Arizona Republican Party Chair Resigns after Damaging Audio Tape Is Released

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The Arizona GOP Chairman, Jeff DeWitt, has announced his resignation following the release of a leaked audio recording.

In the recording, DeWitt can be heard attempting to persuade Kari Lake not to challenge Arizona’s election system and instead consider running for office in 2024.

DeWitt took advantage of the situation to criticize Lake and portray himself as a victim, suggesting that she is untrustworthy when it comes to private conversations.

He also emphasized the demanding nature of his unpaid role, claiming it requires the commitment equivalent to two full-time jobs.

However, a newly leaked audio recording contradicts DeWitt’s claims.

The recording reveals that he, acting as an agent of the Uniparty, urged Lake to temporarily withdraw from politics for two years while offering her a job on behalf of individuals “from back East.”

However, Kari Lake retorted, “They’re going to have to f*cking kill me to stop me.”

DeWit accuses Kari Lake of employing a “deceptive tactic” by releasing an edited audio recording of their private conversation. This accusation mirrors DeWit’s previous response to the emergence of an audio tape where he declared his departure from supporting Trump and endorsed Ron DeSantis’ unsuccessful presidential campaign.

DeWit’s asserts that it was either “fake” or manipulated.

In an effort to disassociate himself from his own remarks, DeWit even admitted to lying to the individual in the recording.

DeWit also told Kari Lake, “I’m not sure Trump can win again.” He continues, “I think what it comes down to for a lot of people, it’s not about like control or agenda, it’s just about the ability to raise money to win… and even on their end, what makes them the most money.”

At one point, DeWit appears to ask Kari Lake to name a price at which she can be bought, and Kari responds, “This is not about money. This is about our country.”

However, DeWit is now asserting that his statements were misconstrued and taken out of context.

The situation becomes even more dire as he discloses the reason for his resignation – the potential emergence of a new recording that could further tarnish his reputation and integrity, compounding the already damaging bribery scandal.

The statement concludes, “This is all such a distraction to that mission that I am doing as Ms. Lake wishes and am stepping down as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.”

Kari Lake made the following statement to reporters:

The tape speaks for itself: The Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit attempted to bribe Kari Lake. Thankfully Kari is an extremely ethical person who rejected DeWit’s multiple attempts to offer her money and corporate board seats in exchange for Kari not running for public office. She will be an incredible Senator for Arizonans.

No one from the Kari Lake campaign threatened or blackmailed DeWit.

It is unfortunate that Dewit hasn’t recognized how unethical his behavior was and still hasn’t apologized to Arizona Republicans.

DeWit’s false claims are just par for the course. The Arizona GOP must be relieved to have his resignation. Now we can focus on getting ethical leadership and win big in 2024.

“Forget the who. Let me just tell you the what,” says DeWit in the damning audio recording.


“It’s time for him to name names,” said Benny Johnson:

Read the full statement from the Arizona GOP below:

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