After Crime Skyrockets, Minneapolis City Council Eats Crow, Approves $6.4 Million Extra Funding For Police

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The city of Minneapolis which is ground zero of the summer of riots across the country after George Floyd was killed while being arrested by Minneapolis police, has a City Council that became famous – or should I say infamous? – for declaring they were going to defund the Minneapolis Police Department.

At the end of January, the crazy City Council voted to cancel the Minneapolis Police Department but keep the police.  Wait, what?  I don’t think they ever once asked the constituents who voted them into office what they thought about giving up the protections of a police department.  Removing the police department is adding insult to injury to the residents of Minneapolis, but the Woke Supremamcy that runs the City Council apparently doesn’t take their needs into consideration.

Well, it turns out that the City Council’s determination to destroy the city’s police department has failed in spectacular fashion.  Crime skyrocketed in the city after the City Council Bench Bozos followed through with their Woke pledges to take down the whole police department, I would say so much that if the people of Minneapolis had any sense they would throw the bums out of office the next chance they get.  I mean, wow, what a fustercluck for the city.

So, they had a change of heart and are now going to spend millions of dollars to rebuild the city’s law enforcement capabilities.  I mean, the 2020 election is over, so we were wondering when they were going to stop hyperbolicking [I just made up a word] the death of Floyd to be able to blame it on Donald Trump.

I remember when it was reported that the Minneapolis City Council stated that the “Minneapolis Police Department cannot be reformed and will never be accountable for its actions,” thus they would “begin the process of ending the Minneapolis Police Department.”

The city lost 105 police officers who either quit, retired or went on medical leave because they received zero support from the city government.  They started the new year about 200 officers short altogether.  During a normal year, the department would see about 40 officers either retire to move on to a different line of work, so 105 officers gone should have been a wake-up call to Democrats.  That didn’t stop Representative Ilham Omar (D-MN) from insulting police just last week when she tweeted out that the Minneapolis police officers were “UNWILLING to work.”

“Correction: Minneapolis has about 200 fewer police officers UNWILLING to work. It might be wise to note, Minneapolis hasn’t passed a single policy that changes the makeup of the police department. The police are just refusing to come to work.”

Omar is proving she’s lost touch with reality because the city council most definitely passed policies that changed the makeup of the police department.

The department now has only 638 officers thanks to months of riots and anti-police attacks that included the city allowing a police precinct to be taken over and then setting fire to the 3rd precinct police station.

With so many fewer police officers patrolling the streets violent crime has gone up.  During November, carjackings skyrocketed 537 percent.  Residents, who pay taxes and expect to be protected from criminals, complained to the city about response times getting longer and longer thanks to fewer cops on the streets.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the City Council unanimously voted to pump an added $6.4 million into the police department’s budget so they can hire more police officers.

Minneapolis Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey and Police Chief Medaria Arradondo vowed to make the Minneapolis Police Department application process more progressive.  Personally, I think that’s what caused the problems in the first place.  Progressive policies are destructive.  The updated application will now contain questions about “whether they have lived in Minneapolis, have degrees in criminology, social work, psychology or counseling, and whether they volunteer or participate in programs such as the Police Activities League.”

A few council members  proposed canceling the Minneapolis Police Department and replacing it with a Department of Public Safety which will have “additional divisions … to provide for a comprehensive approach to public safety beyond law enforcement.”  I bet the people of Minneapolis are feeling safer already.

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