Bian Kilmeade Humiliates Press After They Complain About Invitation Snub To His Granddaughter’s Wedding

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Biden has given the media plenty of reasons to stop covering for him but through it all (Aghanistan, borders, inflation, corruption) they stood by him. Not anymore, it seems. The press is pissed that Biden cut them out of his granddaughter’s wedding and they’re out for blood.

A weird hill to die on, but okay?

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade mocked the media for sticking up for Biden when there really needed to be checks and balances but losing it over something no one else cares about: “Biden has really done it this time. His untruths have alienated his most loyal ally, – ot Jill, certainly not Barack. Hunter? The smartest man he ever knew? No. I’m talking about the media. Yep!”

He continued, “What pushed them over the edge? Was it the laptop being verified? Was it the student loan handout blowing up? Was it because inflation wasn’t transitory? Was it because Al Qaeda is back in Afghanistan even though the Taliban promised not to let them back in Afghanistan? Was it because the claims about the border being secure were just flat out wrong? Wait, was it because the Inflation Reduction Act actually inflated inflation? Was it because he said he didn’t decrease oil production, but yet we’re actually down a million barrels a day? No, no, no, no. They think he lied about his granddaughter’s wedding.”

“Why? Well, last week, the White House said no press was allowed at the ceremony on the South Lawn,” he added.

Later Kilmeade continued to mock the MSM and their ridiculous, “the press was shocked when a few days later they saw Naomi on the cover of Vogue in her wedding dress. There was an uproar. Who wouldn’t uproar? Most of the White House press corps has been holding Biden’s water for two years, and they did not get an invite. They were hurt. They started calling the president a liar, confronting the press secretary.”


The fact is, the media is angry because they thought that after everything they do to help the Biden administration that they should have been the exception. Meanwhile, they’re still not reporting on what really matters to Americans. I don’t know a single person who cares what dress granddaughter Biden wore but I know plenty who want to know what’s going to be done to fight inflation.




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