Antifa Says They Are Going To Kill Portland’s Mayor, Media Silent

Late last week Portland, Ore., Mayor Ted Wheeler took to video to plea for the community’s help to “unmask” antifa and the domestic terrorists have wasted no time in going after Wheeler, who allowed antifa to riot all they wanted when it was detrimental to President Trump but who is now wanting the insurrection to end. A video of a masked man claiming to be a member of the terrorist organization, threatening Wheeler’s life.

The video’s narrator says:

“Ted, we are asking for the last time that you resign. If you ignore this message outright, the destruction to your precious way of life is going to escalate. Blood is already on your hands, Ted. The next time, it may just be your own.”

From PJ Media

Wheeler initially indicated common cause with the far left as the riots got underway in 2020. He was later driven from his home by them.

The Multnomah County district attorney, Mike Schmidt, has consistently declined to prosecute rioters once police apprehend them, leading to a catch-and-release system that does not punish them even when they are caught engaging in night after night of violence.

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Portland’s city council defunded its police department. Since then, crime, including homicide, has skyrocketed in the once-peaceful city.

PJ Media has reached out to Mayor Wheeler’s office for comment, and will update this post should such comment be forthcoming.


Idiots Twerk On Ambulance After Shooting In Oakland, CA

“Ted, we are asking for the last time that you resign. If you ignore this message outright, the destruction to your precious way of life is going to escalate. Blood is already on your hands, Ted. The next time, it may just be your own.”

The Oregonian reported :

“Middaugh said the mayor’s office has seen a dramatic uptick in messages following the press conference, most of them critical of Wheeler and the remarks he made,” the outlet reported. “Some claimed the mayor’s comments would encourage right-wing vigilantism while others said hardline approach was too-little, too-late.”

Antifa is responsible for 120 straight days of riots and recently tried to commit mass murder as they barricaded federal agents inside the ICE headquarters before setting it on fire.

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While I believe assassinations aren’t the answer, it’d be a heads up warning for the seditionist Socialist Democrats if the mayor were assassinated. As Hosea 8:7 states, “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”

It should be noted that just about every political assassination or attempted assassination in
America since Lincoln has been committed by a Democrat, anarchist, liberal, socialist, or Muslim.


KLANtifa attacking our government, say it isn’t so. (insert eyeroll)
They have proven that they are incapable of self-governing, yet demand that’s what they want.
You can never sate what is insatiable


Thank the “ media”.

Sharon Arrington

What did Wheeler say to President Trump’s plea to stop the terrorists that were burning the city before the “election”? Now that the terrorists, Antifa, are still rioting and burning indiscriminately, Wheeler is beginning to grow some balls. Is it too late? I feel sorry for those citizens that have nothing to do with the terrorists, however if you do nothing, you are assisting them.

Gary Rhodes

They elect the asshole do they deserve what they get. Vote for common sense not Demoscum lies.

Gary Lee

Yes, yes! Why, Wheeler’s balls have already grown to the size of blueberries!

Bob Trahan

It’s way past time to use real bullets and put a stop to this bullshit


The mayor should be prosecuted for joining the rioters and condoning their actions….


Yes,no one is going to insure those businesses now in that trashy ghetto they’ve created. I’ll guess they’ll all be moving out now that they’ve ruined it.

Gary Rhodes

Now they will have food/shopping deserts

s c d

Maybe they will go to the gay bay next, just think of what nutty nancy would say about that.

Ralph Richardson

I have to assume the people of Portland support auntie fa terrorists. They continue to elect people who allow the mayhem to continue. They elect AG’s, and judges who will not prosecute the insurrectionists. They do not support law enforcement. I have to believe the community supports anarchy.


WAY beyond the time for a wee bit of vigilante justice for these azz wipe Antifa’s. Why does the old saying, “shot down in the street like a dog” come to mind? Way past the time for that! But, better late than never! Time to demonstrate that we wont tolerate it anymore, and they need to pay the ultimate price for their “el toro poo poo” . Buy ammo, where ever you can find it.


That’s all BS. The Dems tell us there are no riots up there; there are no fires; there is no looting. All is peaceful. The only problem is the riots at the Capital on Jan 6th.


I see how the Antifa is displayed in the above picture. Only white folks & the blacks are conveniently covered by flags other peoples heads, scarfs, jackets. The BLM & Antifa are one in the same, however, no blacks are going to be shown in any of these protests. Only white folks. This rotten mayor & a bunch of other Mayors now know, while too late, that Trump was & still is the answer to all this mess. Through total voter fraud, you people got what you wanted. Now DEAL with it yourselves.


While I hope he stays safe he kinda brought this upon himself for not really doing much about them in the first place.


Play with fire and you will get burned, time for teddy boy wheeler to fry. He has been a TERRIBLE and I can’t even call him a “leader” Because he hasn’t led anything so to me it doesn’t matter how he leaves office and his shitty council can go too. Defund the Police, TIE THEIR HANDS BEHIND THEIR BACKS, DO EVERYTHING possible to choke the only protection we have out of existence. The next step is for the ex Military Patriots to step up and to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights and to go down and take out the Insurrectionists BY FORCE dead and not alive. People of Portland and surrounding Communities have had ENOUGH. Time to close Portland State Permanently too since that was where all the protestors were coming from with their teachers egging them on. Tear it down and put all the teachers on trial.

s c d

I don’t care if he is safe or not he let these thugs take over and even supported them so now that he worm has turned he is going to be crying for someone to come help him, well as far as I am concerned he can just pay the price for his stupidity.


