Biden Accused of Appointing ‘Satanist to the White House’ After Monkeypox Official’s Photos Surface

Demetre Daskalakis, the man tapped by Joe Biden to serve as the administration’s new “White House National Monkeypox Response Deputy Coordinator,” is accused of being a satanist after photos of the official’s “pentagram” tattoos and Church of Satan-themed outfits surfaced online.

Photos reveal Daskalakis has Pentagram tattoos and frequently wears pentagram-themed clothing items. He also sported the tattoos while professionally representing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Influencer Benny Johnson posted the photos, depicting Daskalakis “proudly” wearing “the official symbol of the Church of Satan: The Pentagram,” to Twitter and subsequently accused Biden of appointing a “Satanist to the White House.”

“The Baphomet Pentagram,” Johnson noted in his Twitter thread, “is the official, copyrighted symbol of the Church of Satan. The pentagram has long been associated with various occult beliefs. Satanism, which reveres the accomplishments of humanity and encourages believers to embrace physical wants and desires.”

In the White House statement announcing Daskalakis’ appointment as monkeypox coordinator, the Biden administration described him as “a national expert on health issues affecting the LGBGQIA+ communities” whose “clinical practice has focused on providing care for the underserved LGBTQIA+ communities.”

“Not cherry picking here. The Pentagram is proudly displayed in his *promotional* photos for a CDC appointment. It’s ubiquitous on his social media. Demetre has Pentagram tattoos. So it’s a fair question: Did Joe Biden appoint a Satanist?” Johnson wrote.

The news of the Biden administration monkeypox coordinators alleged satanism has been widely criticized among conservatives online.

“For some reason they don’t feel the need to hide it anymore,” tweeted one user.

“Satanists, pedophiles, pushing transgender mutilation on kids, corrupt politicians. Voting Republican is a no-brainer,” tweeted another.

Many wondered why Biden would appoint Daskalakis to the post, noting that the president is a self-proclaimed “Catholic” and allegedly a devout follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

“What a great ‘Catholic’ President we have. If you willing profane the Body and Blood of Jesus, then it’s no surprise to the evil you are willing to do,” tweeted one user.

“Is that ‘Catholic’ @JoeBiden? Perhaps now he can sacramentalise Abortion & install a shrine to Moloch in the Oval Office,” tweeted another. 

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