The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating the case of a 13-year-old Saginaw County boy who died in his sleep three days after getting his second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in mid-June.

The county health department confirmed the investigation, telling the Free Press that the medical examiner’s office conducted an autopsy and the death was reported to the state health department as well as the CDC.

“The investigation as to whether there is a correlation between his death and vaccination is now at the federal level with CDC,” said a joint statement issued by Saginaw County Health Department Medical Director Dr. Delicia Pruitt and Health Officer Christina Harrington.

“Meanwhile, the health department continues to encourage families to speak with their physicians to weigh their own risks and benefits of vaccination.”

The boy, Jacob Clynick, lived in Zilwaukee and had just completed eighth grade when he got his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine June 13 at a Walgreens store, said Tammy Burages, his aunt.

Jacob was healthy, she said, and had no known underlying medical conditions. He was looking forward to starting classes in the fall as a freshman at Carrollton High School.

He complained of common post-vaccine symptoms, she said, in the two days between his immunization and death, which included fatigue and fever.

On the night of June 15,  he had a bit of a stomachache, too, but it wasn’t severe enough to cause serious concern, Burages said.

Jacob went to sleep that night, and never woke up.

“He passed away in the middle of the night at home,” she said.

The family was told that preliminary autopsy findings suggest Jacob’s heart was enlarged when he died and there was fluid around his heart, Burages said.

The Michigan Institute of Forensic Science and Medicine, which is the contracted medical examiner for Saginaw County, would not confirm those preliminary findings to the Free Press.

“We can verify that we are managing the investigation, and that’s the extent of what I can share,” said Randy Pfau, director of operations for the institute. The institute’s doctors are communicating with the CDC on this case, he said.

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This is not the place to advertise your business. We’re talking about a child’s life

Tim Kuehl

These are robo spam and no different than the unwelcome robocalls that intrude on your day. The selfish pukes behind them care nothing about this young man nor anybody else, only feeding their own greed.


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I am totally with you Ann! it is quite tacky being an opportunist on a serious format discussing the tragic death of a young person.

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I’m sure that their will be a coverup in order to protect the big buck vaccines.The amount of money that is floating around from these vaccines is insane, how can a Doctor or a nurse or a hospital not tell a little lie in order to cash in on some of the vaccine bucks because you know that the Politicians all have their hands out, that is why they are all pushing the mandates and they don’t want any end to it either, they the sheep into a herd and they want a little Lab Rat, Fauci, and a CDC director like Walensky who with her husband are as corrupt as they come. The whole group are like RATS trying to eat all of the cheese before the people wake up and say enough is enough.


Cover up is not required. They can’t be sued! They don’t care!


But they would cover it up in order not to invoke fear in the unvaccinated.

John McGeachy

yep you said it just like they have covered up the other 860 odd deaths from the jab if they let the truth out people will not get the jab it stinks


There was 11.5k deaths from this jab back in July. That does not include all the other side effects that have been reported and does not include all the side effects not reported.

Anthony (Tony) Whitehead

Also, I don’t take Flu shots, the last time I did was 30 years ago and I was sick all winter long.


There are tens of thousands of deaths worldwide from getting the jab. There are also hundreds of thousands with injuries worldwide. People are just plain dumb to put these experimental poisons into their body and even dumber to have their kids injected. May this angels soul RIP and may his parents realize their fault in this.


They can’t be sued but they can be tried for crimes against humanity and put to death.


That will never happen, Democrats use everything bad that happens so they can put their George Soro’s agenda forward. God bless America and all of us that know the truth about the ruthless Democrats. Even Chris Wallace is questioning their actins now, that a new one.

bobbie knox

The vaccine producers CANNOT be sued. That was one of the first things mentioned when the vaccines came out. They will/cannot be held accountable for any outcome.


Seems to me, since the FDA has approved the Pfizer vaccine, we should now be able to sue with just cause. Of course, they made sure to cover Big Pharma’s ass.


They approved a vaccine that is not available yet. Not the emergency vaccine


There has been no FDA approval of any vaccine related to this virus. Not in the US, Comirnaty was a vaccine they approved for emergency use in Great Britain but not in the US. I read that the FDA pulled a bait and switch with this and was faking the US citizens out to convince them to take the vaccine. If you have to lie about it what is in the shot and what will it do down the road? Even the manufacturers don’t know, they call us ‘test subjects’.

