This Saturday, the police arrested over 40 members of Antifa in Quebec City.  The terror group was attempting a counter-protest on a right-wing gathering.

The two conservative groups La Meute and Storm Alliance had organized a march at a convention center.  Inside, Quebec’s Liberal Party was having a policy meeting.

From Quebec City police spokesman André Turcotte:

We had a very good collaboration with La Meute.  They told us their intentions, their itinerary, where they were headed.

The other group told us they were gathering in front of the National Assembly. But we didn’t have the same frequency of discussion with them.

In what will be a shock to no one, authorities arrested 44 members of Antifa.  It was clear that they planned to ramp up the violence in the area.  Many members had on disguises.  Members had slingshots, billy clubs and “bottles containing an unknown liquid.”  I’m sure we can all figure out what was in the water bottles…

21 people were arrested in the first wave of arrests at 12:45 pm.  Later, police arrested 23 more Antifa members.  As police deployed tear gas, Antifa members threw snowballs at them.

This is not the first time protesters have clashed in Quebec.  Back in August La Meute held a march.  Four leftist counter-protestors took the opportunity to throw chairs at the police.

Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume took the opportunity to shame the far right protestors.  Um, what?

He said:

Open your eyes. We, politicians, are in the process of becoming disconnected from the population.  Don’t be fooled. I’m convinced the message of the far right is more and more efficient.

For the record, these two conservative groups are right up there with Antifa.  However, they choose not to use violence.  The left does.

In their warped minds, they believe they’ve gotten the go-ahead from politicians.  Then, their temper tantrums result in arrests by the police.

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