Bannon Deconstructs ‘Absolute Proof’ With Lindell and Presses Him on More Evidence

Mike Lindell is a proud recovering crack addict and successful businessman, the founder of My Pillow, who became a supporter of President Donald J. Trump, meeting with him at first in early 2016, to talk about Trump’s presidential campaign agenda of increasing manufacturing jobs and decreasing access to the country’s borders for drug dealers, issues both critical to Lindell,  so Lindell was quick to support Trump and be excited about the new plans for the country, knowing how important employment is in recovery from substance abuse.

“I have gotten information that 70 Million people worldwide have watched the movie,” Lindell told Bannon on a recent appearance of Bannon’s podcast, the WarRoom Pandemic, talking about Lindell’s latest project to defend Trump’s agenda.

On Thursday night, on One American News, Lindell sat down with Steven Bannon, a former strategist to Trump and former chairman of Breitbart News. Currently, the host of Bannon’s WarRoom podcast,  to talk about Lindell’s newly released and very anticipated movie, “Absolute Proof,” which is a very controversial movie, even to Bannon, who is not fond of talking about the topic of the film; the role the counting machines played in tallying the final vote in the election.

Lindell has been removed from several platforms over his activism for election integrity, and the movie is banned in several places.

Documentary movies about politics are not new; however, Lindell’s film is seen as subversive because it is in defense of Trump and conservative Republicans; there is no doubt that considering the threats people who are associated with have gotten.

Consider, Michael Moore, the bombastic documentary maker, never faced any such scrutiny to his shocking films, so the reaction from the left to Lindell’s film heightens people’s curiosity.

Still, people have questions about the legitimacy of the movie.  Rasmussen Reports, posted on Thursday about the film, “New Analysis & Commentary on Lindell documentary “Absolute Proof” – (Where’s The Beef, Mike?) Mike Lindell’s Absolute Proof is Suggestive but Lacks Proof.”

Bannon and Lindell watch the movie together, stopping on occasion for Bannon to ask a question of Lindell.

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“Every one of the states in question, Trump would have won if the elections and judges and everyone would have won, but it is a miracle this attack happened because now we know about the way the machines work,” Lindell said in the movie.

Bannon’s role was to question Lindell and help him explain the math behind his claims that “Trump would have won.”  At times Bannon boldly redirects Lindell.

“Why are Republicans do not agree with you, like Secretary of State Raffensperger in Georgia? Bannon asked.

“I don’t know why not, I don’t know they won’t protect the country, but we will find out,” Lindell said.

The movie mostly talks about using the Dominion vote-counting machines and the vulnerabilities to the US electoral system because of those machines.

Bannon asked about the people like Chris Krebs who insisted that the election was the “safest ever,” and Lindell said, standing behind his research and the movie, “Krebs is either naive, or he is lying, there is only one truth.”

Bannon pressed Lindell on the information in the movie, “people like to cover things up.” Bannon pushed Lindell on not having enough information.  We have 100 times more.  We need the Supreme Court to accept this.  “So, are you willing to put up more information as we get close to the court dates?” Bannon asked.

Lindell hinted he would; however, he didn’t answer directly, moving on to the next topic.

Bannon pushed Lindell to introduce the testimony of other voting machines, which were used in Dallas, that are not Dominion machines.

“I am not stopping until we do not use machines to tally votes, anywhere for anything,” Lindell said. Bannon asked if Lindell would bring in eyewitness to talk about Smartsmatic to validate the discussion about how America’s election has become like Venezuela.

“Absolutely, I have eyewitness accounts.  I will put up more evidence on my site, ” Lindell said. “Yes, this is very serious to me.”

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Bannon pushed more than once on Lindell about a lack of proof for Lindell’s guests’ claims in the movie make. That was a common theme in the OAN Special.

“Yes, I am willing to put up more evidence. We have evidence of many lies, including proof that the machines were hooked up to the internet.  And based on the fact that the one machine we finally got to open up in Michigan, that should have been enough suspicion to look at other machines. The machines had to be online,” Lindell said.

Bannon brought up some criticism made by Trump’s opponents, with a disclaimer that the Dominion machine refutes that the machines were online.  Bannon focused on a point and confirmed that Lindell had looked specifically at Allied Securities operations who did an audit.

“Are you confident that you did your due diligence on Allied?” Bannon asked. “This is one of the hearts of the case.”

“They can’t all put stuff out there because the media will twist it. 100% I check out a report, and these machines have a way of setting to hack into them.  The evidence that I got on January 9th leads up to the fact that the machines lead up to an attack on our country,” Lindell said.

A viewer posted on Twitter at the time of the show:


“The big question in the county is why so many people didn’t do their job.  These are matters that are going to affect people for the rest of their lives, and it is unexplainable why people did this to their own families, to their neighbors to Americans and why there are so many people who didn’t do their job,” Lindell said.

“The absolute truth will take you to the absolute proof.  That is what we are trying to tell people,” Lindell said.



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Where I live there is an intersection of two busy roads. One direction has a stop sign. It took 6 people getting killed in 6 separate accidents at that intersection before they would even consider installing a traffic light….Since the light was installed… zero accidents and zero deaths… 80 million Americans believe the election was stolen…. SCOTUS… It’s way past time to install that traffic light…


I found Lindell’s video very convincing. When Secretaries of State refuse to release records or verify results then you know something is wrong.


To many “officials” refusing to allow independent audits or release public information. Too many witnesses to election fraud. Too little scrutiny by the corrupt and compromised press. Too many courts including the “s”upreme court refusing to even look at the evidence. Too strong a stench of George Soros. What’s going on?

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