Biden Admin To Release Thousands of Immigrants from Detention Following Senate Vote Failure

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Earlier this week, the Senate approved a foreign aid package worth $95 billion. Surprisingly, there were no provisions included in the package to address the issue of the open US border.

On Tuesday, Schumer’s supplemental aid package was passed by the Senate, allocating $95 billion to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

Despite the crisis at the US border, 22 Republicans voted in favor of providing financial assistance to foreign countries.

However, when it reached the House, Speaker Johnson immediately dismissed the $95 billion package without allowing it to be voted on.

As a result of this decision, the Biden administration has indicated that ICE may need to release thousands of undocumented individuals from custody due to insufficient funding for their detention.

ICE is facing a budget deficit of approximately $700 million, which could have been addressed if the funding had included provisions for border management.

Consequently, senior leaders within ICE are contemplating the release of around 16,000 individuals who are currently in their custody as a cost-cutting measure.

This situation presents a potential challenge from the governing body.

They are essentially demanding that their controversial open border policies be funded, or else they will release even more undocumented immigrants into the country.

It’s worth noting that millions of individuals have already been released since Joe Biden assumed office.

Fox News reported:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is at risk of having to release thousands of detainees amid a budget shortfall that will persist after the failure of a Senate border bill.

ICE is currently facing a $700 million budget shortfall that would have been addressed by the Senate border bill that failed to gain traction last week, causing agency leaders to circulate proposals for cost savings such as slashing its detention capacity and releasing roughly 16,000 migrants, according to a report from the Washington Post.

According to the report, the bill would have provided $6 billion in supplemental funding for ICE enforcement operations, a large boost for the agency ahead of spring’s typically busy illegal crossing window.

This would only exacerbate the infiltration of our country. Presently, approximately 11 million undocumented individuals have entered the US unlawfully.

This figure is consistently growing on a daily basis.

This number surpasses the population of 41 separate states.

The Department of Homeland Security has the responsibility of overseeing ICE.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of DHS, made history by becoming the first cabinet secretary to be impeached in nearly 150 years.

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