John Strom

The CDC head, NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci and the rest of the bureaucrats of medicine should go to prison.


I agree!


They should all hang by their necks.


You are so right, the government made it where nobody can be sued, so kill us freaking all off, they don’t give a crap about Americans. Bring all the illegals in so the can brainwash their butts into voting for the losers which are the Democrats trying to make America like China, so they can control everything in our lives that we say or do.


Money talks and BS walks.


My dad always used that term, and he was 100% right! George Soro’s and Facebook Suckerburg has been leading the devilish pack. 👿 A long with the Democrats devilish ways.

John Strom

That young boy was over weight judging by his photo. One of the “underlying health issues” is being overweight. Don’t know if that was what caused his death but people, even young, die every day.

That said, I agree with your characterization of Dr. Anthony Fauci – he’s a rat. Maybe a lab rat but I think just a common rat. Anyone who believes the WHO, CDC or NIH is a fool.

Meanwhile, China, which loosed this plague upon the world attacks any and all who would suggest they are culpable in the millions who’ve died and the $TRILLIONS it has cost the world yet nothing befalls them.

Dana Raispis

This boy may have been a bit overweight but by no means enough to have effected his health especially contributing to his death!


I find it very interesting that some people want to use the blame-the-victim line


Despite his death and that of others after getting the vaccine, the CDC and many states continue to pressure every one to be vaccinated. This reminds me of “follow the money” for that type of pressure. I have never being vaccinated in my 74 years, have lived a healthy life, and I am not going to start now.


Good for you! I agree!

John Strom

Then you’ve never been in the military, Scotch. ALL service men/women get dozens of shots and, amazingly, most of us live. If you’re not in the military you have a choice – but smart people DO get vaccinated. People die every day, including young people from a thousand + reasons. Many die from something as innocuous as a bee sting. When God wants you, you’re going. Until then, lead your life.

Harvey Schneider

Agreed about the past requirements of vaccinations when military service starts. What you are remiss in noting that all of those vaccinations had FDA approval.

The Wuhan Virus “shots” are ONLY approved for “Emergency Use Only.” The forcing of taking these or losing your job, not being allowed into a store is Daft!


Of course, the FDA also recommends consumption of Red Meat knowing that it is a leading cause of cancer.

Joanne Field

And lets not forget the big one—processed sugar. It’s a major carcinogen. And they put it in everything! THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.


Red meat is an important part of one’s diet, problem is consuming too much of it.

Melissa Phillips

The shot the military get are nothing like a experimental jab they know that its years of medicine shots not one not even a year tested ..So people are not dying from CV its from something else ,, so the doctors are liars..

Calvin B Wolfe

So true. Over 2 billion vaccines will always have some unfortunate outcomes. Covid is an unfortunate outcome that I want to avoid. I had both shots done before February and have no ill effects. If the outcome is negative, from the vaccine or covid, there are no good answers. I am 78 and thought the odds were better with a vaccine.


My thoughts are to keep my own immune system working well. God have our bodies a wonderful way to care for themselves. They’re are great supplements out there
To aid our systems.


Exactly, build up your immune system and your body will take care of you.


Glad to hear you have had no effect from the jab but I’m sure you know that the mRNA changes the immune system. It attaches itself to your organs and eventually, you become a walking virus. Drs have been silenced and removed from the medical field for letting people know these facts. It’s best to strengthen your natural immune system with organic foods and supplements.


The BIBLE says,

“Be not over much wicked, neither be thou foolish: why shouldest thou die before they time?” Ecc 7:17

…bloody and deceitful men will not live out half their days…
Psa 55:23

The fear of The LORD prolongeth days: but the years of the wicked shall be shortened. Pro 10:27

Honour thy father and thy mother; which is the first commandment with promise: that it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth. Eph.6:2-3

It is appointed unto man once to die as the BIBLE says, but there most certainly are ways that our lifespan could be cut short or extended.


Read about the experimental shots they gave our military prior to the “Spanish flu”


You’re obviously in the pocket of Big Pharma

Harvey Schneider

If you have neve r been vaccinated then you have never been to school! Entrance into school has been mandated requirements of certain vaccinations in most of the USA. You may not recall vaccinations, but you have been vaccinated. If you have served in the military you have had immunizations.

