BREAKING: Trump Just Revealed Who Has Been Leaking Information From His Administration To The Media

Leaking confidential information is espionage. Leaking it to enemies of the state is treason. Both are serious offenses and should be treated as such.

Libs like to point out Trump’s lack of experience in foreign affairs after this last eight years of abomination, however they seem to have forgotten; Obama didn’t have a clue and managed to leave quite a sizable mess. Just about the only thing he succeeded in was dividing our country more dangerously than ever since our country’s fateful Civil War more than 150 years ago.

Now, Trump just revealed who has been caught red-handed leaking insider reports about what Trump is doing to the liberal-biased mainstream media..and you won’t BELIEVE who it is!

VIA| During the course of his eight catastrophic years in power, President Barack Hussein Obama managed to brainwash an entire generation of civil service workers in our federal government into being completely loyal to him and his senseless liberal principles. President Donald Trump recently revealed that there is a leak in his government, and you may or may not be surprised who it is.

It is unthinkable, but President Trump uncovered to the public that “Obama people” in the federal government have been caught red-handed leaking insider reports about what Trump is doing to the liberal-biased mainstream media.

Explained Trump, “It’s a disgrace that they leaked because it’s very much against our country. It’s a very dangerous thing for this country.” Trump continued that his administration is actively seeking out these individual people and replacing them.

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The liberal mainstream media has gotten so arrogant that they’re actually gloating about these leaks. Stated liberal Mother Jones reporter David Corn, “Given Trump’s erratic nature and lack of experience, especially in foreign affairs, these leaks may be more important than ever. They give us a sense of how he’s doing his job.

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