After 18 Employees Skip Work to Attend Immigration Rally, Their Boss Teaches Them A Brutal AMERICAN Lesson

“You can make your choices, but not your consequences”… welcome to the real world.

After 18 employees at a painting company decided to flake out on work this week to attend a pro-immigration rally, they received a pretty brutal lesson about ‘right-to-work’ laws.

We are living in Trump’s America now, people. Sure, you can choose to not show up for work, but your employer can choose to fire you for it as well. Having a job is a privilege and not a right. I bet they won’t be doing that again…

Check this out:

According to KTNV-TV: 18 employees at Nashville’s Bradley Coatings were fired after they informed their supervisors on Wednesday they were missing work the next day to attend the nationwide protest, “A Day Without Immigrants.”

The protest sought to show the significance that immigrants play in the U.S. workforce while protesting President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

However, on Thursday when the employees didn’t show up to work, they learned that they had been terminated.

“We are the team leaders directly under the supervisors and they informed us last night that we could not go back to work and the boss said we were fired,” one anonymous employee told KTNV.

Still, the company was within their rights to terminate the employees for not showing up to work, according to Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development spokesman Chris Cannon.

“Tennessee is an employment-at-will state which basically means an employer can end your employment at any time without reason or cause. Of course there are a lot of different stipulations, civil rights issues that could stop them from doing that,” he told KTNV.

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