ABC’s Martha Raddatz Blames Trump for SVB Collapse

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Many Americans have been conditioned for years to blame Donald Trump for any and all problems in our society. But when it comes to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, ABC’s Martha Raddatz’s rush to blame the former President is completely unfounded and biased.

The media has simply turned Trump into the boogeyman that they hang all of our current woes on.

During an interview with Virginia Democrat Senator Mark Warner, Raddatz blamed the bank’s collapse on Trump’s regulatory policies and asked Warner if he regretted voting for a banking deregulatory bill.

However, Democrats have held the majority in the House and the Senate as well as the presidency for nearly two decades, so this notion that everything is Trump’s fault is quite ridiculous. Even Warner disagreed with Raddatz, explaining that the Trump financial reform bill titled Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act “put in place a appropriate level of regulation on mid-sized banks.”

The real culprit behind the bank’s collapse is none other than President Joe Biden and his reckless spending which drove inflation to four-decade highs. The Federal Reserve has been forced to raise interest rates to control Biden’s inflation and the Silicon Valley Bank failed to manage their interest rate risk and as a result, collapsed.

Raddatz’s blame game is nothing more than a cheap attempt to cover up the Biden administration’s mismanagement of the economy. It’s no surprise that the left-wing mainstream media is so eager to blame Trump for the economic misfortunes of Biden’s presidency.


The truth is that Biden (as VP now Cheif) and the Democrats have been in power for the majority of the last decade or so and are ultimately responsible for their own mistakes. It’s time to stop blaming Trump and start holding Biden and his government accountable for their actions.

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