Another ‘Peaceful’ Protest By Antifa Ends In Violence And Destruction, Arrests Made

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Last Saturday, Atlanta saw the most violent protests since the death of 26-year-old Manuel Esteban Paez Teran earlier in the week. In response to a call for a “Night of Rage” by Antifa members, a large crowd of angry protesters took to the streets, smashing windows and torching a police car.

Police Chief Darin Schierbaum reported that some protesters had explosives on them, and one of the devices was used to set an Atlanta Police car ablaze. At least six people were arrested and three businesses were damaged.

The protests have been linked to the building of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, which is to be built by the Atlanta Police Foundation. Activists are concerned about the environmental impact of the project’s tree-cutting and the potential of militarization of the police force.

Governor Brian Kemp condemned the protesters’ actions, tweeting “Violence and unlawful destruction of property are not acts of protest. They are crimes that will not be tolerated in Georgia and will be prosecuted fully.”

The “Stop Cop City” organization, who maintain that they are peaceful protesters, released a statement claiming that the destruction of property was a response to the shady nonprofit that funnels weapons and military gear into the city.

Police arrested six protesters who turned violent in downtown Atlanta late Saturday night, setting a police car on fire and smashing windows of local businesses.

Law enforcement has not identified the protesters and the charges have not been released. Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens confirmed that some of the protesters were neither residents of Atlanta nor the state of Georgia.

I just want to take a moment to address the ridiculous irony here; the left wants police to be ‘retrained’. Atlanta set plans for a training facility to do just that which led to the protest and shooting of the activist suspect.

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