After Meeting W/ Pope Francis, Pelosi Forced To Flee Roman Church Service. Here Is What We Know

For the life of me I will never understand the Vatican and the Pope’s political alliance with people like Nancy Pelosi and her partners in crime on the left came to be, or withstands the test of time.

The Roman Catholic Church is supposed to be for the sanctity of life, right?  How on Earth can the prop up people like Pelosi, one of the most outspoken supporters of abortion is beyond me.  Never the less, that is exactly what the Pope just did …

Shortly after meeting with the Pope, Pelosi was forced to run for her life after a ‘security incident’ Mass at a Roman church … here is what … I would say ‘we know’, but with the state of the media today, it is probably safer to say ‘what we are being told’.

Kristinn Taylor of The Gateway Pundit repoted:

A “security issue” prompted the notoriously pro-choice Catholic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to flee a Catholic mass in Rome on Saturday, according to an announcement made from the altar by a priest during the service. Epoch Times reporter Bree A. Dail posted a video clip of the announcement, adding that hecklers at the mass reportedly caused Pelosi to leave. The priest noted there was a “commotion”, saying Pelosi was scheduled to do a reading for the mass but had to leave.

“ROME—@SpeakerPelosi reportedly heckled at St Patrick’s Catholic American Parish, in Rome, causing her to abruptly leave the Mass she was attending. Paulist Fr. Steven Petroff, rector of St. Patrick’s, addresses the alleged “security incident”, causing the Speaker to leave.”

“You probably heard or saw the commotion. Unfortunately, uh, there was, I guess a security issue, and sadly Speaker Pelosi and her husband had to leave. She was going to do our second reading today. But, um, of course her safety is the most important. Uh, but I think she would have, I hope she would have liked this homily. Cuz, as I said, I was reading some of what she said yesterday. She’s here as part of the uh, preparation for the uh, gathering in Glasgow about climate change. She reiterated what some of the Italian politicians have said about the importance of listening, especially listening to young people…”

“It was a spiritual, personal and official honor to have an audience with His Holiness Pope Francis this morning.”

Pelosi’s statement on meeting Pope Francis:

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“It was a spiritual, personal and official honor to have an audience with His Holiness Pope Francis this morning. His Holiness’s leadership is a source of joy and hope for Catholics and for all people, challenging each of us to be good stewards of God’s creation, to act on climate, to embrace the refugee, the immigrant and the poor, and to recognize the dignity and divinity in everyone.

“His Holiness’s encyclical Laudato Si’ is a powerful challenge to the global community to act decisively on the climate crisis with special attention to the most vulnerable communities. I expressed the gratitude of those working on climate action in the Congress for the immense moral clarity and urgency that His Holiness continues to bring to the climate crisis, and how we continue to cherish his address to the Joint Session of Congress in 2015.

“His Holiness commands our attention to honor the Gospel of Matthew by serving ‘the least of these,’ lifting up those who have been left out or left behind, especially in the time of COVID.

“In San Francisco, we take special pride in Pope Francis, who shares the namesake of our city and whose song of St. Francis is our anthem. ‘Lord, make me a channel of thy peace. Where there is darkness, may we bring light. Where there is hatred, may we bring love. Where there is despair, may we bring hope.’”

Pelosi was in Rome to meet the Pope in a prelude to a U.N. meeting on “climate change” in Glasgow, Scotland next month.

Excerpt via Catholic News Service:

Pope Francis met privately at the Vatican Oct. 9 with U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was in Rome to speak at a meeting of legislators from around the world in preparation for the U.N. climate summit.

The Vatican released photos of Pelosi’s meeting with the pope, but provided no details of the encounter, which took place before Pope Francis addressed the Pre-COP26 Parliamentary Meeting.

…Because Pelosi supports legalized abortion, her archbishop, Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of San Francisco, asked “all Catholics and others of goodwill” to join a prayer and fasting campaign for Pelosi’s “conversion.”

“A conversion of heart of the majority of our congressional representatives is needed on this issue, beginning with the leader of the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” Archbishop Cordileone said in a statement Sept. 29.

In her keynote address to fellow legislators from around the world meeting in Rome Oct. 8, Pelosi said world governments must take bold action in their own countries and when they meet for COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, in November.

“It would be a dereliction of duty for us not to go into the future in a green way and (one) that responds to the urgency of the climate crisis. It’s all about the children,” she said. “We will leave them a world where they can be healthy, where they can thrive and reach their fulfillment.”

In his speech to the parliamentarians Oct. 9, Pope Francis spoke of the “important, and indeed, crucial” role of governments in slowing climate change and restoring a healthy environment…

Here is a newly released video of the moment that Pelosi and the Pope met:

Regardless of our political differences with Speaker Pelosi, we pray that she is safe and sound and returns to the States unharmed.  This is the key difference between us and the left and we must not forget it.  While the left’s base wishes death upon anyone in their way, we here on the right value human life and refuse to stoop to that level.

