Alert! Biden Is Setting Us Up For Another 9-11

We all know it’s bad under Biden but former Green Beret Rep. Michael Waltz says it’s going to get so much worse. The Florida Congressman told Fox on Sunday that Biden screwed the US for generations to come and called Biden’s disregard for American’s safety ‘infuriating’.

“We know now that at some point we are on a path for another 9/11, that the Biden administration, through this reckless withdrawal, through taking out all troops, all diplomats, all our intelligence capability and right now leaving Americans behind, a next-generation will have to go back to deal with it,” he said.

“We are on a road to future attacks,” he warned, adding, “I think you’re going to see that in the next year with al Qaeda 3.0 partnered with Haqqani [Network]  and the Taliban.”

“Except this time, when the next generation has to go back to deal with it, they will have no bases,” he said. “We have given them away. No local allies. They’re being massacred by the Taliban as we speak. We’ll have to deal with an army’s worth of American equipment that the Taliban now has. It is just heartbreaking and infuriating.”

Waltz says that its just ‘fiction’ to believe that the Taliban has changed and says Biden and Blinken will be judged by history:

“[President Joe] Biden and Blinken say we’ll judge by their actions. Let’s look at their actions,” Waltz said. “Look at the beatings, killings of journalists covering protests of women, told you can’t go to work, you can’t go to university,” he said.

“Our allies who want to fight and stand with us are suffering a genocide in Panjshir Valley,” he said of the resistance forces there. “The Taliban are pulling out young boys and killing them so no future generation can ever resist their rule. They’re all partnered with al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is going to come roaring back. The intelligence on that is very clear.”


You don’t have to be a former Green Beret or politician to see the potential risk in allowing terrorists to take over a country without the ability to monitor their activity. The US is in complete darkness now that troops have been withdrawn out of Afghanistan which means that it will be nearly impossible to properly execute counter-terrorism measures in that region.

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