The reason we elected President Trump twice is because we don’t want to live in a country without rules. All of the states that allowed, then encouraged rioting & allowed people’s businesses to be burned & looted deserve what they get. They wanted total chaos to hurt President Trump and the great economy that he had going, along with everything else that he turned around. What company will insure those businesses to start over in the ghettos that they’ve created? Look what Biden is allowing at out border, total chaos and more people than they can keep up with. It’s not all Democrats. Many disagree with all of this.The MEDIA gets paid a fortune to say what they are told to say. They do not live our lives or care about us. We all get along fine & care about each other but they insist that we have constant racial issues. They created & caused all of this. I thought people were much smarter than this, but obviously not. Please turn off the “news” & think for yourselves. Violence breeds more violence.


Winning any war, no exceptions to any rules or you lose. When one goes to war, they have tanks & machine guns. When the shit starts, they wipe out the entire mass. People then surrender & the others who thought they wanted war, go home & tend to their business. Simple as that. War is over & no more people go to the streets, because, they have witnessed what winning a war is like. Only way to stop stupid violence. Too many followers, just following like sheep, get themselves into a war.

Andrew Currie

Just as long as they do it “peacefully” I’m sure it’ll be OK with the media and citizens of Portland. After all, these :eftists are a very reasonable and tolerant people.

Jasper Riley

Do you do stand up?


Well wouldn’t that be a pity if the mayor and antifa get together. He went down to the Federal Courthouse with the antifag’s and got tear gassed with them so he’s thought he is one of their home boys. HaHaHa now they want to exterminate him. So I say let them, that would be Wonderful, we get rid of teddy boy suck adick and the antifag would get caught and probably more than 1 antifa fag because they are tooo chicken shit to do it alone, so just a bunch of coward little boys from out of state georgie boy soros is paying would get caught and the dumbass DA can turn them loose without any charges. Kind of reminds you of someone pulling the plug out of the cess pool drain where all those dumbasses swim huh and the shit goes round and round till there is nothing but a SCUM RING LEFT.

Gary Rhodes

You reap what you sow. You let them riot and destroy your city because you are a moronic Demoscum. Hope you enjoy looking over your shoulder for the scum coming after you asshole

Dick Simmons

Go ahead & wipe out the entire chain of command, you’d be doing Oregon a favor.


Love that Karma


Lets put a BOUNTY on anntifa! How about $100 a head !!


OH WELL! no big deal! actually, this mayor is another POS! he didnt care when his constintuents were loosing their businesses and personal property and did not do shit! i guess its time for him to reap what he sows!

Daniel Quigley

Time for a complete and total Military blockade around that city. No one in and no one out. Turn off the water and electric as well as no food deliveries. Then after 15 days slowly close in until they are crammed into say 4 city blocks and anyone not in our Military gets shot on sight. They are Terrorists plan and simple and its time to give them the War it seems they all want. Once the 1st 50 or so get shot dead the rest will start wetting their pants and cry for mommy. They have destroyed enough and once 1 city gets takin back the rest of the Scum calling themselves Antifa or in my words Domestic Terrorists will either call it quits or suffer the same as Portland only there will be no more stopping once they put out the white flag or in their case the Piss Yellow Flag. There are over 3 Million Veterans who are more then willing to reenter the Hell of war to once and for all get rid of these Homegrown Terrorists. Hell its been a year already and let the Veterans do it our way not 1 member would be left after a very short 12 hunt to rid this country of vermin like them. Time to give them exactly what they want but on our terms not theirs.

James Trimble

As Malcolm X so famously said, “chickens coming home to roost.”

s c d

I think that was “coming home to roast” or maybe ‘southern fried’.


Ted Wheeler has never been worth much. Small loss.

Johnny Ray Skelton

Nothing like karma biting you in the ass.

Gail Davis

Antifa & BLM are part of the evil communist party or our government police would have taken care of these hoodlums long time ago. All of them need to be shot and killed. They are sub level human beings. They are domestic terrorists and need to be dealt with. This is
America and no citizen should be scared to walk down a street. The parents of these low lives need to be charged for all the destruction their lowlife adult kids destroy. Our country and the senile Biden & Kamala Ho administration won’t do a damn thing about restoring order. We really President Trump at the helm and these lowlives would be gone!


ANTIFA and company own Portland. The liberals did it to themselves. Anarchy reigns in Portland.

Dean Peek

I don’t understand, little Teddy bent over for the criminals for a year now. You would think that they would accept him into their criminal club. Oh poor Teddy. If they kill him, Portland would be losing the best mayor in America. (snarc)


I have absolutely no sympathy for this Mayor. He has been planting the seeds of hate and now is being targeted by the very same terrorists he had collaborated with. Mr. Wheeler is learning all about “Instant Karma”. Please don’t ask for any kind of help from the citizens you turned your back on. You made a pact with the Devil… deal with it!

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