Illegal Immigration

Biden Administration Mulls Pulling Health Care for Veterans and Giving it to Illegal Aliens

If you ever believed that Joe Biden and the Democrats cared a lick about American citizens, this should blow that naive notion right out of your head. The Biden administration is considering pulling doctors from the already understaffed Veterans Administration and sending them to the border to tend with the coming crush at the border starting on May 23rd when Biden throws out Title 42.

There are currently 170,000 illegals just across the border waiting to get in and in addition to that, a new caravan is forming to take advantage of our non-existent border. People who fought for this country will now have to forego medical treatment so that they will have enough doctors for the Democrats’ favored class of people, non-Americans.

Hillary Vaughn of Fox Business reported on this travesty on a tip she got from a source with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

She quoted the source as saying:

“We’re going to take medical services away from people that really deserve that. Who went to combat to give free medical attention to illegal migrants?”

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs is already insufficient to take care of our heroes. If they remove these doctors, many veterans could die needlessly. Biden and his henchmen are expecting half a million illegals a month coming to this country. And they expect those numbers for quite a while, so that means the veterans are on their own.

From The Gateway Pundit

The administration is gutting immigration enforcement and deportations in favor of a system designed to check-in and ferry illegals to American communities.

Biden has consistently shrouded his border policies in secrecy, and it’s likely the administration would try to keep the use of veterans’ health care resources for illegals under wraps.

The spring surge would follow the termination of Article 42, a Trump-era policy designed to allow the quick expulsion of illegals on the grounds of coronavirus public health concerns.

Reports on Thursday indicated the Biden administration planned to eliminate the border security policy on May 23, just in time to meet the late spring surge of illegal aliens.

Border Patrol chief Raul Ortiz told CNN he expects the agency to apprehend as many as 8,000 illegal aliens a day when Article 42 is removed.

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