That said I believe that regarding not getting the yearly flu shots you have made a sound decision avoiding them. Not getting the “For emergency Use only” Wuhan Virus “shots’ suggest you have a high IQ.

Vickie Frontiera

I am 71 yrs old and went to school. We did NOT have vaccines back in those days for childhood diseases. We GOT the disease so we have natural immunity. I never have had a vaccine in my life. So, there was never a requirement for US to have vaccines to go to school. You might want to research a little bit on the history of vaccines because you sound like you believe vaccines have been around forever.

Gordon Harvey

All of these “vaccines” you refer to are/were actual vaccines. This COVID shot is not a vaccine, it is experimental gene therapy which alters your DNA. NOT A VACCINE AT ALL!

Interesting how Biden has pushed more and more for mandatory vaccines while congress has protected itself and big pharma from lawsuits stemming from the deaths caused by the “vaccines”. And while many in congress have MILLIONS invested in these big pharma companies stock…

Too bad most people have lost all common sense.


You are so right! A vaccine is to help you not get Covid not give it to you, like it has been doing to a whole lot of people that I know.


None of the immunizations alter your DNA, so please stop spreading that incorrect information.

Pfizer & Moderna are 2-shot immunizations, not vaccines, which contain mRNA to change the protein structure of the virus.

Johnson & Johnson IS a one-shot vaccine containing a partial virus to build up immunity.

Melissa Phillips

they want you to get the vax so there wont be as many ppl in the USA the rich think they are only worth living ,,


Our government is letting in all these illegals so they can brainwash them easier than they can true Americans.


Sorry, but there’s a lot of brainwashed Americans.

kathie hutson

I agree with you…there are many that have died from the vaccine. and they continue to push it to people that have already had covid that have it in their cells…yikes…stop pushing! 5 people in one operating room just got covid…all were vaccinated…now what???

Neta Rice

Please check out Dr. David Martin and Dr. Reiner Furmich. It’s long but needs to be out there.


The only vaccines I have ever taken were the ones needed to enter school when I was young. I’m now 74 and refuse to get any vaccines, even though my doctor tries to push them on me. She also believes Biden is mentally fit to be the leader of the country. Red Flag–I’m looking for a new doctor.


Don’t take the poisons! Your health is at stake. Introducing a toxic substance into your body is wrong. The medical profession should be ashamed of itself for encouraging such a course of action for an ordinary “flu”…

The Iceman

WE can not trust anything the government says. Fauci is a farce and big pharma is making billions at a great cost of lives to all of us. God bless this young man.

John Strom

Dr. Anthony Fauci IS a farce. He needs to be criminally investigated for his part in funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s “research” on viruses – especially this COVID-19 monster which was surely created. It was no accident.


Read psalm 91 daily and claim the promise given to all who put their trust in Christ🙏


All the Democrats are involved in this Covid bull crap! Nancy Pelosi said she can’t get Covid why would she say that? She knows something we don’t know about Covid or she had something to keep her from getting it. Biden says the devils in the details, you dang right it is!


If the individual in the associated photo is the ‘little boy’ that is the subject of this article, there are a few things I can say uncategorically. First of all, he is NOT a ‘little boy’! Second, a kid the age of 13, with man boobs and a fat gut, is most definite NOT a “healthy” person. Third, the person in this phot looks to be possibly anemic. Therefore, based on what is presented for the reader, by the writer, IMHO you are FULL OF SHIT!!!


Some of your response is rather strong; but I totally agree, that the picture does NOT show a “little girl”! That’s the first thing I also noticed: like, what’s with the boobs???


Edit to myself above: I mistyped; that should read: …Picture does NOT appear to show a “little BOY”.
It is still extremely sad and unnecessary, of course, about the child’s death.

Silvia Conrad

It’s pretty horrible of you to speak so disparaging about a young boy yes 13 is a young boy and he looks decent and healthy,not a punk like lots of kids and young people these dislike him because of those facts,people like you are always putting down rightous decent people because we make you convicted of your sinfulness.


Where have I been? This was not approved for 13 year olds in June. How’d he get the vaccine?