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We have superior ideas, we need to defeat them in the court of public opinion, not the battlefield.  Although, I believe we all know who ends up on top, God forbid, this comes down to a shooting war … Let’s just pray it never comes to that.

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Cathy Harper

Pelosi and Biden are hypocrites, shame on them!


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Democrats for his efforts to try and thwart the socialist plans from his party.


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Last edited 15 days ago by Rebecca

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Last edited 15 days ago by Rebecca
Harry O

Milla you can understand what Clark said ega gree nithg rgeey there ya go read that! And when your finished lets Hang Mike Pense!


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Last edited 15 days ago by KatherineHerrera

Seems the pope and others r hypocrites too.

Shirley Storey

Yes, the Pope is not a conventional catholic. He is a Globalist.


And a pedophile

Harry O

There it is I wondered how many letters I would read before I would find a commenter here who is into name calling But Post can spell a big word he can spell podophile. I wonder if he knows what it means? And Shirley thinks you can’t be a globalist and a Catholic at the same time??? Heck Shirl you can be a Catholic and a serial killer at the same time Far as that goes you could be the Pope and a serial killer at the same time if you wanted? Do you agree with Post that the Pope could be a pedophile? Harsh! Why don’t you Hang Mike Pense!


Jesuits are not Christians. They are Pharisees.

vicky G,

pharisees a new word 4 me. traitors?


Well you misspelled pedophile for one. Yes anyone can be a Catholic and still commit any type of dishonorable & disgusting acts. However, the difference is here: Good, faithful, church going when possible, speaking the truth. The other catholics – going straight to the lake of Fires. Unless, that they admit their sins to God with sincere remorse & ask for forgiveness


And he likes Nancy Pelosi because her brother Franklin D. Roosevelt D’Alessandro got away with the gang rape of an 11 and 13 year old girl while his father was mayor of Baltimore. Jesuits love these types because they are birds of a feather.


Read Revalations 27 it will tell you all you need to know about the catholic church. In God’s words.


The book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ to John only has 22 chapters.

Emma Turnbull

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You Pray for her! I will Damn her to Hell!


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David Shepardson

No, pray she will go to heaven, tonight! Let YASHUA sort out the punishment.

Grumpy Veteran

I hate to burst your bubble, but that evil monster will NOT enter heaven. She has a special place with Satan and his minions reserved!

Denis Stewart


Harry O

David Careful the punishment isn’t on you?

vicky G,

though she is hurting all of the american citizens, just google San Francisco, and Los angeles, human beings are not a concerned to
Pelossi or Biden, just money


How can she be in heaven if being punished for her mortal sins? The elevator button being pushed for her is ‘DOWN’.


Remember the thief on the cross with Christ. We are all sinners in need of repentance.

Ken Lee

TRue. However, this minion (peelosi) of satan will never repent. Her master will not let her.

Denis Stewart

One of the thieves -the one on the right- did repent. Jesus responded: “today you will be with me in paradise”. The insolent and impenitent thief
on the left did not receive that promise.

vicky G,

Pel and Bid think they can repent and buy a ticket to heaven.


No. Indulgences are a part of the Catholic Church…………….not God’s word (The Bible).


I wonder how many people have ever searched the history of Christianity? The current Christianity was compiled at the Conferance of Necina (sp?) in 325 by Roman Emporer Constitines orders, and it is thought mainly by Constitines mother, then a big change by King James, and many changes since. Interestingly the only two religions whos written religious forms that have remained without change are the Toroh and the Quran. The Christian Bible is a good way to live, but through mis-translations and deliberate falcifications opens the question of validity. (have fun with this, belivers)


She’s done that already, all by herself!


While I understand your sentiment and find her frustrating in the extreme , only one person gets to make that determination, and it ain’t you.


Actions speak louder than words.




As well as China Joe Biden. They should both be excommunicated. And probably would be if there was a REAL pope.


YUP !!

Harry O

Careful upside You can end up there with all the rest of the sinners with that rosy attitude? Why don’t you do something useful and Hang Mike Pense!


Get a grip Harry.


NO. God will.


of course there was a commotion. A demon has been let loose in the Catholic Church


She fits right in there, of course the other Demons were excited to see the head demon


If chased before the reading then thankfully she was not there to take communion.


Who the Hell lets HER in? Only a faux pope…$ouls for $ale.

David Shepardson

Maybe she was checking on her Vatican bank account(s)?


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Like stated before. The sitting Pope is nothing more than LUCIFER in robes. This is right down PIGLOSI’S road.


What? No lightning!


And No Thunder. Pelosi needs to see FIRE and BRIM STONE.

