AOC Traps Herself In Ridiculous Lie… Again.

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During an interview, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) (AOC) revealed that she was “doing therapy” over the January 6 riot at the US Capitol, adding that former President Donald Trump had her in a “very reactive mode.”

Nonsense. She wasn’t even in the Capitol building at the time. The building she was in was never breached. If this is even true, now she knows what people who live in the neighborhoods of Democrat-run cities that were burned down every night last summer feel like.

AOC made her remarks during an interview last week with Latino USA, complaining that the events of January 6 were “extraordinarily traumatizing.”

Business Insider noted one specific claim AOC made:

…Ocasio-Cortez said that the insurrection was deeply traumatizing for many members of Congress, who effectively “served in war.”

“The cycle has just been moved on, but it has deeply, deeply affected lawmaking, policymaking, it has impacted the actual legislative process, the aftermath of it, and it’s very quiet, it’s not spoken about,” AOC said. “I think after the 6th, I took some time and it was really Ayanna Presley, when I explained to her what had happened to me like the day of, because I ran to her office. And she was like, you need to recognize trauma and that this is something that you went through, but we’re all going through.”

I call bullschtein. The Democrats are continuing to gaslight America to make people think that there are Qanon white supremacist Trump supporters lurking around every corner of the Capitol building. It’s how they push to grab more and more power. AOC was the last person on their minds. There was no one looking for her, and there were no hordes of rioters screaming out her name. They were angry at Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence for allowing the certification to go through without even considering listening to real evidence compiled about election fraud.

The host asked AOC if she was doing therapy, and she responded, “Yeah. Oh, yeah, I am doing therapy.” I’d love to be able to confirm that, because I think she’s lying.

“But also, I’ve just slowed down,” she continued. “I think the Trump administration had a lot of us, especially Latino communities, in a very reactive mode. And so I’ve been putting myself in more proactive space.”

This is pure rubbish. How exactly did the Trump administration put the Latino community into a reactive mode? Thanks to the Trump administration Hispanic unemployment fell to the lowest level in recorded history. Latino lives were made out better under Trump and now this congressional nitwit is gaslighting the Latino community into thinking Trump hated them. In a just world, AOC would be held responsible for pushing such rhetoric.

AOC declared that January 6 was “an all-out attempted coup” and that the US was potentially only 60 seconds away from having “a martial state.”

Except, there was no coup. No one who breached the Capitol that day sought to take over the government. That’s what a coup is. They wanted to send the message that they were frustrated and tired of being lied to about the 2020 election. They wanted their government to listen to them because they were not listening to them. They knew Trump won the election and that the Democrats stole it from him, and no one wanted to listen. They had evidence from legislature hearings where credible people testified including data experts who looked at the 2020 voter data. They knew the election was stolen from them and they were silenced by the mainstream news and social media tech tyrants, all friends of the Democrats who pulled it off.

Do you want to talk about a coup? What they did to Trump and his campaign workers in 2016, that was an attempted coup. The Mueller witch hunt investigation was a coup. Spygate was a coup. The first phony impeachment where Democrats claimed Trump said things during a phone call with the president of Ukraine that he never said was a coup. The second phony impeachment where they said Trump’s words, “we are going to march peacefully and patriotically” incited a riot was a coup.

The Democrats’ coup attempts began the day Trump came down the escalator, and they never ceased, so when I hear AOC or any other idiot on Capitol Hill refer to the riot on January 6 as an insurrection or a coup, it turns my stomach to know that people can lie that easily and get away with it.

AOC had the gall to say that people who question or criticize her claims of what happened at the Capitol on January 6 are doing it due to “white supremacy.” In other words, all 74 million Trump voters who laugh in her face when she claims she suffered a trauma when she wasn’t even there are white supremacists. Pretty soon Democrats will claim any disagreement with them is due to white supremacy, even when non-white people disagree.

“I think the attacks on the right are about, there are certain mythologies that are really important to this idea of American exceptionalism,” she claimed. “But there’s also certain mythologies that are very important to maintaining white supremacy, white supremacy in and of itself is a mythology. And you have to protect it in order to protect that political power, which has now become a very important base in the Republican Party. And that’s why that response was so vociferous, to make it seem that it wasn’t as bad as it was, and it was bad.”

This woman is a kook, and she should be treated that way. There was no white supremacy attack on the Capitol on January 6. It’s all gaslighting for power. We all saw what happened. We were all horrified by it. We believe those who broke the law should be prosecuted. But this craziness by AOC and her co-conspirators in the Democratic party trying to implicate all 74 million Trump voters as being white supremacists is not healthy for our country, because people can only take being labeled something they are not for so long. The Democrats are building a powder keg and I think they are doing it intentionally.




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