Afghan Interpreter Says His Country Is Worse Now Than Before…

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Afghan interpreter Jamil Hassan appeared on “Sunday Night in America” to discuss Trey Gowdy about the current state of his country and the broken promises of the Biden administration. We are now 1 year out since Biden made the hasty decision to withdraw from Afghanistan and botched a previously planned exit in a panic.

“Most of those promises were broken by President Biden’s decision to withdraw all forces from Afghanistan. I did not think myself being here, being interviewed on Fox News, I was hopeful for my future in my own country, serving my own people. But unfortunately, because of the decision made by President Biden, here I am with hundreds of thousands of my fellow citizens leaving their country, starting life from scratch here and across the world. And tens of thousands of them still at refugee camps in Pakistan and the UAE, and Qatar and even Ukraine. Their lives are destroyed. Their hopes are destroyed. Our country is destroyed. Everything that we have achieved in the past 20 years, because of the presence of international community, they are all gone,” Hassan said.

“There is no explanation to this. This is just a crystal-clear mistake. This decision should not have been made in the first place,” he added.

During the evacuation at Kabul airport, suicide bombers killed 183 people, including 13 U.S. service members. In retaliation, the U.S. launched two drone strikes against suspected ISIS-K terrorists, killing 10 Afghan civilians, including seven children.

Hassan recounted his own experiences leaving his country, speculating that many had felt the same.

“When I was on a C-17 as it lifted off Kabul airport, I had this deep sorrow in my heart. Everyone was asleep and started to fall asleep, but I couldn’t sleep because I thought I was losing something big, something that I cannot gain back. And still, I am thinking that either the last 20 years of the life that I spent in democracy, in happiness and in peace, was it a dream or is this a dream, and I will wake up one day and things will be normal as they were last year and in the past 20 years. That is the feeling I can express,” Hassan said.

In regard to Afghanistan now, Hassan argued that the country had “backwarded a hundred years” and continues to be ignored by the U.S.

“It is not even the Afghanistan of before 9/11. It’s worse than that, because despite that they know the realities of the facts about Afghanistan, what the people achieve, they turn a blind eye onto all of them. Worst of that is that the entire world has forgotten Afghanistan. Not only because of the war in Ukraine but because they do not want to hear about it. For instance, President Biden multiple times made it clear he doesn’t want to hear anything about Afghanistan. And he should hear about it,” he said.

Hassan also warned that this could have further worse implications worldwide, especially in Ukraine and Taiwan.

“Because this is the catastrophe, the disaster that he brought on not only my country and my people but also on Ukrainians. Right after America and its allies left Afghanistan, that gave an incentive to Russia to attack Ukraine. And God knows what next, we’re following the news about Taiwan, China threatening Taiwan security. And the outcome of this chaotic withdrawal for Americans and for America is that the world does not trust America as an ally anymore. Look at Japan, at South Korea, Middle East countries, do they think that the United States will stay with them, will stand alongside them? I am sure they don’t think so. They are looking for other allies,” Hassan closed.


Since Biden’s chaotic withdrawal, American enemies have felt emboldened to move in on their neighboring countries. Hassan spoke about Russia’s push into Ukraine and China’s threats against Taiwan but North Korea has been inching closer to a war with South Korea and the US. Meanwhile, in the once stabilized country of Afghanistan, the global terror threat grows as the country becomes, once again, a hotbed for tourist organizations.




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