Grumpy Veteran

Oh, she will!

Nicolas P Cignetti

Stupidity gone to seed.


The whole democratic party are hypocrites for they have abandoned our constitution and the values this county was founded upon. They have abandoned God, accept baby killing, and want to allow our country to have open borders which will destroy our country and turn it into a third rate country. American citizens will lose their rights as the greedy power hungry socialist dems sell out our country.


At the rate we are going the Republicans aren’t far behind.


That’s why one should vote for the candidate who’s legislative history lines up with the United States Constitution. George Washington refused to join any political party and warned against them…..quite prescient of him.


This “pope” is more like the Anti Christ! I have never seen a Pope more Out of Touch with the Tenants of the Church!

I attended both Catholic Elementary and High Schools a long time ago and his actions boggle the mind. This is Not What I learned in Catholic School.

As far as Pelosi, Biden, Kerry and other SoCalled Catholics, they should be Excommunicated then Executed for Crimes Against Humanity!


Many believe He or the catholic church will be the false witness.

David Shepardson

The catholic church is just another name for a ommunist mafia.


Don’t confuse the Church with some of its more problematic representatives. Jesus promised the guidance of the Holy Spirit to the Church, not every church leader. I’ve been taking some of the latter with several grains of salt for some time now.


The Jesuit infiltration of the Catholic Church must be exposed and reversed. 500 years was plenty of time for the Cult of Loyola to morph the Roman Catholic Church into a den of vipers and thieves


Sorry but the rcc will not be part of the bride of Christ when he summons His bride.


Yes ! And if U don’t put something into the Plate at MASS U will be DAMED if U don’t.


How many times did the Roman Catholic Church ban the Jesuit cult , only to be reinfected by them. They are infiltrators for the Banking establishment and are the reasons that the Catholic Church stopped banning usury 500 years ago.


The pope is a communist, not a catholic, and when is this site going to call pro-choice what it really is….baby murder.


And it surprises anyone that the Pope welcomes Pelosi with open arms, because?
First, the Pope is a Socialist. He was born and raised in Argentina which has a long and storied history of Socialism. Pelosi is a Socialist. Next, the Roman Church has a long and storied history of readily accepting money from any source whatsoever. Pelosi has the same pension. Remember that it was a little matter of selling Indulgences to get people out of Purgatory early to fund Vatican projects, that caused a guy named Luther light the spark of Protestantism. Again, Pelosi does the same thing for the Democratic party, just ask George Soros. BTW, Purgatory is nowhere to be found in the Bible. It’s just another Roman Church myth. Maybe Pelosi bought an Indulgence with a hefty donation to keep her shriveled behind out of Purgatory. Hopefully, her final resting place will be a tad bit warmer. Time will tell. It appears to me that birds of a feather flock together and this is a perfect example.

David Shepardson

BINGO, you are o correct!


Your politics are stronger than your theology. Emphasize that.


Pelosi a “good steward ” what a joke–she is more a good steward to the devil


“It was a spiritual, personal and official honor to have an audience with Satan this morning, his leadership is a source of inspiration to all the Demons of the catholic satanic faith” said head Demon Pelosi


May they all rot in hell…evil, evil cretins!

David Shepardson

ope, burn on the sun we need the light and heat.

David Shepardson

The common denominator between piglosi and this pope is socialism/communism… Pilosi ran out? Then her mission of contaminating the pope with the virus was complete? Then again the cleaning crew must have arrived to clean the place of her being there, like fumagating the WH after the obama squaters and the illegal immigrant of Indonesian citizenship, obama left


Did anyone notice parts of her speech? “Good steward’s of God’s creation”….babies are God’s creation. Then she made the statement from Matthew about serving “the least of these–lifting up those who have been left out or left behind”….aborted babies are left behind. The biggest statement–“it’s all about the children. We will leave them a world where they can be healthy”…all of this while standing in front of thousands celebrating abortions and demanding maintaining the laws to continue abortions. Conflict of interest? How can you fight “for” children when you are also fighting “for” abortion of those children. Weren’t these children once babies? Conflict of interest, Nancy….confused?


Nancy put the hyp in hypocrisy. She is the second most notorious whitened sepulchre.


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Gerald Ladd

When the Catlicks were looking for a pope, they went to communist country to get one. That’s why the slut went to talk with him. I guess she’s not liked anywhere in the world.


How did the lightning bolt miss this heathen??

R. U. Kidding

NP is a phony Catholic.


Will your next major revelation be that the sun rises in the east?


I have to thank the allegedly Catholic US politicians, and most of all, out esteemed Il Papa for finally, after 75 years, cleansing me of my life-long Catholic guilt. And they managed to do it only a few short years!


Shame on the Catholic Church and shame on Pelosi. I’m surprised she didn’t burst into flames!


