Another Prominent Dem Busted For Sex Trafficking

Former Oregon House Speaker and current Clackamas Community College board member Dave Hunt got caught up in an undercover police sting for sex trafficking.

That is a bit ironic considering he supp0orted legislation making sex trafficking crimes illegal. He served in the state legislature for 121 years including stints as majority leader and Speaker.

He left politics years ago. He currently serves as president and CEO of Columbia Public Affairs, where he is also a registered Oregon lobbyist.

The Portland Police announced that they had arrested 8 men on solicitation charges but did not name them. But they did say the names could be provided by request.

Reporters at the Portland Tribune made such a request when they noticed Hunt’s name and after some checking decided he was the former legislator.

They contacted Hunt who told them that he shouldn’t be talking to them.

The Human Trafficking Unit is one of its oldest units at the Portland Police Department. Due to both COVID-19 restrictions and months of nightly civil unrest, the unit has not been very active but they consist of 2 detectives, a sergeant and 4 officers.

The unit is beginning to get back into the swing of things and will be increasing their missions.

Hunt’s attorney, Micheal De Munis, said:

“Mr. Hunt denies the allegations, but respects the criminal justice process and will refrain from saying more until he has his opportunity in court.”

From The Pamplin Media Group


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As a legislator, Hunt was one of numerous sponsors of a bill criminalizing sex trafficking in 2007. In 2011, he also voted for HB 2714, that bill created the crime of commercial sexual solicitation, the crime for which he was arrested and cited.

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The Portland Police Bureau issued a press release May 1, saying its Human Trafficking Unit had cited eight men in an operation conducted in April.

Officers posted online decoy ads on known human trafficking websites, and the subjects who “contacted undercover police officers to arrange payment for sexual acts” were criminally cited on the charge of commercial sexual solicitation.

A Democrat, Hunt served as state representative for District 40 of the Oregon House of Representatives, representing Clackamas County from 2003 to 2013. He was elected Oregon House majority leader for the 2007-2009 session and served as speaker during the 2009-11 session.

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You might want to proofread this article. I doubt if this clown spent 121 years in the legislature.

Mike White

common sense tells us all its a typo


Don’t all crooked politicians register a lobbyists? That’s where the money is. Ryan and Bonier to name two. What a smarmy looking guy. He has the perfect face for a sex offender.

Mark Gravitte

What a piece of shit that moron is. He’s grinning like he’s taken advantage of some child and he knows he has. He should be castrated and have his penis severed at the base. I can’t stand a fu**ing child molester. Children deserve every opportunity to enjoy the world around them. I can take care of this for one dollar. If anyone does this to one of my grandchildren they need to get right with Jesus! They will soon meet him.

Scott Benson

I’m in for 2 bucks!


I do it for free. My grandkids are more important than scum like them. Most of them seem to be DEMONRATS.

Mark Gravitte

It won’t take but one. With your contribution I can assure you that 3 is the magic number. Thank you.

Lana M Galbraith

“He served in the state legislature for 121 years.” Hello…need a spell/fact checker?

Bichon Lover

There’s probably more where he came from!!


He served in the state legislature for 121 years?


Looks like Democrats like to have a side income and sex trafficking and other sex perverted deeds are their preference


He won’t get any penalty. He’s a Democrat. They condone this behavior… After all, they condone late term abortion also….


He is enough of a HYPOCRITE to qualify as a demonCRAP leader.

Mark Gravitte

Grin asshole, grin. I wonder why God let’s this nonsense go on.

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