangerous trek alone.

I’m sorry, but someone has to talk about the elephant in the room so I guess it will be me.  Do we want the parents of children who they allowed to travel over a thousand miles by themselves to be a part of our society?   Honestly, all bullschtein beside, would you trust these people to watch your kids?  And you just know that eventually, the Woke Supremacists in the administration are going to give us a sob story about how gosh darn awful it is that these poor migrant children have to be here all alone without their parents and so we must pay for them to fly business class to America to reunite families that never should have been separated in the first place.  Damn that Donald Trump!  Yes, that’s how absurd this whole thing has gotten.

“While ORR has worked to build up its licensed bed capacity to almost 13,500 beds, additional capacity is urgently needed to manage both enhanced COVID-19 mitigation strategies and the increasing numbers of UC referrals from DHS,” a spokesperson for the Office of Refugee Resettlement said.

“I got notified about an hour ago from HHS, that they’re opening up a new unaccompanied minor facility in PECOS, which is in my district, out in West Texas. This facility is going to house between 500 to 2000, unaccompanied minors, it appears as if they’re targeting unused man camps. These are oil facilities where workers, temporary oil workers, house when they’re operating in the oil gas industry,” Representative Tony Gonzalez (R-Texas) told Fox News on Saturday. “There is no end in sight, I’m told there’s two other facilities, and they’re also looking at attending this crisis is getting out of control.”

Word went out that the Biden administration is going to send up to 3,000 unaccompanied teen migrants to live in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, for up to three months.

Folks, this is out of control.  The simple solution right now is not to give band-aid fixes but to stop the hemorrhaging by making announcements that the American human pipeline has now closed.  A report that came out earlier this month revealed that one facility is at 729 percent capacity and that the kids in cages have to take turns sleeping on the floor.  The children are only allowed to take a shower once a week if they’re lucky.

This is better than the system designed under Trump?  Give me a break.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott had a few words for the way the Biden administration has been handling the crisis at the border that Joe Biden himself created with crazy executive orders, a crisis that the Biden administration won’t even admit is a crisis calling it a challenge instead.  They think you’re so stupid that you’ll believe it’s not really a crisis because they’re referring to it as a challenge.

“The Biden Administration has been an abject failure when it comes to ensuring the safety of unaccompanied minors who cross our border,” Abbott said in a statement. “The conditions unaccompanied minors face in these federally run facilities is unacceptable and inhumane.”

Remember all the lefties who screamed KIDS IN CAGES! KIDS IN CAGES! KIDS IN CAGES! for a year under the Trump administration?  Where the heck are they now?  Where’s AOC and her group of silly progressive Congresswomen?  Remember when AOC said Trump created concentration camps at the border for illegal migrants?  What’s going on right now under Biden is far worse than anything under Trump and yet we hear not a peep from the Squad.

“The Biden Administration has no excuse for subjecting these children to these kinds of conditions,” Abbott said. “President Biden’s refusal to address the border crisis is not only enabling criminal actors like human traffickers and smugglers, but it is exposing innocent unaccompanied children to illness and potentially unsafe living conditions. The administration must act now to keep these children safe, secure our border, and end this humanitarian crisis.”

“The Biden Admin. has turned a humanitarian crisis into a complete disaster,” Abbott wrote on Twitter. “They were unprepared for open border policies.”




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