Or she spit out that FORKED TONGUE of hers. And show her Pointed Tail.


Take the house & senate back; Finish the wall; no $ or help of any kind or health care for illegal persons; English language only; teach US history and Constitution in schools; audit the Fed Reserve; no visas of any kind except merit visas, revert to back our $ with gold, cancel the security clearances for all Obama, Biden hold overs and RINO’s & get rid of them; voting with photo ID only, NO MAIL-IN voting, NO SAME DAY VOTING REGISTRATION AND VOTING; no doing any business with China; do not use dominion HAMMER computer and scorecard software in future voting; seize all bank accounts belonging or affiliated with George Soros’ Open Society Foundations; stop the resettlement of illegals around the USA; Do not get the VAX; This is my opinion.


How can the Pope even look at that UUgly old baby killing prune faced bitch?


As I read the Speaker’s comments, one thought kept going through my mind: I think I’m gonna puke.

Glennn Thomas

“The least of these” might refer to the BABY in the womb, No?

Sasha Royale

What about the sanctity of innocent human life ? Sharing communion with such people is blasphemy. “Holiness” is a title, but not an accurate description.

Rich R

Apparently there are no limitations to who in power does not uphold the duties of their office! The Cardinal in California did his duty to try to correct the behaviors and beliefs of Pelosi that she has against Gods Commandments, but alas the Pope did not but rather embraced the single issue that matched his! Our job is not to Judge but to convert… was anything the Pope did working to convert? I guess that’s for the Pontiff to resolve, but are we to do by example? What example?

Dan Gray

Pelosi is in the House of Representatives. The House has nothing to do with interaction, like treaties or agreements, with other countries. Pelosi is simply traveling the world on or dime when she has no authority to get anything done.

Orange peel

Shame on the pope for having the killer of babies in. Pope is a disgrace. Nancy Pelosi is just unmoral trash. God will get these two ugly people.. Evil will never win. Pope is getting paid to dishonor God’s words. Pope is backing nazi regime.

Harry O

So your telling me that this Christian woman went to Sunday Services and was heckled out of the church by other “Christians”! And you seem to be OK with that cause she’s a pro choice defender? Then you go on to boast about how peaceful and law abiding you are on the Right and how much you value and respect human life, but lets count the # of times we will read in the following comments, the calls for shooting and firing squads. Will we?


shut the fuck up, u fucking idiot


We do not loot, burn, steal what is not ours. We use words, some not so nice but better than being physical. However, dummy, we are arising. The bear has been awakened.


If it was “all about the children” them STOP MURDERING THEM!

Vinny Meatballs

People wake up! The pope is in on this scam with the evil Cabal like Pelosi and the rest of the evil global elite. Look up arch-bishop Vigano, he exposes the church. The church has been infiltrated by evil!


Francis is apparently himself as much a hypocrite as is Biden and Pelosi. For him to not only give an audience to a pro abortionist but welcome her with open arms is a travesty and an insult to many of us who look upon such people who condone and advocate the murder of innocents as the worst of the sinners.
And for her to be invited to give a reading is blasphemy. Thankfully there were true Catholics who booed her and deservedly.


What I dont understand is why the hell does true christians not leave the demon filled church un less there isnt any in the Catholic Church


I’m surprised more Catholics aren’t fleeing the Catholic church. Their leadership is sending them into the fire. How disgraceful.


my thought ezactly


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Rueben Rodriguez

As an outspoken supporter of abortion, she brought this upon herself. Pray for her!

Retired Chief Petty Officer

My wife and I pray daily fo rhe leaders of the Church, and ask The Holy Spirit to infuse them with sorrow for their fall into Communist, Socialist Humanitarian swing against the innocent victims of abortion and denial of individual freedom to worship God


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This pope and polosi need to read the Bible. It says “God will not be mocked”. Two evil people did that very thing! He is only pope in name–real Popes do not condone evil.


Hitler used to quote the Bible too….

Michael nitsch


Michael nitsch


Michael nitsch



That jerk is a poop in name only, He stands with the gay pride, and the Demoncraps that’ll fight tooth and nail for Abortions and the slaughter of millions of unborn children even up to the time of birth. A good pope would have beheaded her with a Knights Templer Sword instead of letting her spew her venom from the pulpit.


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Donald L Pooters

And the Pope is a socialist from South America.

Donald L Pooters

Maybe she had an attack of conscience sent by God himself to remind her of the Evil in her soul


To answer the question possed in the first paragraph, it’s simple, Money!!!

Sue Jones

I don’t understand why the evil Pelosi would want to do a reading in a Catholic church 🙄 she does not believe in anything but her evil ways! JUST look how she spreads hate in her own country, I’m glad she was asked to leave loudly!! God please help us spread love ❤

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