Antifa/BLM Thug Who Looted During Riots, Headed To Jail For A Very Long Time

“Matthew Rupert, 29, of Galesburg, Ill., has been sentenced to nearly 9 years in federal prison after being convicted for his actions during the Minneapolis riots.

Not only did he commit arson, but he was also stupid enough to brag about it on social media. It’s just a shame that more BLM/Antifa rioters don’t get the same sentence.

He will now have plenty of time to lay around and contemplate the tragedy which is his life.

Andy Ngo is reporting that Rupert was handing out explosives and he personally set a store on fire.

Ngo reported that this is the longest sentence handed out to a rioter so far:

“Convicted #BLM arsonist Matthew Lee Rupert drove more than 400 miles from Illinois to riot in Minneapolis on 28 May, 2020. In addition to handing out shell explosives to rioters, he doused lighter fluid over a pile of boxes inside a store & set it on fire.”

U.S. Attorney W. Anders Folk revealed:

“Matthew Rupert chose to drive more than 400 miles from his home in Illinois to Minnesota to engage in violence and destruction, all while broadcasting it for the world to see. A peaceful protest was not on his agenda. Arson, looting, property damage, and the glorification of it, will not be tolerated. Today, justice has caught up with Mr. Rupert as he must now account for his crimes.”

Michael Paul, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Minneapolis field office celebrated the sentence of yt another arsonist who burned the city of Minneapolis out.

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Paul said in a statement:

“Mr. Rupert made his way to Minneapolis for the express purpose of instigating lawless behavior on our local streets. He demonstrated no purpose other than endangering peaceful protests by actively encouraging violence against law enforcement and personally destroying community businesses. Together with our local partners, FBI, Minneapolis, and ATF St. Paul continues to hold indifferent criminals like Mr. Rupert accountable for their dangerous and divisive criminal conduct in the Twin Cities.”

From The Daily Wire

Last month, 26-year-old Minnesota man Montez T. Lee Jr. admitted to setting a local pawnshop ablaze while rioting last May to protest the death of Floyd.

A 30-year-old man was later found inside the burned-down shop, though Lee is claiming through his defense team that he’s not responsible for the death.

“Prosecutors are contending that federal sentencing guidelines call for Lee to receive a prison term ranging from 17½ to 20 years,” the Star Tribune reported. “The defense calculates a term of five years.”

The BLM riots that exploded across the nation last year resulted in the deaths of dozens and billions of dollars in damage.

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The real anarchists’, the real insurrectionists, should be rounded, put before a firing squad, and sent to hell. The protestors who staged a sit-in on January 6th should have been given a 30 day sentence and a $1000 fine. But not in this pathetic turned upside down country. I don’t give it much longer to survive as one. For one thing you have no country if you have no protected borders.

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Good for you, BUT WE DO NOT CARE. With all that money, GET YOUR OWN WEBSITE. Your comments have nothing to do with the article. GET A REAL JOB INSTEAD OF CONNING PEOPLE.


Well it is about time, they all need to be given this, or more time to contemplate their actions to riot and destroy personal, and public property and interfere with the police and government authorities, maybe others will take note before they destroy or create millions of dollars of cost to the public for their stupidity, and lack of care for others, and their property and businesses they worked a lifetime to build. I hope all of them are caught and sentenced to years in prison, maybe they might come out a productive citizen to society, or maybe they will go back to jail for life if they have not learned anything that will improve the actions they take in life.




Rupert is only doing time because he’s white.

Eddie Jackson

AGREE Blacks are killing other people of color more than whites Why. AFRAID democrats might cut them off free riding.

Kevin Noa

Being white is a good part of it.


Being on Pelosi’s Payroll his sentence Will Most likely be Served serving her!-it will be Wishing for The Electric Chair after the first Month!!


And they’ll release him in less than a month. DO NOT DOUBT ME.

Dustin Koellhoffer

Throwing justice a bone does not cut it! Communists are always happy to provide a scapegoat while the real criminals go free.

Eddie Jackson


Dean Peek

I hope the second guy gets pinned for murder and spends 20 plus years in prison. We need to make arrests on more then these two dimwitted criminals. There were thousands of criminals out in the streets last year. Start with Kamala Harris for bailing out all of the thugs. Then go to the mayors of Portland and Seattle for allowing it to happen.

Eddie Jackson

Harris, foreign born. supporting black violence(not people of color just blacks). I don’t see Asians, Mexicans or Indians rioting, looting and killing.

Alexandra Burton

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Steve Johnson

Cancel culture vulture Pelosi continues to pretend the 1/6 Capitol incident was the equivalent of 9/11 but the witch entirely disregards the hundreds of vicious, destructive RIOTS by communist BLM/ANTIFA



Frank James

If the booty bandits don’t get him first, there are thousands of patriots & Trump supporters that will want their pound of flesh!!!!

David Kachel

Well, at least there is ONE honorable FBI agent left.
But one Antifa scumbag in prison is not nearly enough, though the morgue would be even better.


Nine years is not enough time. He should have been sentenced to life with hard labor justifying costs for his room and board. Conversely the death penalty, guarantees no recidivism and spares us harboring this criminal.

Ray Copeland

He needs a bullet and all the low-life freeloading thugs need to be lined up for target practice, starting from the knees to the eyes, it will save taxpayer money.

joe blow

he will be out in a few days.

Desert Dweller

I wouldn’t feed that P.O.S. for nine years…hang him! be done with it!

Ray Copeland

You’re so right, all the rest of the low-life freeloading thugs,

Sasha Royale

I hope Rupert does his time, without lubrication. Maybe someone will be waiting, when he gets out. It’s good to have somebody.


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Kevin Noa

Glad this puke is going to jail. It’s about time these dirtbags get what they deserve!


Since the government WON’T do it’s job protecting our citizens – it would be wise for private citizens to follow this criminal after his jail release and “help him disappear”.
And the same for ALL OF THEM.
If the government won’t do it – the people will.


Wow … you mean someone got a pair and is doing something about the terrorists running lose in the delusional democrat states burning , looting and killing . Now I wonder how long it will be befor the delusional democrats let they go free again .

Rob S.

Smells of F-B-I trying to satisfy the public’s demand for justice by throwing one of those idiots to the wolves to keep people from going deeper and noticing the bureau’s involvement and instigation in these riots. The bureau has become nothing more than the cleanup crew for the corrupt DOJ, so the report that it is “celebrating” the conviction of one of the looters is always suspect.


Well, that’s one. How about the thousands of others?

Mike from Burnsville

Excellent job by Minneapolis police arson investigators. Continue the great work.


Domestic TERRORISTS should be EXECUTED!

Sasha Royale

Search him carefully. confiscate anything that might be used as lubrication.


Looks like a white moron. If he was black they would given him a position in the BiDumb (ad)menstruation.

Kevin Noa

You can see this total bum deserves nine years. Finally some justice for these pukes!

Ray Copeland

When are they going to lock the rest of the low-life scumbag thugs up, which needs a bullet?

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