‘Anti-Socialist’ Candidate for OH Sen, Jane Timken, Understands the GOP and Trump

It is not as common as it should be to find a Grand Old Party member in leadership who understood the importance of President Donald J. Trump’s America First policies and who “put her shoulder to the wheel” to help get Trump elected. Trump’s agenda of Economic Nationalism should be a Republican platform issue. Still, too many in party leadership used their authority and power to fight Trump instead of getting him elected.

Not so with Jane Timken, Ohio candidate for US Senate.

“We need to fight back against the attacks on our manufacturing and energy jobs, stop the liberal tax increases, and put an end to the Biden amnesty plan. As a senator, I’ll be a strong conservative, fighting for freedom and opportunity for every Ohio family,” Timken said. 
Timken appeared on Steve Bannon’s podcast and was endorsed by Trump administration member Peter Navaro and announced her run for the Senate seat.

Timken was a Chairperson for the Ohio GOP and has some authentic credibility. “Jane definitely helped us turn Ohio red. She was instrumental for us on the Trump team, ” Navaro said on Wednesday.

Timken announced that she is running for Senate on a similar platform to Trump, talking about Jobs’ importance in Ohio.

“I’m running for the U.S. Senate to fight for the Trump agenda, stop socialism dead in its tracks and be a champion for all Ohioans.”

“Former Ohio Republican Party leader Jane Timken will run for U.S. Senate, setting up a primary battle between loyalists of former President Donald Trump in the state.

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Timken, 54, told The Enquirer that she launched her bid to replace fellow Republican Rob Portman on Thursday, embarking on her first campaign for public office after years working behind the scenes for the Stark County GOP and later for the Ohio Republican Party.

A Cincinnati native and Canton-area resident, Timken joins former Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel in the 2022 race. They’re both already battling to be the Trump-backed candidate in a state the former president won decisively in November,” Cincinati.com reported.

Timken’s work from within the party should be noted. While Republican voters favored Trump, the GOP leadership did not use its influence to serve Americans or help advocate for Trump, so Timken’s work should be considered and weighed into her character.


“Working together, we delivered a commanding victory for President Trump in Ohio. Now, we need to stand up and protect the Trump agenda, our values, and our economy. Thank you @RealPNavarro for your support and confidence in this fight!”

“Jane Timken’s campaign says her ads will air in all major Ohio media markets… ‘President Trump won Ohio twice because he stood up and fought for hard-working Americans,’ Ms. Timken says.”

The Toledo Blade reported on Timken’s candidacy:

“Ms. Timken filed a statement of organization with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday for “Jane Timken for Ohio,” records show.

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The commercial, called “Freedom and Opportunity,” is cut from a video Ms. Timken released for her campaign launch and aims to introduce her to GOP voters who may be hearing her name for the first time this week.

“President Trump won Ohio twice because he stood up and fought for hard-working Americans,” Ms. Timken says in an opening spliced with scenes from a factory floor and a Trump rally, and a placard from her home of Canton, Ohio.

“I’m Jane Timken and I’m running for the U.S. Senate to defend the Trump agenda without fear or hesitation. We need to fight back against the attacks on our manufacturing and energy jobs, and stop the liberal tax increases, and put an end to the Biden amnesty plan. I approve this message because I’ll be a strong conservative fighting for freedom and opportunity for every Ohio family.”

Ms. Timken stepped down from her role at the Ohio Republican Party this month as she geared up for a Senate bid. She took the reins at the state party in 2017 after Mr. Trump’s election.”

It is a great ad, and so far, she looks like an excellent candidate for Ohio.

Her website is at Jane Timken for Ohio.





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Darrell A. Bradley

Need to have a ‘central’ site were ‘Trump supporters’ can go to CONTRIBUTE to candidates that support MAGA!! PAC’s are nothing but ‘holes in the internet’ where the ‘swamp’ get money from.

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