Biden Administration Threatens To Withhold School Lunches For Disadvantaged Kids Unless Schools Comply With LGBTQ Policies

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It seems when speaking about the Biden administration, more and more conversations are starting off with, “You’re not going to believe this.” And we have another one.

The Biden administration is telling schools that they care much more for LGBTQ+ students, that low-income kids will lose federal funding for school lunches if the schools don’t comply with the administration’s LGBTQ+ policies.

That’s right. Joe Biden is forcing schools to adhere to policies geared to enable people who suffer from a mental illness or your kids don’t get to eat.

Here we go.

Last month, the Food and Nutrition Service of the US Department of Agriculture declared it will stop poor students from being fed lunch through the National School Lunch Program, that we the people pay for with our tax dollars, if their public school does not embrace the administration’s interpretation of Title IX, which maintains that the federal civil rights law’s provision that forbids discrimination that is based on sex includes designations of gender identity and gender identity.

This means that schools throughout the country will be forced to comply with all the pro-transgender policies in things like sports, housing, locker rooms and bathrooms if they want to continue receiving federal funds to feed their low-income students.

What does a low-income children’s lunch program have to do with LGBTQ+ policies? Isn’t it unlawful for the Executive branch to take money that was appropriated by Congress for a specific purpose and then deny the funding over another policy or program that has nothing to do with the congressional appropriation?

Remember when Democrats bled from their eyes when former President Donald Trump asked if was allowed to take budgeted money from another program to help him build the wall on the southern border? Remember all the accusations of misappropriating funds?

Well, this is even worse because Biden is leveraging school lunch funds to get what he wants. How is this any different from the time Vice President Joe Biden told Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko that if he didn’t fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son Hunter Biden and Hunter’s firm, Burisma Holdings, for corruption he was going to withhold $1 billion in US aid?

I can’t find anywhere in the US Constitution where it says that the federal government may create a school lunch program, can you?

Joe Biden issued an unlawful executive order almost immediately upon taking office. He did not have the authority to write an executive order, but that never stops him.

A spokeswoman for Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis said the Biden administration’s choice to “withhold food from disadvantaged children in order to advance a deranged political agenda” was “appalling.”

“We will not allow Biden to force Floridians to choose between children’s food and parents’ rights,” Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’s press secretary said. “That is the kind of ‘decision’ that a totalitarian regime would force upon its citizenry.”

I say, states should sue the federal government for their tax dollars back that they pay for school lunches and let the states handle it from now on. The federal government doesn’t have the Constitutional authority to do a school lunch program in the first place, so now is just as good a time as any for states to tell the Biden administration to go to Hades because they’ll do their own school lunch program.

South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem took to social media to declare that her state will take legal action if Biden follows through on this.

“Joe Biden has threatened to take away children’s school lunch money to pursue his radical agenda,” Noem said. “He’s targeting states like ours that make it clear biological men do NOT belong in girls’ bathrooms and sports. If you act on this, Joe, we’ll see you in court and we will win.”

How cruel is it to use disadvantaged children to force a policy that the kids have nothing to do with?

“All people should be treated with dignity and respect, but it’s wrong for the federal government to take away free meals from economically disadvantaged students if their schools do not embrace radical gender ideology,” Greg Baylor, a senior counsel at the Alliance Defending Freedom, told the Washington Free Beacon.

The radical announcement adds to President Joe Biden’s executive order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation, which allows transgender students to use boys or girls’ bathrooms and play sports with either sex. In the end, this nonsense is harming females who are getting screwed out of things they should be achieving in but trans kids are taking over. Things like girl’s sports where boys who say they’re girls are dominating. There are many implications there. For one thing, many female athletes depend on sports for college scholarships and they are losing them to boys who couldn’t compete in the male leagues.

Biden’s executive order drew on the Supreme Court’s ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County, which edited the meaning of “sex” in Title VII to add sexual orientation and gender identity. With the exception of religion, Civil Rights are for things that you cannot change, like race, skin color, biological gender, and national original, not for people who can switch genders back and forth depending on the day of the week.

The Biden administration is also going to force schools that receive funds for the Food and Nutrition Service to investigate accusations of sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination. This includes, but is not limited to, taking away Federal Student Aid at the college level for students who reject the Biden administration’s definition of sex.

This administration has once again committed an overreach of its authority by threatening to make poor kids go hungry unless the public school they attend accepts the irrational belief that a student can claim to be the gender other than the one they were biologically born. I can not see how this unlawful executive order will stand Constitutionally.




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