‘An Evil Person in a Batman Movie’: Joe Rogan Goes Off On Soros


The idea of billionaire George Soros’ vast political power and influence in global politics is both “terrifying” and “very weird,” according to podcast host Joe Rogan. Soros’ latest gambit to spend millions to elect leftist extremist district attorneys and politicians has been compared to a Batman villain by Rogan, who has raised questions about Soros’ endgame.

Soros has spent an estimated $21 billion on global politics since 2000 to shift the societal needle towards his dystopian worldview. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed in July, 2022, Soros tried to address the issue of his support of prosecutors ruining U.S. cities. He wrote he had been “transparent” and had “no intention of stopping.”

Rogan is right to be concerned. Soros is known to be working to “bend” the arc of history “in the right direction,” which includes global governance, open borders, fomenting civil unrest, undermining national currencies, and donating millions to groups dedicated to crushing American exceptionalism and capitalism.

The late New York Times reporter Michael T. Kaufman once wrote a book that quoted Soros as saying he was working to become “the conscience of the world.”

In addition to his political activities, Soros has also been linked to the ironically named leftist media operation “Good Information Inc.” spearheaded by leftist activist and fake news peddler Tara McGowan. Open Secrets panned McGowan’s previous project, Courier Newsroom, as a “fake news” organization. It seems Soros’ goal is to use the mainstream media to spread his radical agenda.

Soros’ activities are indeed “very weird” and “frightening.” His use of his wealth to push a far-left agenda on the world is a dangerous and concerning trend. The world needs to be wary of his activities and the potential consequences of his political maneuvering. We must be vigilant and do all we can to ensure that Soros’ influence is not allowed to undermine the principles of democracy and freedom.


I think Rogan hit the nail on the head with this one. Soros could easily be written into Batman as a super villain.



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