Actor Kirk Cameron Defends ‘God’s Moral Standards,’ Sounds Alarm on Pride

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Kirk Cameron is using his fame to promote a refreshing, conservative Christian agenda. The “Growing Pains” star has been on a mission for months, traveling across the nation to share uplifting children’s books and address issues impacting Christians and the culture at large.

In an interview with CBN’s “Faith vs. Culture,” Cameron declared he wants to be counted among those who are fighting against what he views as a downhill slide in our nation’s moral standards.

America was built on biblical values and truths, yet Cameron believes that culture is in desperate need of reform. He emphasizes that people should start by rooting out sin from their own hearts before attempting to do anything larger than getting their own house in order. This includes loving one’s wife and raising one’s kids with biblical values in mind.

To further spread his message of faith and morality, Cameron has visited public libraries to meet with families deeply concerned about the direction America is heading, especially concerning family life and traditional values.

On June 1st of this year, he released his second children’s book entitled “Pride Comes Before the Fall.” Cameron said it is designed to teach young people about humility – an essential quality for leading a healthy lifestyle both physically, mentally, and spiritually according to him – as well as how dangerous pride can be when left unchecked.

The actor goes even further by saying that people have two choices; they either turn towards God or towards themselves for guidance on how best to live their lives, clinging onto the Lord will create a chain reaction that can serve as a stabilizing force in our chaotic world today.

He said people have a choice to make regarding how they frame their worldview — they either turn to the Word of God or their “own brain.” Clinging to the Lord, he said, can start a chain reaction of goodness, especially in our ever-chaotic culture.

“Other people will be attracted to your courage and they will join you,” he said. “And, slowly, there will be a groundswell — God’s loving army of compassion will begin to speak the truth and love in all spheres of life.”

Making change, Cameron said, involves impacting hearts from the ground up. By living out “God’s moral standards” he believes the Lord starts to work in and through believers in all areas.

“You’ve got corporate wokeness, you’ve got educational wokeness, you’ve got all sorts of rotten fruit on this tree all around us,” he said. “But if we want to change the nature of the tree from a bad tree to a good tree, we’ve got to get down and start to nourish the root again.”

Find out more about “Pride Comes Before the Fall” and watch the full interview with Cameron in the above video.




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