Harvey Schneider

All of the shots being used are not approved except for “Emergency use only.” His parents are in part responsible for this youth’s death if they OKed his getting the shots. If they did not they have a potential lawsuit against against whoever administrated them.

Why aren’t people getting Shots cognizant that these are for “Emergency use Only.” The fact is that “Emergency Use Only” means “get this only when there is an Emergency.” The FDA states that any of these so called experimental shots should only be used for “emergency use.” It is obvious that the FDA should have stated what kind of Emergency would be one that would justify a “shot” for ANYONE.


One has to wonder why the big push to “vaccinate” everybody when so many deaths are occurring. Is this a push to depopulate America????

Harvey Schneider

Likely part of the purpose of pushing the SHOTS is for lowering the population. Another reason is to increase the profitability of the Pharmas and their stockholders.

Another is clearly to increase campaign donations to those who are daily pushing the need to take these shots and promoting the mandating to keep your job, shop, etc. In other words controlling the public through fear.


Right on!! All planned🤨


And you really think the CDC at the national level is going to be honest if the cause of the death was the vaccine.

Enjoy your land of unicorns and leprechauns.

Please click the + if you prefer reality.

Thanks and have a great day.


Alarming Study Confirms Vaxxers Will Face Catastrophic Antibody Dependent Enhancement Injuries and Deaths

Cecelia Henderson

Lies to follow shortly…………


Since taking the vaccine, I’m having crazy liberal ideas like performing voter fraud, and encouraging illegals to cross the border, reading crap like CRT, watching late night shows, MLB, kneeling during the national anthem and expecting other taxpayers to pay me for living while I nap like Joe. Should I take the booster and go all crazy…forget what state I’m in, who’s my wife, start smelling women’s hair, encouraging kids to watch my leg hair in the pool?


This vaccine should be taken off the market! Way to many people dying from it or it’s leaving them we terrible side effects that will disable them for life!


sick we need to stop this millions of Americans are going to die and billions of people worldwide.


Yep, they say if you take the jab, you will most likely die within 5-7 years after. That’s how long it takes to alter your DNA and destroy your organs.


This “Little Boy” is a teenager. The story is sad and tragic enough without glorifying it.

Dana Raispis

What does it matter if he’s a toddler or a senior? His age doesn’t matter! The fact that he died 3 days after taking the vaccine is the issue! Of course, the investigation of any vaccine related death will never be truly reported. A man in my area died from a motorcycle accident but though DOA he was tested for Covid and tested positive. Cause of death? Covid! We will never know the true statistics of anything Covid related. The fraud is as rampant as an election in America in today’s society! God help us!!

Cassandra Wright

I agree that the death is most important, but as usually happens with “newsletters” of this type, there is too much hype in the title for me. Referring to a young man as a “little boy” evokes images of children under 5 or 6 in my mind, and probably does about the same for others. Had this article referred to him as a teen, a young man or anything else more accurate, it would hold more weight in my mind.

I keep unsubbing to newsletters like this for that very reason, and will now eliminate this one as well.


These 3 letter agencies, FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, all are complicit in censoring true science and promoting the bogus pseudo variety. Just find Dr. Zelenko’s zoom conference with three Jewish Rabbis as an example. The title contains “90% will die” and can be found on brighteon dot com. Also on Rumble you can find something called “Vaccine disaster ahead” that explains how and why our God given immune system is light years ahead of any “vaccine”.
Pass them on to all your friends and loved ones to counter the fear tactics being used against us. Hosea 4:6 is truly at work here:
They are also censoring and putting out false “statistics” regarding the true number of the vaccine related deaths.
Remember it’s not a vaccine b/c it didn’t go through all the normal protocols and years of testing. It’s an EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION.
The heads of these agencies are a death cult. The underlings are “just following orders” but are involved also as willing participants nonetheless b/c they blindly believe what’s told to them and do no research to validate if it’s true.
When one looks at the “goals” of what can be frankly called a human, nee inhuman, global experiment on mankind, it cannot be ignored that an element of population elimination is included as their ultimate aim and objective.
Proverbs 29:25 “The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the .”Lord is safe.
Be Safe.

Steve Johnson

Experimental vaccines are potentialy quite dangerous. None of these vaccines have a long term for testing their reliability. Taking the jab is a leap into the unknown.


