Anti-Trump Lincoln Project Used to Enrich the NeverTrumpers and to Pick Up Underage Boys

The Lincoln Project which is made up of NeverTrumpers who cannot get jobs is now under attack as it it has been learned that a co-founder was sexually harassing boys and young men for sex and the discovery that members were using donations to enrich themselves.

The group took in donations amounting to $90 million dollars. Fifty million of that money went to firms owned by the leaders of the group.

The Lincoln Project is thinking of starting its own political party.

Do you know what they call themselves? Principled conservatives.

So if you sexually harass people and spend donations on companies you own, you too can be principled.

Is that a hoot or what?

The AP reported:

Since its creation, the Lincoln Project has raised $90 million. But only about a third of the money, roughly $27 million, directly paid for advertisements that aired on broadcast and cable, or appeared online, during the 2020 campaign, according to an analysis of campaign finance disclosures and data from the ad tracking firm Kantar/CMAG.”

“That leaves tens of millions of dollars that went toward expenses like production costs, overhead — and exorbitant consulting fees collected by members of the group. The vast majority of the cash was split among consulting firms controlled by its founders, including about $27 million paid to a small firm controlled by [founder Reed] Galen and another $21 million paid to a boutique firm run by former Lincoln Project member Ron Steslow, campaign finance disclosures show.”

The Lincoln Project’s Steve Schmidt, who ran the worst presidential campaign in history for John McCain and hasn’t had a lot of luck getting any high profile jobs except to bash Sarah Palin and President Trump refuses to open the group’s books for an audit. And now that Trump is gone the group is not disbanding probably because its membership of losers need the money.

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From The Daily Wire

Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson went a step further, calling the Associated Press’s Thursday report a “hit story” commissioned by “Trump world,” on Twitter, per Fox News.

Thursday’s AP expose, though, is not the first deep dive into the Lincoln Project’s finances. Progressive outlet Jacobin, no fan of President Donald Trump, suggested that the money leftists spent bankrolling the Lincoln Project might have been better used to organize.


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Welcome to the New World –
Give me taxpayer $$$ to convert our youth to do anything their old time parents would not approve of and I will give a part back to your party.
(to be fair, this has been going on for years – as politicians learned how to do this from the gangs that really control our big cities.)


Is it still difficult to see that if you’re against President Trump, you’re against morals and our country?

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