OMG! Look What This Pennsylvania Muslim Was Just Caught Doing In US Soldiers’ Homes!

A SICKENING plot was just uncovered at a Muslim migrant’s Pennsylvania home.

The plague of radical Islam continues to spread across the globe all thanks to the bleeding heart liberal morons who continually advocate for them. Now the ‘region of peace’ has struck again, and this time a Muslim psychopath has set his sites on over 100 U.S. Soldiers.

The details will give you nightmares.

VIA| Aziz used about 70 different Twitter accounts to spread encrypted messages to ISIS terrorists, where he published a hit list of over 100 American Soldiers’ info, including their rank, photos and home address, along with special instructions with how to kill them. The chilling messages exhorted ISIS and Muslim sympathizers to show up at these Soldiers’ address and behead them, or stab them if they encountered them walking on the streets.

Aziz is now facing up to 25 years in prison and a $500,000 for not only conspiring to provide material support to ISIS, but for the felony of transmitting threats across the internet.

Thankfully federal agents caught wind of the terror plot before any of our service members were killed, and promptly took appropriate measures to take the Muslim dirtbag into custody. Upon searching his home, authorities found a knife, a balaclava and other equipment in the home he shared in Harrisburg with his parents.

Help expose the left’s agenda by sharing this story! The reason you’re just now hearing about this horrific incident because this story doesn’t fit the liberal media’s bullsh*t narrative!

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