Leave the kids alone ! No one knows enough about the vaccine and we know it does affect reproductive issues. Why experiement on our young children and destroy their lives?

[…] start to get spicy.  So, consider the emotions that run through you at this heart-rending case of a 13 year old boy (bolding […]

Joe Bradford

Are they letting people die to save face or MONEY? This is happening more and more.


Score another one for biteme!

gary b vogt

They are and they know they are injecting a toxin. If you don’t believe me just graphene oxide, It is not listed on the patent application because they say it is a trade secret. Just another way big pharma has of getting around telling people the very things people need to know

Gordon Harvey

You have to wonder how many of these deaths from this gene therapy experimental “vaccine” are not reported and covered up.

John Strom

A thirteen year old is not “a little boy”. Regardless, he should not have lost his life getting a Pfizer vaccination but life is random. Some kids die from a bee sting and others can fall off their bicycles and die or get hit by a pitch in a baseball game. It was Dr. Anthony Fauci (and China) and the bureaucrats of medicine that forbade doctors from prescribing Hydroxychloroquine – because they were all in the pockets of BIG Pharma and there was no money in Hydroxychloroquine. Sorry for your loss, his death was due to this bio weapon China loosed on the world.


These vaccines remind me of the Avengers: End Game. Population control was their end game. Looks to me that the “end game” today is also population control. They unleashed a killer virus & then create a vaccine that they tell you it’s supposed to help cure this virus but now it’s killing people!! One way or another they will control the population! Makes you wonder where they get their ideas? Hmmmmmm #ConspiracyTheory


What is very bad about this is that Phizer and Moderna have it written that they are not liable for any deaths. People wake up we are playing Russian Roulette with our lives. Stupid people take risks that are not necessary because they are so fear bound from the MSM.


Parents that allow their children to get the jab without knowing anything about it except the Pravda propaganda, without knowing what is in the jab, need to be held accountable. This is child abuse, and as in the case of this child, manslaughter. Stop, just stop doing what you are told, and start using your brain and start thinking for yourselves. These parents are complicit in the death of the children. That might be harsh but it is the truth.




I’ve made $84,000 so far this year working online and I’m a full time student. I’m using an online business opportunity I heard about and I’ve made such great money. It’s really user friendly and I’m just so happy that I found out about it. The potential with this is endless.
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Last edited 8 months ago by gifo

[…] Could this be why there are so many reports through the CDC’s VAERS system of people coming down with palsy, nerve damage, blood clots, and more, including death?See also  Another Little Boy Dies 3 Days After Getting Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine […]

John C Murphy

It would be nice to think that if the investigation proves the boy was killed by the vaccine the Federal Government would accept responsibility accountability, and take care of the family but America knows that will never happen. Any negative report will mysteriously disappear and never see the light of day. This administration will not accept responsibility for anything that might make them look incompetent or bad politically. The rights of the individual no longer exist in America, only the needs of the liberal socialist party!


Don’t worry the truth will be covered up and never see the light of day. That just the way it works,no one in authority tells the truth anymore.


Did not the great, brilliant Fauci attest to the ultimate safety of this wonder drug?
We have a fellow in our area that woke up in the middle of the night screaming in pain because his neck had become paralyzed. He had taken the shot the day before. Word is that he is not improving. We also have a friend who’s mother in law (in London England) died the very next day after taking the shot. We have numerous friends in our church that have developed blood clots from receiving the shot and one is having to use a cane to walk.
I have had the virus but did not realize I had it at the time. I am glad I have kept myself away from crowds but honestly was quite surprised that I have had it and didn’t know. I was recently tested and found to be loaded with antibodies.
I have never trusted the vaccine and certainly not the medical and political spokesmen that have put great energy into promoting this thing. Sure…it’s a real virus and sure…folks have died but you cannot tell me that a one size fits all vaccine is safe for everyone. I will never believe that!


This makes me SO angry!! Our gubbermint and its fda, cdc and so-called “expert” dr” fauX-i KNOW these so-called “vaccines” are dangerously DEADLY yet keep pushing MANDATORY “vaccination”!

Another young healthy teenager DEAD for no good reason. Just “must get the vaxxxxx”.

My sympathies to his family and friends!!



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