Alaska, Colorado, and Georgia Officials Touring Arizona Audit Floor With More States Expected To Join

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After the Left’s “Big Lie” deception that there was no election or voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election, we now see a lot of activity in the key battleground states.

While Democrats, their allies in the mainstream media, and their censoring tech tyrant friends in the social media world continue to deceive Americans by making claims that former President Donald Trump’s accusations of massive voter fraud are what they deem a “Big Lie,” officials that feel otherwise from multiple states are getting involved in figuring out just what really happened and what they can do in their states to make sure the level of fraud and cheating never happens again.

What hurts the Left’s argument is when they say there’s no evidence of massive voter fraud while the other side has listened to and seen evidence of massive voter fraud. People won’t be gaslighted anymore.

On Tuesday, three states got a tour of the Arizona Audit floor.

Representatives from Alaska, and Colorado, and Georgia toured the facility. This is what federalism is about. Fifty states mean fifty different ways of doing things and if one state does something better, then other states have the right to find out what they did and emulate it for their state.

That’s happening right now and there’s nothing the Left’s deception can do about it.

One America News’s Christina Bobb reported on Tuesday that officials from Alaska, Colorado, and Georgia are now inside of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum taking a tour to learn about how the Arizona audit process is being conducted.

They have been on the floor of the building getting a real education on Arizona’s process and the logistics of how they are handling their audit.

Legislators from the three states mentioned were given a briefing. After that, they took to the floor of the operation to get a firsthand look at how the Arizona audit process is being run.

The purpose of this is so that the lawmakers can get a grasp of how it’s being done overall to allow them the ability to make some slight alterations to the process that would be necessary for how they can run such an audit in their home states. Each state is different with different election laws and different methods the Democrats use to cheat.

Audits ruled by judges after elections usually are controlled by the same county workers who were there during the thick of the voter fraud going on. Time right after an election is never of the essence to do a real audit of records.

From The Gateway Pundit:

TGP’s Jordan Conradson spoke with Senate Liasion Ken Bennett for another update before the guests arrived on the floor.

“Jordan Conradson: I understand Georgia is in the house right now?

Ken Bennett: There’s a couple of legislators from Georgia and one from Alaska that are in the building right now. I’ve heard Virginia, I’ve heard Wisconsin, you’ve now told me, Colorado, Nevada was in a few days ago, Pennsylvania last week. It’s becoming a popular place.

Conradson: Are you expecting to have, over the next few days, more tours?

Bennett: I’m told that every day this week there is some elected official coming in from some state. Today is Tuesday and if that pattern continues well have somebody in Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Conradson: It looks like they’re starting to max out on forensic tables, correct?

Bennett: We are beyond 80% I’m told, as far as counting the ballots, which is the first step. Then, it goes to the paper evaluation and they are well behind the counting levels in paper evaluation. I’m told that we’ll probably be finished with the counting of the ballots by the end of this week or sooner, and then all of the resources will shift to the paper evaluation. You can already see that paper evaluation has been increased significantly. There’s now 32 working tables and another probably 16 positions on the floor awaiting equipment and things like that. Once the counting is over this week at some time, all resources will shift to the paper evaluation.”

There are other people in the battleground states who are working their own methods to reveal voter fraud. For example, in Georgia, Mark Davis, President of Data Productions, Inc. was asked to analyze the 2020 voter data. In the past, Davis has been recognized by five separate courts as an expert witness on election laws and redistricting. What he discovered from the 2020 voter data is mind-blowing. Though he found multiple different types of voter fraud, one example alone proves the 2020 election should have been voided.

Davis discovered that before the 2020 election about 35,000 Georgians who voted notified the USPS that they moved from one county in Georgia to another and failed to notify the state that they moved to another county. Under Georgia law, they were not allowed to vote in either county. There is no disputing this, it’s been the law for years. Since the election, Davis has made intermittent requests for pulls on Georgia voter data from the state and he compares the addresses to the USPS list he’s been working with.

I just spoke with him on the phone and as of this writing, Davis has found that 10,559 Georgians so far have notified the state of their address change, corroborating that they moved from one county to another prior to the election, as told to the USPS. This confirms they did not notify the state of Georgia that they moved to another county prior to the election and not until after the election. That number is coming awful close to Biden’s 11,779 victory margin, and in a matter of weeks, the tally should override the margin of victory proving there was enough voter fraud to void that election contest. Davis is not saying that Trump will win Georgia because of his revelations. That contest is over because the feckless sad sack Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has already certified Biden’s win.

This means that every mainstream news media outlet has lied to you when they claimed that there was no evidence of massive election fraud in Georgia. They all said it.

That the Georgia 2020 election will soon be proven to have been rife with voter fraud is reason enough that all states should take a look at their own 2020 voter data. If nothing else comes of it, at least the Democrats and their boot-licking sycophants in the media can no longer claim there was no evidence of voter fraud.




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